GaiaThera has over 30 years of experience dealing with chronic inflammatory issues. They use a natural, non-chemical approach with simple, high quality nutrients. From raw materials that meet our high standards. Potent minerals and concentrates provide nutritional benefits and detoxification support. Antioxidants provide anti-tumor and anti-aging effects. Due to regulations, all hemp products can be viewed and purchased at You might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • GaiaThera, Intense C60 front view

    Intense C60

    Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

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     By: GaiaThera
    Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

    Intense C60 Helps Increase Your Health and Longevity Intense anti-aging, helps speed body repairs, antioxidant and more: Helps stops inflammation in joints and spine Helps balance and sustain energy all day May strengthen immunity, resistance to viral and bacterial invasions Helps protect nerves, supports emotional balance May help mental clarity, lift brain fog, maintain focus Helps improve attitude and motivation Supports stronger bones Strengthens digestion and food-to-energy conversion May increase endurance and muscle strength (Lift heavier weights, faster running/cycling times) Helps you train harder and recover faster (C60 is approved for...

    • Helps Stop Inflammation and Joint Pain
    • May Strengthen Immunity (cold, flu, etc.)
    • Helps Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance
  • Master Peace

    Master Peace

    Zeolite and Marine Plasma

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     By: GaiaThera
    Zeolite and Marine Plasma

    Master Peace supports physical and vibrational cellular cleansing with Zeolite, and restoration of electrolytes with nourishing Marine Plasma. Helps reverse effects of our toxic environment, and restore function in all cells and body systems. Master Peace Supports Cellular Cleansing and Restoration Powerful combination of Zeolite that binds electropositive toxic molecules, and marine plasma that nourishes cells and replaces removed toxins with optimal nutrients. This combination is so potent, you may feel it right after taking. Enhanced with multiple methods that promote harmony: Bio-Photonics, Terahertz, Magnetism and Scalar energy. Expect profound effects on your...

    • Zeolite Supports Cellular Cleansing
    • Marine Plasma Nourishes and Helps Restore Cells
    • Vibrational Support to Clear Negativity and Build Higher Consciousness
  • ORMUS Gold

    Some call it the “Fountain of Youth”

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     By: GaiaThera
    Some call it the “Fountain of Youth”

    ORMUS Gold is anti-aging from the inside out! Feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed or have a lack of energy? Looking for emotional balance? Need more energy, focus and concentration? Concerned with the toxins in your environment and atmosphere? Does nuclear radiation, EMF damage, Chem-trails, tumors, E. coli in your gut, some yet unnamed disease or any other uncontrolled environmental toxins scare the xxxx out of you? Find out what you can do about it. ORMUS Gold could be your answer. Helps restore youth and vitality Specialty sacrament elixir, spiritual manna Amplifies medicinal...

    • Spiritual Nourishment of Divine Origin – Extracted and Concentrated
    • Manna – The Very Essence of Life – Food from The Gods
    • Powerful Natural Mix of Rare Metals in Crystalline Form
  • GaiaThera MSM Gold Drops

    MSM Gold Drops

    Good for Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Skin

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     By: GaiaThera
    Good for Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Skin

    MSM Gold Drops are good for eyes, ears, sinuses and skin. Helps soften for permeability. This supports good nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Eyes Support cornea health Alleviates hay fever symptoms Relieves tired, strained eyes (from screens, driving, dust). Ears Softens and loosens ear wax May relieve ear aches. Sinuses Soften and lubricates Alleviates hay fever symptoms. See your doctor for more serious problems. Your skin is porous (especially eyes, ears, sinuses), allowing nutrient absorption and waste elimination. If the outer tissue layer becomes thick and leather-like, waste may be unable to exit, and nutrient unable to enter. MSM Water Drops help soften tissues, more...

    • Ease Irritations and Infections in Eyes, Ears, Sinuses and Skin
    • Helps Relieve Eye Strain from Screens or Driving
    • Soothe Sensitive, Itchy Eyes
  • GaiaThera Opti-MSM

    MSM, Source of Bioavailable Sulfur

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     By: GaiaThera
    MSM, Source of Bioavailable Sulfur

    GaiaThera Opti-MSM is an Excellent Source of Bioavailable Sulfur The primary function of Sulfur from MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is transporting oxygen across your cell membranes. Without intracellular oxygen, your health declines and you may age sooner, rather than later. Oxygen Transportation Across Cell Membranes Promotes... Cellular respiration (conversion of nutrients into energy, then waste elimination) Healthy cell regeneration Recovery from fatigue Athletic performance Tissue rebuilding (joints and skin) Normal blood pressure Scar tissue reduction Pain reduction Damaged nerve regeneration - this is the short list. Cellular oxygen transport supports healthy cellular regeneration. It's essential to joint...

    • May Speed Recovery from Injury, Over-exertion or Repetitive Stress
    • May Relieve Fatigue and Improve Energy
    • Helps with Both Temporary and Chronic Symptoms
  • GaiaThera Daylight Hydrogen Drops


    Potent, Hydrogen-rich Antioxidant

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     By: GaiaThera
    Potent, Hydrogen-rich Antioxidant

    Daylight helps neutralize a wide range of health issues. Powerful concentrate, rich in hydrogen that can be used to neutralize wide range of health issues. It works by protecting you from oxidative damage, the same stress that results in aging, inflammation and some chronic diseases. The applications are wide and include: Infections, insect bites, parasites, poisons Antiseptic for bee, wasp, hornet stings, snake bites, poison ivy or oak Insect repellent Neutralize toxicity Rashes and blemishes and wrinkles Balance gut health by supporting probiotic microbes Minimize fatigue Oral use for hygiene, reduce infection...

    • Supply Abundant Electrons to Support All Body Functions
    • May Reduce Stress and Improve Energy
    • Helps Clear Mold, Fungus, Parasites
  • GaiaThera, Black Mica Water

    Black Mica Water

    Water Purification by Agglutination – Detox Your Water

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     By: GaiaThera
    Water Purification by Agglutination – Detox Your Water

    Black Mica Water creates Pure and Energized Water ~ Any Place, Any Time An easy, natural and effective way to eliminate and/or reduce chlorine, fluoride, a number of anaerobic bacteria (E.coli, pseudomonas, etc.), heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, etc.) VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and cloudiness of water in cases where water has been contaminated. This powerful process also ensures that the treated water, when stored properly, will stay pure for an extended period due to its natural stability. A Revolutionary Way to Restore Drinking Water to Its Pristine Purity and Vitality -...

    • Create Energized Water for Enhanced Cellular Hydration
    • Easily Penetrates and Hydrates Your Cells
    • Superior Hydration Fights Inflammation, May Reduce Pain
  • GaiaThera Barley Gold 454 g

    Barley Gold

    Organic Protein Supplement

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     By: GaiaThera
    Organic Protein Supplement

    Barley Gold May help with faster muscle recovery and regeneration. May speed muscle recovery and regeneration and more lean body tissue. You may feel fuller, a satiating effect, helps control hunger. Sprouted Barley is Beyond a Superfood! Helps Improve Overall Good Health and Performance This nutritional protein food supplement is a great foundation to help all your body systems and functions. With more enzymes and nutrients than any other protein supplement, Barley Gold is highly digestible (alive) with bountiful nutrients, raising it beyond the category of a Superfood to BIONOMIC! What makes Barley Gold better...

    • Helps Build Good Health
    • Protein Level 1 Helps Limit Inflammation, Rebuild Intestines
    • Protein Level 2 Helps Build Muscle, and for Blood Type O
  • GaiaThera, Methylene Blue

    Methylene Blue

    Powerful Antioxidant

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     By: GaiaThera
    Powerful Antioxidant

    Methylene Blue is a powerful antioxidant, critical for health. Antioxidants help neutralize the effects of stress and aging. They're necessary for a healthy brain, nerves and muscles (including heart). A deficit may cause rapid aging, emotional instability, loss of mental power. The antioxidant properties of Methylene Blue support: Helps calm nerves and stress May improve sleep and energy May improve immunity May boost brain functions, mental alertness and good moods Helps regulate homocysteine levels Plays a role in neurological activity Enhances growth and repair of all cells Aids in metabolism of carbohydrates and...

    • Helps Calm Nerves and Reduce Stress
    • Enhances Energy and Performance
    • May Boost Brain Functions