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Reset Your Emotional Center

Reset Your Emotional Center

Resetting Your Emotional Center

Open up your heart energy center and you’ll have a much better outlook. Using a vibrational product to help will send you to the desired state instantly, and keep you there for a while.

Marelon Bjorkaes is a gifted energy worker who can see subtle energies (auras, chakras). She has been using The Gift in her practice. As my Quantum Touch healer she experienced first hand the changes it produced in me and was inspired to use it in her practice.

Marelon wrote:
I wanted to let you know what I experienced yesterday our first day using The Gift. I made up a list of 12 core beliefs. I muscle checked my husband for the first one and he had a weak response to it. Gave him one drop of The Gift, within seconds I saw a burst of clear energy around his heart region, so I muscle checked him for the same core belief. He was strong. We went through the entire list this way, and the bursts of energy continued, although they moved from the heart region down to the lower chakras. I should mention that my husband does not appreciate me looking into his chakras so I was only looking at the most superficial levels of energy.

Then we switched roles and he muscle checked me for the core beliefs and when I had a weak response to one, I took one drop of The Gift. Each time, I could feel an almost instantaneous glow in my torso and a flow of energy running up my spine for a few moments.

It was only AFTER all this that I decided to read the information you’d printed out for us. So I was very interested to read that The Gift opens the heart chakra etc.

Bill and I muscle checked each other to find the optimal dosage of The Gift to take throughout the day. Last night I was very aware that Bill was surrounded by a lot of yellow energy I believe this indicates an increase of healthy balance in his third chakra. I should mention that Bill has never let me balance his chakras, and he does have trouble controlling intense emotions. I was also aware of having an unusual flow of light purple energy moving upward in myself.

We also muscle checked Bills normal functioning level on Hawkins Scale of Consciousness he was around 425. After taking the initial drops in the morning and muscle checked strong for the statement I love and accept myself regardless of anything. we rechecked his Scale of Consciousness Level and it was 510. We were not able to recheck my own shift but we shall do so soon.

We both noticed that we were more assertive bordering on aggressive, I might add, but not out of control with it. Since we can both be rather passive by nature, this might be a return to a normal level of assertiveness and it’s just that we are not accustomed to it!

We also both noticed that we were more ambitious. Bill signed up for an art course he has been looking at for weeks, but had been unsure and unable to commit to it. It has taken him a lot of work at the computer to download it and get it opened and working normally he would not work through that (he’s not especially knowledgeable about computers) but he’s kept at it and conquered it! For myself, I am just feeling very focused and ready to proceed with several projects of writing and recording meditations.

These are the core beliefs we checked:

  • I love and accept myself regardless:
  • of what I have done.
  • of what I have not done.
  • of what others have done to me.
  • of what others have not done for me.
  • of what I have.
  • of what I don’t have.
  • of what I have not achieved.
  • of what I am afraid of in myself.
  • of what I am afraid of outside myself.
  • of anything.
  • God is a loving God.
  • I am safe.

I included the last two because when a client has a major life issue, it always boils down to feeling that they are very vulnerable and that God either hates them or doesn’t care what happens to them. It is, of course, a projection of their own deep self-loathing but that self-loathing can hide under a thousand different disguises and is almost universal. Consequently it is a significant measure of health and balance.

Love and blessings,

Three weeks later:

I am just SO impressed with The Gift I can’t help myself, I am telling everyone about it. I am also going to post some info about it on my website when I know its more available. Aside from opening our heart chakras with a whoosh, The Gift has increased my husbands calibration on David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness by 90 points. At this time, a dose of 3 drops lasts him nearly 6 hours. The Gift increased my calibration from 480 on the Scale of Consciousness to 520, then 530, now hovering just under 540 most of the time. If I do some spiritual practice, or healing work I go over 540 and am remaining there longer and longer. A dose of three drops is lasting 6 hours. Our ability to muscle check accurately has taken a quantum leap.

In my husband, I am seeing some amazing increases in consciousness: example last Monday at yoga class, he teasingly blamed me for forcing him to eat meat after he’d been a vegetarian for ten years. Since his body was cannibalizing his muscle tissue, I did indeed strongly recommend that he begin eating meat. I wasn’t insulted by his teasing, but a few minutes later he turned to me and said, Marelon, I want to take that back. I want to take full responsibility for making the choice to start eating meat. Later that evening he said he just realized that he needed to be fully responsible for himself and even playfully blaming me was no longer acceptable. This is an amazing statement of growth in awareness.

In myself, I am increasingly aware of becoming more and more accepting and less and less ABLE to make judgements, or to hold opinions. More and more I am seeing that I don’t need to intervene, correct or tweak anyone. It’s a very peaceful place to be. At the same time, I dearly want to be holding a calibration over 540 all the time, as that is the level at which healing becomes truly powerful. And yet, I am feeling perfectly patient I KNOW I will get there quite soon, I can feel the changes happening in the way I interpret the world less and less perception of potential threat (e.g. a lot of people are seeing the jump in gas prices as a threat it cuts into their income in a frightening way. I am well aware of it but not the least bit threatened by it. I know something will happen that will allow me to continue to afford gas.)

So, yes I very much want to stock The Gift and I also want to have the opportunity, wherever possible, to introduce people to it through muscle checking its a very attention-getting experience to feel ones weakness when saying self-love statements, and feel the strength after just a few drops! It helps that my clients already know I can see chakras because of questions I’ve asked over the years when looking at their chakras. They know I don’t get the details, but they also know Marelon will know if this situation has disrupted my chakras. So they trust it when I say, The Gift not only opens the heart chakra but strengthens the Third Chakra in a very healthy way, and that is a good thing!

Author: Life Enthusiast
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