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Water For Power Generation

Water For Power Generation

Water For Power Generation

Solving Today’s Vexing Problems!

By Jeane Manning in Atlantis Rising, No 19, 1999

Our thinking apparatus runs on water. Our physical bodies are two-thirds water, so obviously its qualities can heal or harm us. We now learn that water seems to remember and later convey “information”. No wonder the most dynamic frontier in science today is water research. Or is it a re-search, I wondered, after encountering researchers who:

  • Show how neuroscience tends to confirm medieval concepts situating memory, imagination and reason in water-filled cavities of the brain.
  • Experiment with transferring, from water to us, the life-force energy chi, also called prana down through the ages, or
  • Study specially-shaped water pipes used by ancient Minoan culture in Crete; or
  • Show how the emanations from healers’ hands change water.
  • Measure physical qualities of “holy water,” or effects of conscious intent upon water’s crystalline structure, or
  • Build prototype inventions aimed at using water as a source of energy.

Some study the big picture, such as the claim that rivers self-organize and energetically recharge themselves through spinning motions. And some point out the well-known anomalies that water is densest at 4 degrees Celsius (=39F), and strangely expands when cooled further, so that its solid state floats on top of its liquid state. Water as the “universal solvent” melds with nearly any element. Hydrogen, the main ingredient in water, is spread throughout galaxies, and ice is found in dust clouds in outer space. The picture of water that emerges is what Marilyn Ferguson in her book Aquarian Conspiracy calls “the strangest stuff around.” Learning about the mysteries of water evokes a primal fore-knowing, like a racial memory, perhaps pro-science, something we have known for a very long time. Before our materialistic age lost the abilities to sense subtle energetics, water was central to sacred rituals and symbols:


Baptism, The holy river, Spiritual visions of the Ocean of Love, Myths of the flood or of creation, Drinking of sacred waters when visiting an oracle or a shrine. The Sumerian goddess Inanna had a vase in place of a heart, from which flowed miraculous water. The Bronze Age civilization of King Minos at his city of Knossos on the island of Crete apparently lived by the principle that water should be returned to the earth in the same conditions it was when it was borrowed, treating all water as holy. Our era in contrast treats rivers and oceans as dumping grounds, and we face shortages of drinkable water. Dr. Karl Maret predicts that water will become the currency in the new century. Meanwhile researchers of water mysteries struggle for funding. Ferguson notes: “The quest to understand water hasn’t summoned up the capital and glamour of space research, although it may have more direct bearing on our lives. While humans burn rain forests and alter other factors that kept our habitat moist, we should remember the nagging suspicion that Mars was once a watery planet.”

Let Water Move, Keep it Cool!

We’ve had ample warnings. Austrian forest warden Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) warned about wastelands that did and would appear on our planet when vast forests disappear. He observed the interaction between water and forest, such as the vitality of cold, pure water in tree-sheltered streams. He admonished: “Comprehend nature, then copy nature.” He taught that water is a living rhythmic substance. In maturity, it gives of itself to everything needing life. However, water can become diseased through incorrect handling. Dying water harms animals, plants, and fish. Whether stilled by a dam or a bottle, stagnant and warm waters begin to deteriorate. Conversely, at a cool 4 degrees Celsius (39F), moving water is densest, strongest and at its best carrying capacity. Wild rivers have inherent self-control mechanisms, if left alone to establish their own homeostasis, that is if kept cool with natural overhanging vegetation and allowed to meander around bends and therefore be lively with purposeful swirling motion.

Shortsighted human engineering, clear-cut forests, mega-project dams, and rivers confined into canals all tamper with the circulatory system of our planet. Having interfered with the hydrological cycle, we reap floods, droughts, and other extremes of weather. Olaf Alexandersson in his book “Energized Water” introduces Schauberger’s insight into river management, water-fueled devices and energy. Its successor is the book by Callum Coats, “Living Energies”, that could be the textbook for a new eco-technology, to construct or encourage processes which don’t fight nature but instead work in harmony. Coats researched for two decades into Schauberger’s discoveries from forestry to flood control to soil fertility and water purification. Hydrologists could learn by reading this book how crucial the small variations are in a river’s temperature, and how water’s spinning motion recharges it with subtle energies.

Water Power Without Dams!

The naturalist’s warning echoes across the decades, “Prevailing technology uses the wrong form of motions.” Twentieth-century machines leave behind waste products because their processes use the destructive half of nature’s creation/destruction cycle, the centrifugal outward moving motions of heating, burning, pushing, radiating or explosion. They channel air, water and fuels into the type of motion which nature uses to decompose matter. Schauberger observed that the centripetal inward-spiraling force is the creative, cooling, sucking motion without friction, which results in increased order instead of destruction. He applied his understanding of cycloid spiral motion to a wide range of inventions; methods that are in harmony with nature’s creative motion. This “water magician” found solutions for agriculture, for energy generation, as well as transporting water in pipes that encourage the inward-spiraling motion of water. Today’s researchers follow and expand on Schauberger’s earlier knowledge. For instance, the Swedish Malmo group use the phrase “self-organizing flow” to describe what they are creating, since Schauberger’s technology made use of the natural orderliness spontaneously created by a system under the correct conditions.

Meanwhile, new energy-generating processes, such as Randall Mills’ Black Light Power, convert ordinary water into hydrogen and oxygen. Paul Pantone of Utah runs engines on water mixed with waste substances, and the air that comes out the exhaust pipe won’t dirty a white handkerchief held at the end of the pipe. About a century ago, John Worrell Keely figured out how to run a motor on the power of cavitation or implosion, while alternately compressing and expanding water. He harnessed that we dismiss as nuisance, the water hammer, in water pipes. Dale Pond, researcher of Keely’s physics, says that Keely’s Hydro-Vacuo motor created a water hammer shock wave which when synchronized with the wave’s echo, “results in Amplitude Additive Synthesis, a process which tremendously increased energy accumulations in quick order.” Pond warns that this resonance amplification is similar to the process, which breaks wine glasses.

Liquid Memory, Do We Really Know Water?

At Water-science conferences which this journalist attended in recent years such as the one at Seniamhoo Resort, WA, Nov. ’98 (funded by Energized Water International); a privately funded ’97 meeting in Los Angeles organized by Linda McClain; and the Institute of Advanced Water Sciences (AWS) symposium the previous year in Dallas, TX the one fact that emerged was that water is not a single homogeneous product of nature. Water in living cells has unique structure, and clusters of its molecules have organized relationships. Another factor is what Schauberger called the “immature taker” vs. “life-giving mature” water. Since water without minerals Is a relentless solvent, if we could distill 100% of impurities out of a batch of water, it would be dangerous to drink, leaching minerals from our bones.

Then there’s the movement-vitality factor. Stagnant bottled water, even though chemically clear, is dead compared to water in the rushing brooks. But it has to be proper movement. As water is pushed through cities in the unnatural confines of metal pipes, its energetic oscillations interfere, and the natural order in water’s structure is canceled.’ How do we know this? For one, German engineer Theodor Schwenk and his Institute for Flow Science developed a technique for photographing the internal structure of water. In drops of water taken near pristine springs, a symmetric rosetta pattern was revealed. On the other hand, the internal structure of damaged municipal water is-chaotic. Chemical contaminants and electromagnetic pollution compound the damage and cause chaotic clustering of water molecules. These meetings wrestled with questions such as whether ‘Energized Water’ is an organized state of matter and energy, and capable of storing and transmitting information. If so, the implications go beyond homeopathy and ‘energy medicine” and into the interaction between water and consciousness.

Dr. David Schweitzer, grandson of Albert Schweitzer, is the first scientist to photograph the effects of thoughts, captured in water. This shows that water can act as a liquid memory system capable of storing information. David Schweitzer first stepped into this trail by becoming an authority on blood analysis. He learned that blood cells express themselves in sacred geometry and their harmonious shapes and colors. Since blood cells hang out in water, he looked farther into that substance for answers about our thinking processes. After ten years of observing blood, in 1996 he made the discovery which opened the door to photographing the stored frequencies in homeopathics and natural remedies and to researching the impact of positive or negative thoughts on bodily fluids.

“Having studied the relationship between the brain, cells and emotions,” he told Joseph Duggan in Vancouver, “I came to realize that certain trace elements were needed to send information from one area of the brain to another.” Minerals alone could not convey information. To find out if the carrier was water itself, Dr. Schweitzer experimented. French scientist Jacques Benveniste had already shed light on the memory of water in homeopathy. He and a dozen other scientists demonstrated that water can retain a memory of molecules it once contained. Nature magazine in 1988 published their experiments showing that if water containing antibodies was diluted repeatedly until it no longer contained a single molecule of antibody, immune cells still respond to the water. The publication drew outrage from orthodox professors, and the magazine later sent a team to Benveniste’s laboratory including the magician James Randi and Walter Stewart, a self-appointed investigator of scientific fraud. The team judged the French scientists’ results to be a “delusion.” However, a recent book by Michel Schiff says the slander of Benveniste was the delusion.

Dr. Schweitzer says, aspects of the homeopathic research couldn’t be measured by the investigators’ instruments. The witch hunt in France didn’t stop him from radical thinking. He remembered Albert Einstein’s idea that particulate “light bodies” act in ways we don’t yet understand. Waking up one morning with insight on how to make these bodies visible, Schweitzer began working on a fluorescent microscope at a certain light intensity. He wanted to see somatids change in response to thought and other influences. Just before the water on the microscope slides evaporated, he saw certain formations develop “dependent on the thoughts or energy atmosphere it had been impregnated with.” l observed that this cluster could be modified at will.” Further work showed that microscopic light bodies in the water intensify in the presence of positive thoughts. They shine brightly if thoughts are backed up by emotion, and it makes a big difference whether the emotions are negative or positive.

Intrigued by the tiny light-bodies, he tested holy waters of religious faiths, from Italy, Russia, Yugoslavia and North America and saw somatids floating even after years of being bottled on shelves. “This means there is an ideal balance when somatids never touch,’ each other, which gives them the greatest capacity to store information.” But when he studied homeopathic remedies, careful storage of energy medicine is crucial. French immunologist Jacques Benveniste had learned that electronic circuits can impress lasting information upon water, and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation and heat destroy homeopathic strength. Further, Dr. Schweitzer has a warning about purified water we buy in clear plastic bottles that have been exposed to fluorescent lighting. When we drink only this water, our lips dry out and become chapped and cracked. “Normally, drinking water does not dry out the mouth, but fluorescent lighting changes the structure of water such that it dries out the mucous membranes.”

Randy Ziesenus, of Edmund, Oklahoma, says anyone can personally improve the water they use. “It’s amazing what happens when you take a glass of water and hold it between the palms of your hands and ask your higher Self to work with that water and whatever you need for your highest good. And then drink it; incredible what that little (ritual) does.” Ziesenus is president of Bio-Com, a company that specializes in the development of biotechnology using radio-frequencies (RF) to alter water’s bonding structure. ‘He says “if you drink water that’s harmonious to the human body, water will pass through the body within ten to 15 minutes. Then you’ve got to go to the restroom. The (harmonious) water will carry out toxins.”

One of his inventions condenses water from air.” That’s one of the biggest things I’ve been working on by using frequencies to draw moisture out of air.” He and researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory are working on ” a program where you can take a photocell device, put it out in the desert, and it will make a gallon of water overnight.” The unit is powered by photovoltaics (electricity from sunlight). Ziesenus agrees with Dr. Scheitzer’s claim that our AC electricity leaves a harmful imprint on water.

William Tiller!

At the Energized Water conference, professor emeritus William Tiller quietly obliterated the conventional view that humans cannot meaningfully interact with their experiments, “Conventional science would even more emphatically state that specific human intentions could not be focused into a simple electronic device, which is then used to meaningfully influence an experiment in accord with the specific intention. We have made a valid test and found conventional science conclusion to be in serious error.” In his work Dr. Tiller describes the people who are capable of sustaining high-coherence in intentions as “imprinters.” They, for example, sit around the table while putting out the intention “to activate the indwelling consciousness of the system” so that the pH of the experimental, water increased or decreased significantly compared to the control. It did. How does he explain this?

The theory used by Tiller and co-researcher Walter Dibble, Jr., is multidimensional. These scientists see water as a special material, “well suited for information/energy transfer from this frequency domain into our conventional domain of cognition, the physical.” Regarding the factor of mental capability of whether imprinters know enough science to visualize changes in pH, Dr. Tiller said,” the unseen intelligence of the universe is an even more important factor.” Later he added,” in my view it is the spark of Spirit in the cells that give rise to the life force.” Another scientist at that meeting, Dr. Glen Rein, points out, that physicists know about the existence of energy fields with properties, which are not explained by classical equations. He refers to the non-classical fields as quantum fields.

Rein’s work again shows that this non-electromagnetic energy-information from the primordial vacuum of space- can be stored in water and can later communicate with living cells. Perhaps Viktor Schauberger’s most startling observation was that subtle qualities of water can affect humans mentally and spiritually, either revitalization or deterioration of society. Dr. Thomas Narvaez has proven to his own satisfaction that a vitality factor exists and can be increased or decreased in water by human activity.” We now see that our thoughts not only affect our own bodies, but also the bodies of those around us. Members of this group (speaking to the Institute of Advanced Water Sciences, in 1996) who bottled water or who worked with broadcasted energies like crystals or magnets therefore have a responsibility to keep our view of the world upbeat and positive.”

Author: Life Enthusiast

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