Reciprocal Frame

Timeless Wisdom in Structural Form

Individual beams gather around a common spaciousness. A simple, elegant form that is strong, intimate, trusting and interdependent. A simple structure that describes how we might be in ourselves, in our communities, in our trade, in our nations. A bridge between timeless wisdom and our modern world. The structure reveals that we all have an individual place in the world, but our home is in the place from which all life springs. The structure holds a wisdom that is simple and clear. Each of us will see it with our own eyes, in our own way. As natural as the spirals in a flower or the vortices in a stream.

If we look enough… deeply enough, we will find our own true nature.

  • Giving and Receiving
  • Interdependence
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Dynamic communication
  • Nonhierarchical
  • Load-sharing
  • Individuality gathered around spaciousness
  • Individuality in communion

These qualities apply to major principles in human relations:

  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Mutual Well-being
  • Peace-building & Sustainability
  • Truth, Justice, Well-being

These principles are the keys to peace and sustainability. When they are absent, conflict arises. These principles are largely absent from our world today, even though they have a great place in our hearts and minds. We need to be reminded of their significance so that we determine to use them.

Professionals wishing to create Reciprocal Frame buildings may consult with us on Design, Manufacturing Practice and Site Practice.

For more information contact Graham Brown, the inventor of this concept.

Qualities of The Reciprocal Frame

The Reciprocal Frame is a simple, obvious, natural structure. It is remarkable in that it has the geometric and energy pattern of many living, growing, dynamic forms. Pines cones, sea shells, water, weather, DNA – patterns fundamental to life since millions of years. It is this similarity to our own life pattern that makes the Reciprocal Frame and its qualities deeply familiar and significant to us.

reciprocal frame

Timeless Wisdom in Structural Form

It is an architectural mandala that speaks of truth, of justice, and interdependent well-being. Peace and sustainability have to be built in ourselves before they will be resident upon earth. Peace-building is the construction of physical buildings as sanctuaries of peace, reconciliation and community using the Reciprocal Frame.

These projects bring into working community those previously opposed in conflict, or without positive focus, to create a building the form of which leaves no room for exclusion, no space for injustice. The physical structure is so clear and stark and strong that we are given a vision of how we might be. Peace-building is a focus for change. By the construction of a physical building, we remind ourselves that change is necessary within ourselves for the well-being of our world.

History of the Reciprocal Frame

reciprocal frameI first saw the possibility of the structure in the lines of a geometric star I had drawn. I then made the structure with my daughter’s stick game, “Mikado”, and some Blue Tac (a kind of sticky putty). The following morning I made some small beams and crudely assembled them into the Reciprocal Frame. To my surprise the thickness of the beams gave it a pitch it did not possess in the Mikado form. I pressed upon it, and it was strong. How strong? I placed a chair on either side of the small structure and, allowing them to support me, I lowered my large self onto the small structure.

As it totally accepted my weight, joy that was also information rushed through me. These ordinary small sticks, brought into an arrangement of cooperation, achieved the seemingly impossible: to support me! In those first moments I knew I was looking at not only a physical structure but also a way of living and being. The beams could equally be seen as people, companies, nations, all with place and purpose in a structure of justice and cooperation The structure demonstrates a principle that is fundamental to life on this planet – a simple natural principle: All life is connected.

I named the structure the Reciprocal Frame. The Oxford Dictionary provides two meanings for the word reciprocal:

  1. adjective – helped him and in return helped me.
  2. mathematical – so related to another that their product is unity.

Nature’s geometry is timeless, multidimensional, interactive, interconnected and interdependent. The Reciprocal Frame is perhaps the simplest expression of these principles and offers the potential of new structures to live within on all levels.

About “Out of Nowhere”

out of nowhereOut of Nowhere was founded in 1989 to develop all aspects of the Reciprocal Frame. The name honors the origin of the structure. The task has always been gathered around how to work with the physical structure. How can we understand the geometry of the Reciprocal Frame? What forms and architecture naturally arise from that geometry? How do we construct the buildings? How do we work with the energy of the structure?

At the same time the wisdom of the Reciprocal Frame has constantly offered the invitation to move to more cooperative and sustainable ways of working and being with each other on all levels. This impetus has developed into a conceptual body of work that has poignancy at this time of profound change on our planet. As a part of this process, Out of Nowhere is now becoming a global network of individuals and companies who wish to work with the Reciprocal Frame on any level.

All the development information gathered over these past twelve years is now available through training and information packages to those wishing to work locally with the Reciprocal Frame. New developments made by these network individuals and companies may then be integrated into the body of network information, with fees paid for subsequent usage.

The Buildings

reciprocal building

The Reciprocal Frame may be formed with three or more beams. The pitch, atrium, diameter, number and depth of beams are all interdependent and flexible. All of these possibilities are held within a vast matrix of geometric potential, from which the designer draws the form which links the landscape to the needs of the occupants. It takes true dedication to reveal the most natural and complete solution.

The forms have moved from simple, regular and multi-sided to interlocking, multidimensional spirals. Our engineers tell us that the structure is capable of being extended to spans of 60 meters. Thus far we are working at 20 meters diameter.

The structure may be applied to Community Buildings, Government Buildings, Medical Centers, Sanctuaries, Homes, Offices, Schools, Guest Buildings, Workshops, Studios … The list goes on. The design and construction of this structure are fully understood and well-developed. They have been practically tested and are ready for use. Remarkable buildings using the Reciprocal Frame can be created now!

The Reciprocal Frame is one of many reminders.

Network and Information

12 years of development and expertise is now available regarding physical building and the Reciprocal Frame as a principle of sustainable and peaceful living.

Professionals wishing to create Reciprocal Frame buildings may consult with us on Design, Manufacturing Practice and Site Practice.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Reciprocal Frame, a structure that came to me in moments of inspiration in 1987. It was an idea unlooked for and came Out of Nowhere.

For more information contact Graham Brown, the inventor of this concept.

Author: Life Enthusiast