About Smart Minerals

[Note: We had a great run with Smart Minerals, The Gift, and others. Farrell Brenner retired and did not pass his technology on. We sold out. The story ends here.]

As the result of our childhood socialization we are constrained by the primary limiters – fear, guilt and shame. Smart Minerals products were created to deal with these emotions. Please understand that everybody (really almost everybody) should take The Gift as the introduction to Smart Minerals, as the tool to your raise self esteem, and follow it up by the specific emotional clearing product. Your beliefs are limiting you, they are blocking your success; they are keeping you from having the success that you deserve. They are conditional love or low self esteem, fear, guilt and shame. The Gift addresses the first one, low self esteem.

How to Use Smart Mineral Products
Each one has an ideal general location to which it should be applied. The best placement for Heaven and Earth is at the crown of the head. The best place for The Gift is on the heart.The Normalizer is an exception: you put it upon whatever you want to change in the physical body. By the way the normalizer should probably be called super normalizer because it has the capability for letting a person use their brain. It has the potential to allow people to use more of their brain and consequently the center that is in charge of that is between the eyes so that would be the place to put it and at the base of the skull. At the base of the skull on the left and right side there is a little indentation and so those three places are the places to put the normalizer. I wanted to rename it super normalizer.Shame: Everyone wants to attract somebody into their life that they can love and who will love them back. Everybody wants success, love, and a significant other. Shame stands in our way. Shame is actually a fear of “if it were ever really known nobody would love me”.John Bradshaw who is arguably the foremost educator in the area of addiction said that the emotion that is driving the mechanism of addiction is shame. People are declaring “I want to be loved” and “I want that wonderful husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend” and “I want my friends to like me” but at the same time they are sabotaging their relationships, keeping people at bay, distancing themselves from people and disassociating from their families.Addicts do not show up in their family, they are missing in action, because shame says “don’t let me be really known” and “I can’t ever just show up”. I can’t reveal myself and if anybody ever really saw me, they would reject me. You can’t have success in life and love if you carry shame.

The most common limiting emotions are low self esteem, fear, guilt and shame. They are the primary limiters of our success. They bring out the worst in people. When you raise self esteem, remove fear – the mind killer, take away guilt, and take away shame, you will become a much more functional, happier, more successful human being, and ultimately live in a better world. Everyone wants success at life, everyone wants the good life. What prevents us from achieving our goals, what is it that limits us?

We say that we want to lose weight and then we keep on eating things that we know are going to cause us to gain weight. We know that we need to exercise and then we don’t, we know that we need to quit smoking and drinking or whatever it is and then we don’t and we do it more anyway. We all have subconscious programs that drive us. The ones that are most impactful in keeping us away from the success that we want in life, whether it is the success in health or relationships or in finance, or success in creating or manifesting are the limitations usually arising from childhood socializations where we learn basically four things: conditional love, fear, guilt and shame.

The first thing that we learn is conditional love. If we do something that Mom or Dad doesn’t like, we get a frown or we get put down or we are sent to our room. The good stuff is withdrawn and the bad stuff is thrown at us. Right from the beginning we are learning conditional love. We learn from that how we value ourselves. We value ourselves only conditionally and this stunts our growth and limits us for the rest of our lives. I created a 12 point scale on self esteem. The first four levels are used with The Gift.

The statement “I love and accept myself” would be level one. If a person makes that statement and test “true” for it then they are at least at level one. In testing hundreds of people I found that most people I work with don’t test over level two and many of them don’t get up to that level. For us to move forward and break out of habitual structures, habit patterns, ill health and to become self regulating, we must achieve at least level four, and hold true for the statement “I love and accept myself regardless of all my faults and short comings”.

These statements are:

  1. I love and accept myself
  2. I completely love and accept myself
  3. I love and accept myself regardless of my faults and shortcomings
  4. I love and accept myself regardless of all my faults and shortcomings

Some people ask the question “what does love mean?” and “isn’t that kind of hokey?”

When you love something it means you value it. You value the thing you love and that’s how you can tell and see what choices you make and your actions reveal more than anything else.

When we make choices for ourselves that are not conducive to our own success it really indicates low self esteem. If we are not really valuing ourselves, is likely that even if our parents really loved us, while they were doing their job of training us, we learned accidentally and incidentally that we were lovable only if we performed to expectation and that lowered our self esteem. We have to regain the natural sense of valuing ourselves, appreciating ourselves as valuable, as part of humanity and consequently as a precious resource on the face of the Earth regardless of whatever mistakes we make. People can have relationship issues caused by self esteem problems at another level, but underneath everything else there is going to be shame, the fear that if I were really known I would surely be rejected, shunned.

Author: Farrell Brenner