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Alexandria Professional is all about strengthening the skin's integrity. All ingredients are natural, vegan, and gluten-free, for healthy skin and beautiful skin.

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    Mud Puddle

    Hungarian Wellness Mud

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    Hungarian Wellness Mud

    Rejuvenating Skin and Body Treatment Hungarian Wellness Mud - Reusable Mud Puddle is made from all-natural Hungarian Wellness Mud.  It's rich in essential minerals and collagen. Use at home for a rejuvenating skin care treatment. For masks (face and body), wraps and packs. Anti-inflammatory properties sooth all red, swollen skin conditions. Relieves both acute and chronic pain from chronic degenerative diseases of joints and spine. Promotes firmness and strength to body tissues, by deeply penetrating to help clear stored toxins. Improve skin texture Reduce ingrown hair problems Increase blood circulation Relax soft and connective tissues Increase...

    • Detoxify and Rejuvenate Your Skin
    • Relieve Both Acute and Chronic Pain
    • Excellent for Inflamed Skin Conditions