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Rewards for Customers

Life Enthusiast offers multiple reasons for creating an account with us.

Our Quantity Discount Program for retail customers is:

  • 3% savings on 3 items or more
  • 6% savings on 6 items or more
  • 9% savings on 9 items or more
  • 12% savings on 12 items or more

We post rewards for creating product Review, for personal Testimonial, and even more for a video review. Please share your story.

Rewards for Resellers

We offer discounted prices for qualified resellers. We have two levels of discounts to match your level of commitment to our products.

Rewards for Affiliates

Once you confirm yourself as Affiliate, Life Enthusiast will pay you for business generated by your referrals. You will receive a reward for every dollar spent by people you have referred to us.

If you take the reward as credit in our store, you will get a 10% premium on your reward. If you choose to take it out as cash, we pay by PayPal or check (bank transfer for frequent accounts), and we require that you provide us with SSN or EIN for reporting purposes.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff