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Soil-Based Organisms (SBOs) from Body Biotics International are the most sophisticated and effective Probiotics. Unique and custom cultured to rebalance friendly gut flora. Your body requires an abundance of SBO Probiotic cultures for efficient and comfortable digestion. This will strengthen your immune system for restored optimal health. SBOs are extremely aggressive against all disease-causing viruses. Bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold too. They’re still present in healthy soil that hasn't been abused with pesticides. Eating commercially grown food keeps our diets deficient in SBO Probiotics. In the past, little was known about these beneficial, life-supporting microbes. Now Probiotic researchers around the world have now proven that replacing SBOs is critical for digestive health and long term well being. In April 1995 Body Biotics International secured exclusive worldwide marketing rights to this formula. Today they remain committed providing the safest, most effective natural Probiotics.

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  • Mineral Powder to Restore pH Levels

    pH Perfect

    Mineral Powder to Restore pH Levels

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     By: Body Biotics International
    Mineral Powder to Restore pH Levels

    Alkalize Your Body pH Perfect assists your body as it consistently works to provide a pH balanced, alkaline environment for the intestinal tract and interstitial fluids. An alkaline environment helps important healthy bacteria and intestinal flora to thrive, and also helps digestive enzymes to work at their optimum efficiency. A properly regulated pH is crucial not only to proper digestion but to optimum metabolic and healthy immune functions as well. When checking the pH of urine or saliva, most Americans will test "acid", mostly due to our diets and stressful lifestyles. We eat...

    • Balanced Base Powder Containing All Major Minerals
    • Excellent Tool to Restore pH Balance in a Stressed Body
    • Easy to use, add a spoonful to water and enjoy the fizzy drink.
  • Body Biotics, Aloe Pure

    Aloe Pure

    Gentle Intestinal Cleanse to Boost Immunity

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     By: Body Biotics International
    Gentle Intestinal Cleanse to Boost Immunity

    Support a Healthy Immune System The Ultimate Protection Against Infections and Degenerative Diseases Improve most digestive issues (heartburn, bad breath, inflamed and irritable bowel, constipation, hemorrhoids) Support your heart and circulation (lowers cholesterol) Feel clarity and positive moods Increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation and pain Stabilize blood sugar Aids nutrient absorption and is cleansing (stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder, colon) Decrease systemic candida Alkalizing for whole body pH balance General health tonic. Aloe Pure will improve your digestion. IF your intestines (your gut) is working optimally - absorbing nutrients and eliminating...

    • Restore your Digestion to Boost your Immune System
    • Tune-up your Body – Cleanse from Within
    • Increase Sense of Calm and Reduce Anxiety
  • Body Biotics SBO Probitics

    Probiotics from SBOs

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     By: Body Biotics International
    Probiotics from SBOs

    Powerful Probiotic and PREbiotic Consortia Body Biotics contain Soil Based Microorganisms (SBOs) To keep your body free of viruses, parasites, fungi, and mold you need to establish a strong symbiotic bacterial teamwork in your intestinal tract. Probiotics provide a good microbial balance so your immune system can unleash itself upon the invaders as they arrive in your food, your drink or in the air you breathe. When you use the powerful Body Biotics formula, you are helping your body regulate the balance between friendly and unfriendly bacteria, helping it produce optimal immune responses. There...

    • Digestive Health Support
    • Enhances Immune Functions
    • Deal with Fungus, Yeast, Parasites, Allergies and Inflammation