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Royal Elk, Pure Canadian Elk Antler Velvet is all natural. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away. No harm comes to the elk. Their antlers are harvested under veterinarian supervision. And under the guidelines of the velvet antler removal certification program. It can increase your overall energy and endurance. Strengthen joints and immunity. Increase sexual virility. Decrease stress and slow aging. Improve memory and more. These Canadian elk are raised hormone-free in their native habitat. With their natural climate, grass and hot sun. This grows antlers with a high concentration of active ingredients. The cold climate makes for big bodied bull elk. Natural grass is the perfect native food for making large antlers. Hot summer sun triggers antler growth. It's the fastest growing tissue in the world. Freeze drying retains 400% more active ingredients than traditional drying. No pathogens can be introduced because the antler is frozen. Royal Elk, Pure Canadian Elk Antler Velvet is not a miracle drug. Chinese doctors have used it as a medicinal product for several thousand years.

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  • Rejuvenate and Reverse Aging

    Pure Canadian Elk Antler

    Rejuvenate and Reverse Aging

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     By: Royal Elk
    Rejuvenate and Reverse Aging

    Antler Velvet has been used since ancient times as a traditional medicine to reverse aging. Contrary to popular opinion, Pure Canadian Elk Antler is much more than an aphrodisiac - it helps a wide variety of conditions: Joint pains relief Muscle development for increased strength and endurance Speeds recovery from injury, decreased soreness and stiffness Relief during and after menstruation Strengthens immune system Increases blood circulation Healthier skin, nails and hair. All members of the deer family (cervids) grow antlers at an incredible rate of speed, and are shed every year,...

    • Relieves Symptoms of Aging, Eases Menstruation Issues (during and after)
    • Promotes Energy for Athletic Performance and Sexual Function
    • Restores Normal Function to Endocrine Glands for Hormone Balance