Pure Water and Pure Consciousness

by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

To understand something as important and beautiful as pure water we need to understand consciousness because pure consciousness and pure water have many things in common. Though absolute pure water does not exist outside of a laboratory except as a concept, consciousness is not a concept, but it is rarely experienced or perceived in its purest form. Pure consciousness, what is that? It is much easier to say what it isn’t than what it is. If we sit down in meditation and relax until we do not feel our bodies, then slow our minds down till there are no more thoughts to think, and calm our hearts until there is no more emotion, no feeling, no hearing, and no images in our imagination, what do we have left? Nothing but our very own pure consciousness; pure awareness is what is left and this is the foundation of everything that we are.

Pure consciousness is an idea that a physicist would be more comfortable with because the best comparison to it would be the black light of space. We normally look up into the nighttime sky and see the blackness of space in-between the stars thinking that space is absent of light. Such thoughts are foolish because in each square centimeter of black space is all the light of the universe. So intensely full of light is space that you cannot see it because it would burn both retina and brain in an instant. Most of us are not familiar with the dynamics of our own consciousness nor do we bother to train ourselves in meditation to perceive the pure light within for it is an intensely dynamic space that is difficult to pin down. In that space we call pure consciousness even one thought crashes us out of it, like being kicked out of heaven.

But back we can go when we re-silence the mind, which we can do if we train ourselves to do it. As it is with consciousness it is with water. Anything added makes it impure. One very small drop of mercury will destroy many gallons of pure water, polluting it terribly. The pure is highly vulnerable to the impure. This is the most basic similarity between water and consciousness as is the fact that both immediately take the shape of anything. The thought arises in consciousness and consciousness takes the exact shape of the thought. Water will fit into any vessel and it will accommodate any chemical, any poison, any heavy metal in its breast. Dirty water and dirty consciousness seem like cousins and they are. Those who would dirty our waters by adding poisons to the water like fluoride are dirty and indecent in their consciousness as well.

And those who would sell us filtering equipment that does not remove this cancer causing agent are playing a game that puts their commercial interests above their responsibility to protect us and our children from harm. We are water and we are consciousness and the purer we can keep both the better off we are. To insure our families the best health possible we have to be dedicated. We have to invest our consciousness in subjects like water and learn to be wise about it. So many of us take our water for granted just as we take our consciousness for granted, without ever investigating it and its source. It is just too common to bother with but this is a large oversight. It is just when we bring ourselves down to the level of simplicity that wisdom dawns. There is nothing as basic as consciousness and pure water.

Each year in the U.S., lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children and 560,000 cases of hypertension in adult males. U.S. EPA

The cost of distancing ourselves from the purity of consciousness and the purity of water are astronomical. Only when we care about purity will we really contemplate on our absolute need for the purest water possible. When we do sit down and concentrate our consciousness on pure water we come to see it as a powerful medicine, both a preventive kind and a substance important in every treatment. Water and consciousness are both remarkable substances. Water for example, although we drink it, wash with it, fish and swim in it, and cook with it, we tend to overlook the special relationship it has with our lives. Without water we would die within a week. Now consider pure consciousness, without it we die in a nanosecond. We use it all the time for the most basic life processes, to think, imagine, feel, plan, touch, taste, see and hear with yet we pay it no attention.

In 1994 and 1995, 45 million Americans drank water from water systems that fell short of SDWA standards.[i] Environmental Protection Agency

Pure water is our very most basic medicine though it can contain health and life giving substances like magnesium and calcium and still be considered pure, at least by the meaning we are putting out here. It is the same with pure consciousness as well. A person can be in touch with their pure consciousness and this does not mean that the person will never have a thought running through their brain. The funny thing about pure water is that it can be full of impurities and still look pure. That’s why we can so easily deceive ourselves and drink life destroying water from our taps, wells, and yes even bottled water. And we find the same in human consciousness. A person can be all dressed up in lily white garments and say all the right words and behave most of the time correctly yet still hurt people and themselves in ways that they have a hard time recovering from.

The pure water that we will be studying, achievable through various treatment/filtering approaches, is dynamic and is dependent on water imputed into our filtering systems and what we do with the water afterwards. As with consciousness it is with water. We need to understand the impurities to reach understanding of the pure. When it comes to our approach to the best water possible we have to pay attention even to what we store the water in. Plastic, as we will see, is just the next disaster waiting to happen to our water, to our lives, to the ecology of the entire planet. The chances of water remaining pure stored in plastic are zero. When we looked at the Science of the Pure we realized a most fantastic thing. Through the simple application of pure substances we can heal the body of almost any disease. With these thoughts comes devastating confirmation that allopathic medicine’s unholy union with the pharmaceutical companies has damned modern medicine’s integrity to hell. For instead of following the Science of the Pure medicine, public health and water officials have followed the Science of Poison.

35% of the reported gastrointestinal illnesses among tap water drinkers were water related and preventable.[ii] Center For Disease Control

Some scientists believe that for every outbreak of poisoning from water reported in the United States, another ten may be occurring.[iii] One such study found that as many as one in three gastrointestinal illnesses – often chalked up to “stomach flu” – are caused by drinking water contaminated with microorganisms.[iv] It was only ten years ago that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the EPA advised that people with weakened immune systems should consult with their doctors and consider boiling their drinking water to kill any cryptosporidium.[v] Detoxification is probably the single most important component to long-term health and this has become increasingly true each year as environmental chemicals have built up all around us. Successful detoxification and chelation are totally dependent on an adequate intake of good water. Water is our body’s only means of flushing out toxins. The more water we drink, and the purer and more alkaline that water is, the more we allow our body to purify itself.

Since almost all-degenerative diseases are the result of toxins, water becomes and is the most basic and essential medicine we have to employ. Thus the quality of the water we drink is equally as important as the amount. If water already contains chlorine and other chemicals, it has less of an ability to carry toxins out of our body. If we consume water that contains traces of synthetic chemicals, then we force our liver and kidneys to be the filter. It makes much more sense, if we care about our health, to externalize the filtering of water with one of the three basic types of filtering systems widely available. Instead of ultimately damaging or destroying our liver and kidneys and destroying healthy cell environments we let the filters do the work for us. Money is well spent on filtering our water.

Bottled water, on the other hand, is a poor and insecure substitute for the care we must individually put into our own water supplies. With an abundant intake of clean, healthy water we allow our body to perform all the healing processes that it is naturally capable of and this makes all the difference in the world with all the other medical or naturopathic treatments we employ. When you bring things down to the very simple level of the pure it becomes crystal clear that healing is about bringing a person back to a relatively purer state. What it comes down to is this. What do you think would be better when you are sick and run down? What would you put down your throat, some poison or something pure in its ability to cleanse you of the impure? In reality there are many people who think a little poison will do the trick.

Unhealthy drinking water affects children in different ways than it does adults. There is cause for special concern for the health of children who drink tap water.[vi] Natural Resources Defense Council

Water is what we make it for we as a society pollute and treat it and we are the ones who can treat it again inside of our own homes. We can protect our family and drink pure healthy water but to do this we have to treat the water ourselves. Most people buy a cheap carbon filter and think they’re protected when they are not. If we are using tap water, no matter where in the world we live, it is safe to assume that every time we go to the faucet for a drink or take a shower we are taking toxins into our bodies. Point-of-use water treatments systems today (filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Distilled) are extremely viable and readily available means by which water of extremely high quality can be provided. In today’s world with water supplies being what they are any good home based water treatment method is much better than no treatment at all. When we get into comparing one type of water processing system with another disagreements break out about which is the best or healthiest water to drink.

As to carbon filtered and reverse osmosis water, these are better solutions than tap water or mineral water, however they still fall far short of the standard set by distilled water. Dr. Ron Kennedy

The above diagram graphically represents what is probably a fair picture of the different levels of quality. But be careful when looking at a graph like this for there is no baseline, no comparison to city tap water. If we consider that a good carbon filtration system can remove above 95 percent of all water impurities we can consider them as a viable and convenient option. Yes reverse osmosis and distilled water will be purer and thus in need of some kind of re-mineralization treatment for optimal healthy water. Filters can be used with confidence as long as one does not push the life cycle of the carbon and ones selection of filter takes out most of the fluoride, which many do not. When it comes to water we cannot afford to be sloppy with our consciousness. We have to take a good look at what is in our local water supply and decide what we are going to do about it. We cannot allow our public water officials to pull a rug over our eyes. Many people make light of the situation and would have us gloss over the issues that we have to probe with the full power of our intelligence. Water is not an issue we can be slapdash with as we are with so many other issues. We cannot afford to fall back on crude beliefs and basic assumptions but have to examine all sides of the issue and look into the facts.

It’s a fact that William K. Reilly, Administrator of the EPA under the first Bush Administration, classified drinking water contamination among the top four public health risks posed by environmental problems.[vii] Why don’t we hear our present health and medical officials warning us about our water? Some experts estimate that 560,000 people become moderately to severely ill each year from consuming contaminated water.[viii] About 10,700 bladder and rectal cancers each year may be associated with Trihalomethanes (THMs) and their chemical cousins.[ix] That translates into about thirty cancers per day and that estimate is from fifteen years ago or when there were literally billions of tons less of chemical poisons in the environment. All we hear from the CDC is their fears of the bird flu to justify even more vaccines with which to poison the public with. When it comes to the concept of pure water it is just accepted that nothing can compete with distilled water for purity but some RO systems do come quite close. But some doctors, despite the fact that distilled water has been used by spas around the world for serious detoxification programs, complain that going for 100 percent purity with water has its disadvantages.

We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of water treatment system all the while remembering that the worst option is to drink tap water with the second worst option being bottled water sold in plastic. Not many of us have had a chance to see a glacial stream or an iceberg that is blue from its high mineral content. Those who have drank from such waters say that it tastes totally different and that it seems to enter the body lightly. It presents no resistance and does not bloat a person like tap water might. And the minerals are there not just to offer you those elements your system lacks, but also they ‘hold’ the real secret of glacial water – its antioxidant power. Strong, pure hydroxyl ions, negatively charged hydrogen atoms that actively seeks out positively charged oxygen free radicals wreaking havoc on our bodies at a cellular level. This is the kind of water we want to drink. This is the kind of water we can create at home with our own personalized water treatment system.

Fortunately technology comes to the rescue offering us many options and many of them are actually very low in cost. Though because few are into pure consciousness few are or will be interested in putting the effort in to get the best water possible into their bodies. Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated that the relationship between water and consciousness is not a joke. Dr. Emoto took samples of water from various sources, froze a few droplets, examined them under a dark field microscope and photographed them. He experimented first with water from a pure source in Japan. The picture revealed a beautiful crystalline form. (Photo 1) He then did the same thing with water from a nearby polluted river. The result was a muddy, smeared pattern with very little structure. (Photo 2) He then asked a priest from a temple to offer a prayer to the polluted water sample and repeated the experiment out of curiosity. To his surprise, another beautiful crystalline structure appeared. (Photo 3) The Crystalline structure produced by “Thank you” in Japanese. (Photo 4) The crystalline structure produced by “”You make me sick, I will kill you.”” (Photo 5)

To deal effectively with pure water we in fact have to become the manager of our own water treatment plant. After all who are we going to trust? Those who put poisons like chloramines and fluoride into the water or ourselves. To take responsibility for our own water is an important act of love. Pure consciousness and purified water are bound together by love. It is the unloving among us that pollute our waters and the indecent who deliberately put poisons into the waters thinking they are doing us all a favor.

It is our obligation to strive for the purest water possible. Deciding what system is best for our needs is a very individual and personal process and there is no filtering system that is best for everyone. If we want pure water we have to put our devotion to it, our spirit, and some financial resources but we shall be surprised at how little a reasonably good system can cost. In a world with inequalities of wealth we have to pause and consider what we can afford in time, energy and financial resources. Very few can afford the kind of systems that can handle every problem with water but for very little we can do some amazing things to the water we drink.

Personal Note: Beware the quick and uninformed opinion about water. There is tremendous disagreement here as everywhere. Everyone in the water business is going to try to sell you something. I do not have any affiliation with any water company or maker of water filters. I like everyone else have to struggle on a personal level with these issues and decide what is best and most practical for my family. Living in a third world environment I am acutely aware of the overwhelming majority who cannot afford any kind of water processing equipment and for that reason I will only present the best low cost applications and leave it up to my readers to explore the luxury equipment. If one really looks around he or she can find innovative equipment for far less than what is commonly marketed by the major players in the industry.


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Author: Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)