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Genki Foods

Genki Foods are probiotics (friendly bacteria) from fermented whole foods. They are raw, organic and alive with enzymes. They begin with sprouted Superfoods, and use a proprietary fermentation process. With very low heat, to maintain live nutrients.

Their proprietary process uses friendly microbes to take the nutrients apart. Almost no digestive energy from your body is required. This leaves more energy for your immune system to repair and maintain health.

Fermented foods have higher nutritional value than the source food. The probiotic activity creates many other nutrients with numerous health benefits. Absorbed by your cells without side effects. The probiotics repopulate your digestive system. Helps cleanse away toxic build-up.

These supplements are prepared in a way that has been practiced for thousands of years. By cultures all over the world. It’s a very simple process. Effectively creating adequate variety and quantity of probiotics. Pure and live whole-food nutrition. Unwound by Mother Nature, in harmony with life.

The word Genki is Japanese. It means energy, vigor and vitality. Ancient foods for a modern world.

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