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Health BreakThroughs specializes in Energized Water for superior hydration. And top grade glyconutrients extracted from organic Aloe Vera (monatomic elements). To support healthy joints and heart. Strengthen your nervous and digestive systems. This gives stronger immunity. Promotes mental clarity and positive moods. Based on the work of David Wheeler, DC. Inspired by his complete health decline and subsequent recovery.

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  • Immune, Digestive and Brain Repair

    MPS-Gold 100

    Digestive and Brain Repair

    $1.12 Cashback
     By: Health BreakThroughs
    Digestive and Brain Repair

    Powerful Immune Boost Rebuild Your Health MPS-Gold 100 has improved so many conditions - it would be hard to list them all because positive effects have shown in every cell, organ, gland and system in the body. Rebuild tissue damaged by blood clots or oxygen deprivation Profound changes in the brain and nervous systems Supports circulatory and digestive systems Increase joint mobility, reduce inflammation and pain Stabilize blood sugar Decrease systemic candida Supports mental clarity and a positive mood Improves cell-to-cell communication Newer scientific research shows MPS-Gold 100 improves stem cell growth,...

    • Rebuild Tissues Damaged by Blood Clots or Oxygen Deprivation
    • Supports Circulatory, Nervous and Digestive Systems
    • Reduce Inflammation and Pain to Increase Mobility
  • Hydration and Emotional Balancing


    Hydration and Emotional Balancing

    $0.30 Cashback
     By: Health BreakThroughs
    Hydration and Emotional Balancing

    M-Water for Superior Hydration for More Energy, Available Oxygen, and... Increase absorption and utilization of nutrients More efficient detoxification of the whole body Decreased pain from inflammation More perfect cellular replication process. In addition, all other supplements and nutrients are absorbed more efficiently, promoting overall good health. You'll feel all body systems function better, to support health from degenerative diseases. Independent clinical studies prove that drinking sufficient amounts of M-Water significantly increases cellular hydration within a few days, then stabilizes at higher levels over extended periods of time. The healing properties M-Water...

    • Increase Your Cellular Hydration, Energy & Oxygenation
    • Feel More Harmony, Uplifted and Less Worry
    • Remove Energy Blockages, Erase Negativity
  • 50x Hydration for Emotional Balancing and Self Realization


    50x Hydration and Emotional Balancing for Self-Actualization

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     By: Health BreakThroughs
    50x Hydration and Emotional Balancing for Self-Actualization

    Core-Water will hydrate, to regain the power to shape your own destiny - a dramatic improvement in brain function to maximize mental clarity, and access a deep level of happiness. When you're ready to raise your consciousness, Core-Water will push you there, to full Self Actualization. Beyond simply removing energy blockages (M-Water works for that), Core-Water will paint a new design for your way of thinking. Dramatically increase your healing response, and the organizing power (life force) in every cell throughout your body. Reduce underlying patterns of disease...

    • Better absorption and utilization of nutrients
    • More efficient functioning of the immune system
    • Clearer thinking with more balanced emotions
  • MPS-Gold 3 X

    Extend the Effect of MPS-Gold 100

    $1.12 Cashback
     By: Health BreakThroughs
    Extend the Effect of MPS-Gold 100

    MPS-Gold 3X should not be taken independently. Organic & kosher functional food should be taken with MPS-Gold 100 to provide these benefits: support a healthy immune system (protection against infections) support heart, nervous and digestive systems mental clarity and positive mood joint mobility reduce pain and inflammation decrease systemic candida improve cell-to-cell communication cellular regeneration based increased stem cell growth liver...

    • Highly Concentrated Immune System Building Glyconutrients
    • Restoring Circulatory, Nervous and Digestive System Cells
    • Dramatically Reduce Pain and Inflammation, Promote Healing
  • Supreme Hydration with ORMUS


    Supreme Hydration with ORMUS

    $0.80 Cashback
     By: Health BreakThroughs
    Supreme Hydration with ORMUS

    H2Ormus actually transforms the elements and minerals within your body, into monatomic form, causing a direct increase in super-conductive and coherent cell to cell communication (based on the properties of coherence and conductivity). This is one major key to a long, healthy life. Based on a physics principle that deals with electrons going to higher orbits, then coming down to lower orbits, to emit light - some sensitive people can actually see this subtle light in themselves and others, from taking H2Ormus. The optimum Monatomic Element Program is to take both H2Ormus...

    • When You’re Ready to Push for Highest Consciousness
    • Open Your Crown Chakra – Connect to Divine Consciousness
    • Increase Hydration, Energy, Oxygenation and Remove Negativity