Strata Flora to Tidy-Up Your Insides

Reinforce your immune system, which is coming under increasing assault from antibiotic-bred supergerms, as well as from entirely new germs and viruses arriving out of remote jungles and villages. All Exsula Superfoods contain a plant-derived carbohydrate called inulin. It is a prebiotic that improves the health of your intestines, by stimulating the activity & growth of your naturally present, beneficial probiotic bacteria. Inulin is also a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. The only Exsula products that do not contain inulin are EllagiPlex and Ellagipure. People get persistent coughs that last for months and won’t respond to antibiotics.

Supermarket diets combined with years of casual use of laxatives and antibiotics have destroyed the beneficial digestive tract flora accumulated in your family line, during a thousand generations, leaving only the “meanest” antibiotic-proof bacterial strains to thrive in a wide-open and defenseless environment. Health officials are quietly in panic, making radio appeals for volunteers (“guinea pigs”) to try new antibiotic combinations. Legislators in the State of Washington begin crafting legislation to limit doctors’ usage of antibiotics. Those in the know are saying this action is “Too little, too late – like closing the gate after the horses have escaped”.

Antiparasitic herbal potions often work by phyto-toxins (plant toxins), which target undesirable bacteria, yeast and parasites. This approach is most often only partially successful, as it does nothing to restore ideal flora populations. As a result, these sometimes expensive and uncomfortable treatments may need to be repeated over and over as symptoms keep reappearing. The only way to stop this cycle is to super-populate your digestive tract with a variety of the ideal floras, permanently crowding out the others.

Antibiotics Can Damage Your Gut

Antibiotics are poisonous chemicals that are known to damage the precious cells of your body, and which doctors hope will kill the germs that are poisoning you before the combination of germ-generated-toxins and antibiotic-toxins cuts you down first. Always, with antibiotics, the gentle beneficial floras are killed-off first. And sometimes, a few of the most aggressive bad bacteria survive in the form of new more aggressive strains which eventually take over the vacated areas, and then eventually make their way out into the general human population. A person with an antibiotic-devastated intestinal flora is fertile ground for another person’s super-germs searching for a new place to colonize.

Recolonize Your Gut With Beneficial Microorganisms

Strata-Flora is entirely nontoxic in approach. It simply tidies up the toxic debris of the unwelcome squatters so they have no place to live, then overwhelms them with beneficial bacteria. You literally can’t get too much Strata-Flora. The good guys don’t build toxic mats. Any overpopulation is simply swept away and harmlessly eliminated. This being said, in the beginning, it is always good to proceed slowly with such massive change. After that you can have all the Strata-Flora you want. Strata-Flora produces fast results. People often get carried away and take too much too soon and find themselves in the middle of a “royal house cleaning” not previously scheduled to occupy that particular day’s activities.

It is unlikely you have ever tried any probiotic supplement even remotely as powerful as Strata-Flora. One bottle can easily be stretched to last 3 months or even longer. Strata-Flora has such a diversity of flora types that it is able to colonize beneficial strains literally every square millimeter of the way from the lips, mouth, teeth and tongue, all the way to the perianal area. Though not specifically designed for other uses, many delighted Strata-Flora customers even claim great success with external usage in areas of that region regarding itching, burning and yeast.

Colds and Flu or Stomach Flu are a sign of Weak Bowel Flora

Constipation, unending colds, yeast infections and parasites become increasing problems as beneficial types of flora fade to extinction and the newer, meaner super-germs move through the human population – with each wave becoming tougher and meaner than the year before.

According to expert doctors and scientists, who needs reinforcement the most?

  1. Anybody who is taking or has ever taken antibiotics. Also their family members may benefit.
  2. Children and the elderly.
  3. Women who have experienced yeast infections.
  4. Anyone who would like to optimize their body’s cleansing status to an ideal 2 to 3 movements per day.
  5. Anyone who would like to reawaken a faltering or dormant immune system and help bring it back up to peak performance. Your digestive tract is the place to start.
  6. Anyone who would like to open up the channels of elimination as a means of disposing of excess fats and cholesterol to lose weight and support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
  7. Anyone who would like to feel great and have enough energy to make their kids work to keep up with them!
  8. People who would like clearer sinuses during the day and easier, more restful breathing at night. There is often a connection to intestinal cleanliness and flora.
  9. All students of meditation, creativity and thought performance come to understand that a clean colon and healthy digestive tract make for a clear mind and happy, focused, productive concentration.
  10. Anyone who has a sense of lingering hunger even after they have eaten plenty.
  11. For those traveling into parts of the world where sanitation conditions are less than ideal, or for those who have small children in school, bringing home daily samples of the bacterial zoo from hundreds of their schoolmates.
  12. Women who have given birth.
  13. Women who are planning to become pregnant.
  14. Any human who was never breast fed as an infant.
  15. Anyone who has ever had surgery or been hospitalized.
  16. Anyone who wishes to reduce the frequency, depth and duration of colds and flu.

The Organ Which Is Your Intestine…

… starts at your stomach, and ends with your anus. If you think about it, it is actually the outside on the inside of your body.

It has 3 basic sections:

  1. small intestine (duodenum, jejunum) complete the digestive process begun by your stomach and assimilate nutrients
  2. large intestine, (colon) accommodates assimilation of nutrients and water; and the elimination of toxins
  3. and your rectum, which holds the waste material awaiting elimination.

The inside surface of the intestine is not smooth as many people imagine. It is relatively deep and convoluted, like a carpet or a jungle. This part of your body could be compared to the roots of a plant where nutrients are assimilated. It is in this jungle where numerous species of bacteria and yeast cells thrive. The usual weight of the population of these creatures (or ‘flora’) in your jungle is about the same as the weight of your left arm from elbow to finger tip. Some species such as acidophilus, bifidus and thermophilus are beneficial and help digest your food so you can assimilate it, and also help produce complex life-created immune factors which you wouldn’t get otherwise. They also help convert common nutrients to more precious forms, like vitamins K (for normal blood coagulation in event of injury) and 13-12 for energy.

Lay your lower left arm across your abdomen and imagine a creature inside of you, which is as big as your arm and eating your food, then poisoning you in return. Now you can begin to see how the health of this internal ecosystem is so essential for your own health, energy and longevity. Remarkably, this enormous population of cells is almost entirely ignored by mainstream American medicine – other than to bomb a particular runaway species like E. coli with antibiotics. Decade after decade, the good guys go entirely ignored and unsupported. This is roughly equivalent to pretending that your liver or stomach just doesn’t exist.

Species such as E. coli, Staph, Strep, Salmonella, Clostridium, Listeria, Campylobacter and Candida Albicans Yeast, steal your food voraciously, and then fill your assimilation forest with the toxic garbage of their waste products – eventually forming a deep, tough, putrefied mat between you and all of the nutrients in your diet. Even worse, this mat prevents your body’s own metabolic waste, cholesterol, environmental toxins and heavy metals from passing out of your body and into your intestine for outside disposal. When the flora is wrong, your body goes to all the chores of gathering the trash from your cells, and taking the garbage out to the intestinal wall, only to have it bounce right back into your body. Still scarier, all waste sites have their scavengers (like rats, wild dogs and sea gulls). This mat breeds its own packs of little scavengers in the form of worms and insect-looking creatures, many easily visible to the naked eye.

How Strata-Flora Tidies-up

First, Strata-Flora helps balance the water content of food moving through the intestine, then it applies lecithin (your own body’s natural detergent) to begin to dissolve away the undesirable deposits. As Strata-Flora hauls away the garbage, the inflamed jungle of your assimilation and elimination cells, once suffocating underneath the waste mat, comes back to life and begins to thrive. With the toxic mat dissolved and gone, the vast bulk of yeast, bad bacteria and parasites have no place to hide, so are simply swept away and eliminated for good. Then Strata-Flora massively overruns the remaining undesirable species with overwhelming numbers of beneficial flora. One type for each niche of the different parts of the jungle. With each enemy cell overrun, more just keep arriving and arriving and arriving, day after day after day – and reproducing themselves in even greater numbers, there simply isn’t enough environment to go around. And so the undesirables are crowded out.

New undesirables arriving on every breath and in every bite of food, suddenly find themselves in “good guy convention town” with NO VACANCY signs flashing everywhere with blinding brightness. Then as a final blow to any would be intruders, we have found a special grow food for the beneficial flora which turns them into ‘supermen’ performing at 5 times their normal level. This phytonutrient is called fructooligosaccharides (or FOS) a sort of complex ‘carbohydrate-fiber’. It is found scattered throughout fruits and veggies in your diet, but super-concentrated only in Strata-Flora. It keeps the good guys well fed, plentiful and strong, and it isn’t helping the bad guys at all. – Perfect! Ongoing, regular Strata-Flora usage at moderate levels helps keep the intestinal flora portion of your health equation super-tuned to peak readiness levels. Strata-Flora – For a healthy, vigorous, happy and long life. There has never been a more important time to support your natural immune system!

Strata-Flora Is Unique

We have employed the most powerful, self-colonizing types as compared to the cheaper non-colonizing forms whose colonies die away in only a couple of days. Strata-Flora has 3 synergistic delivery nutrients, which “prepare the soil and feed the crop” – strategies missing in other probiotic formulas. Strata-Flora delivers the economy of powder form. If, as health enthusiasts say, health of the body begins with health of the intestine, then Strata-Flora is the place for you to start. Strata-Flora is great with kids. Beginning as early as when they are done nursing and begin foods, a pinch of Strata-Flora can be added to their food or liquids. For children 2 years to teens, larger amounts can be added to nutrition shakes, and fruit smoothies – or even stirred into yogurt.

Author: Jevari Oberon