The Power of Knowledge for Health

Regardless of the fact that we have a commercial interest in selling you the products we distribute, our focus is your well-being.  We strive to educate, empower and help you in knowing what keeps you healthy, and what makes you sick.

We know for a fact that we have products that you will want to use for the rest of your life.  There may be products you need to be on for the rest of your life.  Contrast this with having to be on a pharmaceutical for the rest of your life, which comes with numerous negative side-effects.  Not only that, but you will need one pharmaceutical to deal with the side effects of the other one.  Some people are on dozens of pharmaceuticals and their health keeps steadily declining because of it.

Our products are good.  With our customer satisfaction guarantee, why not try something that could radically change your health for the better?

What You Should Know

I am very grateful that I am able to express myself freely, although only in my personal opinions. I can not do that in our commercial messages.

Edward R. Murrow’s comments on Joseph McCarthy in 1954 should be reflected upon in relation to our current politics, and should have the ability to describe freely the experiences we are having with the products we use.

‘We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason. If we dig deep in our history and our doctrine and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. Not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were for the moment, unpopular. This is no time to keep silent. We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world. But we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.’

That’s what we explain and document in the Health Education section of our Articles. There is a lot of information out there. We share with you the important concepts that withstand the test of time.

Input and Output

To sum it up, there are several major topics that relate to your well-being which are what goes in, and what comes out.

Your Thoughts

Your thoughts and emotions will govern your experience.  Since our subtle energy bodies are strongly influenced by electromagnetic radiation, the ever-increasing electro-smog will play a significant role in how well you can maintain balance. See about the EMF Protection Devices that can help.

The Air You Breathe

The air you breathe will affect you.  Positive ions make you nervous, negative ions restore calm and keep the dust down, too.

The Water You Drink

The structure of the water you use to drink, bathe or shower will have a profound influence on your ability to absorb nutrients and to eliminate toxins. Dehydration is very common, and it is associated with many popular diseases. It is not enough to have clean filtered water, it needs to be structured and energized to fully support life.

The Food You Eat

The food sold at grocery stores and restaurants is nutrient deficient. Mineral deficiency happens because the soil has been depleted by fertilizer that pushes fast growth, and enzyme deficient because foods are picked before they are ripe, and stored under refrigeration for too long.

Many foods also contain artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, preservatives and flavor enhancers.  Not only that, but they also contain trans-fats, hydrogenated and rancid oils, refined sugars, refined flours, refined starches and unhealthy sources of salt.

The Products You Use In Your Home And On Your Body

Lastly, the myriad of toxins in everything we use in our homes and on our bodies. Artificial fragrances in laundry products, personal care products, perfumes and air fresheners are toxic.  Many of the ingredients in our cosmetics are also toxic.

“In cosmetics alone, the EU has banned or restricted more than 1,300 chemicals while the US has outlawed or curbed just 11.”

Our bodies are often overloaded with these toxins.  When the intake of toxins is greater than your ability to get rid of them, the body stores them in your cells.  Specifically, the body stores them in fat cells because those cells don’t have much circulation compared to others.  This is why obesity is one of the largest co-morbidities out there and can significantly raise your risk of a life threatening health issue.

One of the best ways to manage your weight is to detoxify and pH Balance.

What Can You Do?

First, stop poisoning yourself.  Don’t rely on the government to keep you safe from chemicals that are toxic.  Their interest lies in profit, not your health.

Second, cleanse your bowels, kidneys, liver, blood and lymphatic systems.

Third, choose whole, real foods that aren’t processed.  Remember, perfection is not required so try to do at least 80% real, whole and fresh foods.

Understanding The Marketplace

It is really important that you understand the mechanics of the marketplace. When a company becomes publicly traded (as most large food and supplement suppliers are), the primary focus of its management becomes shareholder value, which is a reflection of the company’s quarterly report and its balance sheet. The only thing that is measured is the financial performance the bottom line in dollars. There is no room for ethics, kindness, goodwill, or ecology.

A recent glaring example that comes to mind is Enron, where management heartlessly drained pension funds of many employees and assaulted every consumer with their market cornering practices. It is not an exception, it simply is the nature of the beast as the only thing that counts is the bottom line.

The same market rules apply to companies that make the food in your grocery store. If they can get away with it, they will do whatever it takes to improve their bottom line. That’s why we have so many regulations trying to control and regulate the natural tendency to reduce costs regardless of consequence. Unfortunately, many of these regulations are based on incomplete or even false information.

You have a much better chance to get nutritionally valuable products from smaller privately owned producers who are usually driven by their passion to produce quality products for their customers. Support your local farmers, eat organic produce, and stay away from canned drinks and convenience foods, especially the big corporate brand name products.

Think about it for a moment.  Who is educating the nutritionist “expert” on commercial television? What company is paying for that advertisement? The TV station that aired the product is owned by whom?  “Follow the money” certainly applies in this situation.

Our Products

We have spent years looking for products that focus on quality, and testing them for efficacy.  We work with small companies where bottom line profit is not the one and only criteria for measuring success.  Our suppliers still believe in serving their fellow man with quality products.

We cover the aspects of healthy living including nourishment and cleansing your home, body, air and water.

A lot of our products that can help you deal with specific health concerns.

We focus on products that will restore and maintain your wellness. Not just covering up symptoms the way RDAs would have your function, but full vibrant and radiant personal health where you get up with a smile on your face ready to enjoy life fully every day.

These include Energized Water, Superfoods, Minerals, Enzymes, and Energy Devices.

Author: Martin Pytela