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RDT Herbs is a connoisseur's line of tonic herbal formulas. Based on tried-and-true formulations. Used safely and effectively for thousands of years. Yet modified to support modern-day health concerns. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Innovative while adhering to tradition. RDT Herbs use only the superior class of herbs in Chinese medicine. Adhering to the principles of TCM Materia medica. Herbs are sources from pristine regions. Including U.N. monitored biospheres in Northern Manchurian China. These Biospheres ensure biodiversity is preserved. The herbs are protected in their place of biological origin. Products contain zero excipients or fillers. Processed with state of the art technology. This ensures the highest therapeutic efficacy.

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  • Nourish Blood and Chi


    Nourish Blood and Chi

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    Nourish Blood and Chi

    Rakta is Sanskrit for blood. A wonderful warm Chi formula. Helps distribute vital essences throughout your body. Use to build and fortify your blood and Chi that is vital energy of life. Helps regulate healthy female menstrual cycles May strengthen metabolism Warms digestive organs, hands and feet Helps weight management Manages loose stool or constipation Enhances blood flow Alleviates lethargy by assisting in energy production. Indispensable formula for those who need more energy. Excellent for vegans and vegetarians. In Chinese herbology, some herbs are classified to "build blood". This classification happened because until...

    • Helps Strengthen Metabolism
    • Supports Menstruation
    • May Enhance Energy