About Earth Friend Herb Co

Together We Heal the Planet and You

Earth Friend Herb Co now celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary in 2012 as a design and manufacturing company of the finest herbal products anywhere. Earth Friend Herb Co began in 1977 as an exclusive line by Master Medical Herbalist Elijah Free for his own private natural healing practice. It consists of dozens of herbal products, all designed and manufactured by Elijah for therapeutic clinic usage, and not just for over the counter sales. Many of these products are not available anywhere else, including Fibro-Ease, which received a patent from the US Government. Some of these herbal formulas have been in clinical use for decades and used by hundreds or thousands of patients, upgraded as new innovations come to light by Elijah.

Others are newer, utilizing a new form of herbology that operates on the principle of restoring chemical signals to the body, thus normalizing the metabolic environment and dis-allowing the imbalanced conditions that attribute to disease and pain. For a number of years, Elijah licensed a number of his herbal products to other companies to be sold under their label. Now it is with great joy that Elijah and Earth Friend are finally bringing a careful selection of their herbal products to the market for over the counter use. Some of these specialty products are the only ones in the world, while others are some of the finest in their categories.

But all have been designed, developed and used in a clinical therapeutic setting with Elijah and the group of doctors that he has worked with at Pacific Naturopathic Clinic in Mt. View, CA since the year 2000. And before that since Elijah began his healing practice in 1977. We always say that “Herbs are a specialized form of life created by Nature to help heal ourselves and the Planet”. At Earth Friend, we believe in the close co-operation with our healing allies, the herbs, and a mutual relationship based on trust, goodwill and the deepest appreciation for who and what the herbs are with their all-important role in our world. At Earth Friend, the herbs are our friends, and we hope they will become yours too.

Earth Friend Tonic Herbology

All of the herbs we produce at Earth Friend are tonic in nature. This means that their main action is to feed and strengthen the body rather than stimulate it the way many herbal products do. When the body is in a state of stress, the last thing it needs is to be stimulated in an attempt to try and make it function in a particular manner. This only leads to a further stressing of the body, which is the exact opposite of the desired healing effect. When the body is stressed, the logical way to proceed is to help alleviate the stress by supporting those bodily functions that are affected. When the stress on those organs, glands, etc. has been helped by feeding them with the necessary nutrients, only then may they begin their process of healing.

All Earth Friend herbal formulas are tonic in nature and do not stimulate any already weakened organs. You will never get the same effect from a stimulating formula, as you will from one that is a true tonic. The basis for the truly great systems of herbology from all around the world is tonic herbology. Often there are comments about the potency of Earth Friend herbal products. This is to be expected. They are made that way – to be very potent that is. After all, who wants an herbal product that has very little herb in it, or possesses very little potency? We begin with the finest organic or wild crafted materials available and use more raw herb in our extraction processes than most other companies. Anywhere from half again to twice as much (or even more) in fact. This gives us a final product that is highly concentrated.

  • We call this medicinal strength.
  • We believe in producing herbal products that work. The test is in the potency and efficacy in each individual herbal product.
  • Earth Friend Herbs are made with the oldest method of tincturing which takes two to four weeks for each formula.
  • Over time, more of our Earth Friend specialty products will be available to you.
  • We thank you, and look forward to serving you.

With the warmest regards,
Elijah Free and Earth Friend Herb Co.

Author: Life Enthusiast