Strata-Flora: Balanced Bowel Flora is Key to Health with 

Health is possible only with balanced intestinal flora. It makes all the difference between a healthy life and early, painful death.

To effectively address this critical aspect of your health, try the best thing we know of: Strata-Flora. Once you start using it, you will look back on the decision as the day your health took a quantum leap forward.

Strata-Flora is a complete solution to restore your digestive system from one end to the other. Perfect ongoing cleansing program with probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, parasite killers, beneficial bacteria, soil based organisms.

The place to begin understanding the huge importance of healthy intestinal flora (the bacteria in your digestive tract) is to look at your left arm from your elbow to your fingertips as you lay it across your tummy. That is a good estimate of the weight of flora in the average person. If all these bacteria became one creature, it would be the size of a cat.

Antibiotics indiscriminately kill-off good flora as collateral damage along with the targeted infection. Rarely does the good flora ever recover from this assault without corrective steps. Gangs of harmful bacteria, candida yeast, mold, fungus, and parasites aggressively take over the territory and virtually drive out the weakened remains of beneficial types of flora. The typical diet of chlorinated water, cooked meat, processed dairy, and sugar-rich, processed, low-fiber, low-enzyme cooked foods only make the situation worse, and adds more fuel for the unwelcome guests.

These dangerous, health destroying microbes typically nest in a thick putrid and rotting layer that is lining the intestines. These evil creatures eat your food, steal your nutrients and cause nutritional deficiencies. Then they poison you with their carcinogenic and toxic waste. They do this to keep you run-down and your immune system weak and ineffective. This manifests as sort of a perpetual cold or fatigue condition and foggy mental depression that lingers on and on over the years, draining away life and energy, and promoting every manner of horrible symptoms, aches, pains, diseases, and premature signs of aging. Chronic constipation and obesity are virtually a given.

In the intestine with out of balance flora there is an almost total disruption of the healthy digestive process. This digestive anarchy causes food to rot and putrefy. The stools become hard, dry and carcass-smelling. The stagnant stool, rather than cooperating with the body to carry away toxic fluids, forces the body to drink back the toxic liquids as it extracts its much needed water. Eventually, every cell in the body comes under this toxic-acidic, low-oxygen, high ammonia environment like a gasping fish laying sideways on the surface in a fishbowl where the water has become oxygen-starved and saturated with their own excrement.

The kidneys and skin go into crisis mode and sacrifice themselves in an often futile attempt to deal with some of the toxic overload. Soon, this back-up of toxins infiltrates the enzyme and nutrient nursery and command temple of the liver. A hopeless-feeling downward spiral has begun with tentacles choking and depressing every aspect of life.

Unfortunately, the above scenarios are not rare in the American population, they are almost universal to one degree or another. Many people have never known what it is like to genuinely live pain free and bubbling over with joy, energy, ambition and radiant beauty. Their chronic run-down condition has become the only experience they know. They live in a paradigm where, This sort of dysfunction is to be expected as one grows older and where, Diseases and ailments just happen and the only way to address these crises is to add toxic chemical drugs to shut off the signaling systems in a body already buckling under toxic overload.

Great New Paradigm

The great news is, you can leave intestinal dysbiosis behind. You can step into a new paradigm with a revolutionary strategy that is replacing this situation with a life-promoting experience instead. With excellent intestinal flora and fauna cultures in your body you will experience radiant health, clear mind, abundant energy and every manner of joy, probably in less than three months.

Strata-Flora 7-Fold Strategy For Life

Number 1.
We change the intestinal environment. We take action to soften the enemy. Lets just say that for them the weather gets very unfavorable and they had better have an ark but they don’t. They must have it dry, sticky, acidic and stable. All of a sudden we keep it wet, slippery, alkaline, and moving along.

To promote regularity it is essential to physically flex the intestinal lining to loosen and clear debris from the intestinal walls. We supply Lecithin and its synergist nutrients in Strata-Flora to focus on this objective to strengthen the natural peristaltic muscle action. Plus, we do unspeakable other things to them with certain herbs and nutrients that to you are life, but to them is like itch powder. Unspeakable? OK, Ill tell you. For example, commonly we see all sorts of parasites in there. Some may be worms inches long, latched on by their mouth to the intestinal wall. One of our enzyme nutrients just waltzes up and decouples certain proteins, unlatching the worms body from its head like a train coming unhooked from the engine and the 95% of it just falls off, out, and away. Then soon the head also dies and falls away. In not too much time, most of the unwelcome flora and parasites have either died and been flushed away or they very badly want to leave.

Number 2.
Next, instead of eating nutrient-empty food, we turn the tables on the bad guys and trick them into eating empty food. To them, Xylitol a natural fruit and vegetable sugar looks like energy-giving regular sugar, but Xylitol has none of the calories they need to power their existence. To them, it is like water in the gas tank. Very many of them starve to death, or at least become too tired to reproduce. Since they naturally only live a very short time, this tactic alone essentially exterminates them. By now, most of them are simply washed away or killed-off by these early changes.

Number 3.
But we’ve hardly gotten started. Now comes their real D-day. This part of our strategy is straight forward. We throw everything at them we’ve got. We don’t play around sending in only a few troops of one or two types of beneficial flora. We send in literally billions of beneficial flora cells every day, wave after wave. And, we send in every type of good troop we’ve got and we’ve got dozens of specialty squads. Only 49 or so of them are declared and listed, but we use complete living foods, so we send in much more than that.

Our troops are uniquely skilled in self-colonization. This expensive superpowers trait is not a given among other flora products, so they rarely mention it. Self-colonizing means there are more and more of the good flora every day, and we just keep adding more new ones with every sip of Strata-Flora. Now we have enough fire power coming on-line to actually take territory and more importantly, to keep it.

Number 4.
We keep our troops very well supplied and multiplying. They don’t just take over the intestinal and colon territories, they firmly occupy all of the territory from lips, tongue, gums, sinuses, and throat, all the way to the stomach (yes, flora good or bad lives there also), all the way to the anal and perianal area, and eventually even finding their way to protect the vaginal, cervical, urethral and bladder flora territories from infection.

Number 5.
With the floodgates open, toxins are no longer building-up, but are cleansing away. The number of enemy troops has been slashed. Now our previously dazed ally, the immune system, can awaken as a giant and join us in a coalition to finish-off every last one of these turkeys. Our immune system benefits greatly from special immune-synergists, enzymes, and nutrients our beneficial flora are manufacturing. With this freed-up immune capacity, the immune operatives can really get going on bounty hunting yeasts, molds, fungus, infections, viruses and parasites in every remote territory of the body.

Number 6.
Meanwhile, back in the intestine, the natural fermentation-based digestive process has been restored and has begun to properly and more completely break down the food being digested all the way down to its ideal, fully and appropriately assimilable forms. This process is similar to how bacteria in the soil break down minerals and nutrients into a reduced ionic form so plant roots are able to take them up. In fact, some of these very same microbial strains are in our product.

If you were a plant, your intestines would be your roots. It is this beneficial bacterial system preparing nutrients for the roots that is precisely why organically-grown produce has so much more flavor, vitality, and nutritional value. You should have been getting and can now get those same nutrient uptake/utilization benefits internally right at the point of assimilation.

And guess what? A better fed immune system is a more effective immune system. And better fed cells become tougher and less vulnerable to any pest or virus that comes along. Suddenly, these enemies have no cover no place to hide from the immune police dogs on their trail.

Number 7.
A better fed body, getting the higher quality and amounts of the nutrients it needs, gradually becomes less demanding, and requires not nearly so much food. Next, it starts burning-off loads of rancidizing, free-radical-generating fat that it has been saving as an emergency reserve for later. With fewer free radicals to attend to, the enzymes in your body start turning their attention to all the other fun aspects of life like sex, joy, play, creativity, positive attitude, satisfying work, radiance, beauty, and just plain feeling great. A body that is having such a good healthy time with life isnt as likely to succumb to disease. Degenerative disease such as hypertension, coronary disease, or cancer will not come even close to your radar screen.

Your body is liberated and free to become its best. The upward spiral has just begun with incredible lifelong benefits and even more positive changes ahead. Virtually everyone will benefit from at least a one bottle tune-up at the full potency of 4 teaspoons per day. Ideally, Strata-Flora at a minimum of one teaspoon a day will become an essential part of every health enthusiasts personal ongoing supplement program.

Author: Jevari Oberon