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RDT Herbs is a connoisseur's line of tonic herbal formulas. Based on tried-and-true formulations. Used safely and effectively for thousands of years. Yet modified to support modern-day health concerns. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Innovative while adhering to tradition. RDT Herbs use only the superior class of herbs in Chinese medicine. Adhering to the principles of TCM Materia medica. Herbs are sources from pristine regions. Including U.N. monitored biospheres in Northern Manchurian China. These Biospheres ensure biodiversity is preserved. The herbs are protected in their place of biological origin. Products contain zero excipients or fillers. Processed with state of the art technology. This ensures the highest therapeutic efficacy.

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  • Youth and Longevity Tonic

    Spirit Jing

    Youth and Longevity Tonic

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    Youth and Longevity Tonic

    Spirit Jing This immortal Spirit elixir has deep rejuvenation properties. Promotes peaceful happiness with a pleasant flavor. A longevity formula that calms and enlivens your spirit. Excellent daily nutrition for your entire family. Makes a delicious smoothie, or any other drink. Add to baking, yogurt, pudding, etc. Spirit Jing is a mixture of Black Foods. Research has confirmed that black pigmented foods support longevity. They contain high amounts of Antioxidants, Zinc, Iron, Molybdenum, and minerals that support kidneys and hormones. Spirit Jing contains ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monotomic elements) to increase efficacy. It helps...

    • Immortal Spirit Elixir
    • Promotes Peaceful Happiness
    • Delicious Smoothie Ingredient