Success is determined by our daily practices – how we use this day. Yet people underestimate today, aiming to get through it, not make the most of it. They overestimate the future, assuming that they’ll accomplish tomorrow all the tasks they put off today. And they overestimate the past, lamenting old mistakes and reliving past glories. The past and future are out of your control. To guarantee success in your professional and personal life, follow these simple practices today…

Choose to Be Positive

Attitude isn’t the result of circumstances – it’s a choice we make every day. Those who choose to have bad attitudes rarely get far. They’re less likely to earn promotions at work … they sour the attitudes of those around them… and they’re chronically unhappy.

Daily strategy: Each morning, resolve to have a positive attitude, whatever comes your way. Begin each distasteful task by finding something about it that you can embrace. As legendary basketball coach John Wooden said, “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

Accomplish One Important Task

To be productive, it helps to plan your time and set priorities. Only one-third of American workers plan their daily schedules, and only 9% see their plans through.

Daily strategy: Each morning, ask yourself what is most important for that day. Then do everything in your power to ensure you hit a home run on that item. Even if your results are mixed on everything else, scoring a victory on the day’s top priority ensures your long-term success.

Look After Your Health

Many people take their health for granted.

Daily strategy: It’s easier to maintain good health than it is to regain it. Eat well and exercise daily. Learn to cope with stress. Find your “relief center” – a place, person or activity that reduces your stress. Maybe it’s golf. When my stress level rises, make time for around and leave the cell phone behind.

Put Family First

We all claim that family is our number-one priority, but most of us put the people we love on the back burner. True success has as much to do with the quality of your home life as with your career.

Daily strategy: When you write out your daily or monthly agenda, insert family time first. Schedule time to be with your spouse and your children.

Keep Your Financial Head Above Water

Debt weighs you down and forces you to set priorities based on necessity rather than choice.

Daily strategy: People improve their financial situations by becoming accountable for their daily spending. Make it a habit to wait 24 hours before buying anything expensive to be sure that it’s something you really need. Never use a credit card for any purchase that you can’t pay off completely that month.

Be Generous

Giving to others improves our self-image. It also turns our focus outward, so we’re less likely to be caught up in our own problems.

Daily strategy: Don’t wait for prosperity before becoming generous – you may never feel prosperous enough. Find time each day to help someone improve his/her life or skills. Make sure that those around you know your door is open if they need assistance.

Seek Growth

We must decide to grow – it is not an automatic process.

Daily strategy: Find a way to grow each day. Do 10 more push-ups than you did the day before… read a book about improving your health or your business skills… or listen to someone speak on a topic that you know little about.

Author: Life Enthusiast