Subtle Energy and Lifeforce

This article may seem to be way off topic, but it does have a great deal of relevance to foods and how they can affect health in both a positive and negative fashion, so please stick with it!

Every type of energy that moves through our genes molds and maintains our unique individuality with all its strengths and weaknesses. The final expression of it on a purely physical level is health or life force, or the lack of it. Energy is behind everything manifest and that which is not. Food, water, air, thought, emotion, love, prayer and will, to mention just some, flood our bodies with vibrational energy. These energy frequencies influence the way we build and maintain ourselves as a totality. The bottom line is that we are an expression of these combined primary energy forces. Everything both animate and inanimate is composed of highly organized vibratory energy. Unseen and for the most part, not heard or felt, but often sensed, it is the matrix or blueprint upon which every single thing is made manifest in this world.

The billions of cells in our body are in constant communication with each other. They have an optimum operational energy frequency spectrum, within which, among other states, health resides. If even a single bodily cell falls outside this frequency spread, (for whatever reason) it will tend to affect its neighbor in a likewise manner and a chain reaction may well start. This mechanism of action is called resonance. Two examples of resonance in action are: – If two correctly tuned guitars are at opposite ends of a room, a note sounded on one instrument will cause the other to reproduce or resonate at the same note or frequency. Two pendulum run clocks in close proximity, one started of ‘tick tock’ and the other ‘tock tick’, (pendulums running opposite ways), within a short period they will both be ‘tick tocking’ (pendulums running the same way) together, due again to resonance.

Soldiers marching over a bridge were always ordered to ‘break step’, as the vibration or energy frequency of so many pairs of feet in harmony, could literally bring a bridge down. A dry finger rubbed around the edge of a glass can create a note or energy frequency that shatters it. Some singer’s can do the same thing, with the energy frequency of their voices. These four examples show how one energy frequency can inter-react with another with either positive or negative results. Positive and negative (note the electrical-energy terms!) emotions such as prayer, love, hate, will, envy, jealousy and the like, also produce energy frequencies and if the power or amperage behind them is high enough, they can affect the more subtle energy that binds animate or inanimate matter together.

Lower or slower vibrating energy such as that generated by jealousy, can affect in a negative fashion, both the producer and the intended recipient of that energy. How often have you heard the saying ‘its eating him away’? In many cases, if the power behind this type of emotional energy is strong enough it will interact with a higher vibrating energy of, for instance, the stomach, causing this organ to vibrate at a frequency outside its normal parameters. The consequences of which may range from mild to severe. Depending on the inter-reaction and any new frequency generated, anything from ulcers to cancer may develop; the organ in question may literally be eaten away.

The power of sincere prayer and that of absolute belief for instance, produces high frequency energy, this can similarly inter-react with lower frequency energy and by creating a harmonic, it can return a diseased system back to the correct operational frequency that equates with health. This type of healing must be supported by the correct nutritional support to maintain the health frequency, or sooner or later the previous condition will almost certainly recur. Vibrational medicine has been around in one form or another since the dawn of time. Shamans of the past, healers, witchdoctors, acupuncturists and the like were beginning to be scoffed at as we moved through the middle ages and the ‘new medical science’ brushed aside ancient wisdom. By the 1930’s the antibiotic had arrived and we thought we had disease under control. We were somewhat mistaken!

Over the last sixty years or so, the deepening crisis with the lack of physical health has driven people in their millions to look again at our forefathers methods. Many new vibrational methodologies have arisen to complement those of old and science is at long last beginning to understand at a quantum level how they work. Radionics, acupuncture, zero balancing, crystal healing, homeopathic medicine, Bach flower remedies and a myriad other therapies are now utilized by an ever increasing number of people in every walk of life. Some of the old and some of the new therapies use physical substances, some are energetic links and yet others utilize physical contact (touch massage, etc). The one thing they have in common is an exchange of energy. This energy is directed from within or without, impacting on the energy state of the receiver to effect change. This subject has been dealt with in great depth by Richard Gerber MD in his wonderful book Vibrational Medicine – Bear & Company – Santa Fe – New Mexico. 1988. ISBN 0-939680-46-7

It may come as a surprise to some people that the food we choose to ingest affects us both nutritionally & energetically. Energy is the ‘glue’ that binds all matter together from food to sheet metal. When we eat junk food (low vibrationary) we also take on the energy frequency of it. This impacts on and affects our own energy field or life force. It must come as no surprise that if we continue to eat low vibrationary foods then ultimately we will cause our optimum energy frequency to fall. Ultimately, the vibrationary frequency of disease will dominate rather than that of vibrant health. Good wholesome food from the earth imparts nutritive value and energetic value. En masse, we have ignored this simple fact and now millions unfortunately suffer the consequences.

As I am also a Healer, some years ago I undertook some experiments with Dr William Sutherland who was a medical physicist. He had developed a simple frequency-measuring device and had for some years been measuring and recording, among others, the frequency rate of foods, chemicals and ‘unusual’ people, as he termed them. These people had included, musicians, artists, and healers. He found that when they were inspired to do their particular ‘thing’, painting, playing music or healing, their normal bodily energy frequency rose considerably. Generally he found that females have a normal frequency rate of around 100 – 150Ghz and males around 30Ghz. Interestingly, both male and female healers had a normal or resting frequency of 100 – 150Ghz. The artists’, healers’ and musicians’ frequency would climb to around 300 – 400Ghz during ‘inspired’ work. In my case, when I was in a healing ‘mode’, my rate climbed to around 900Ghz, the highest he had measured. The 300 GHz frequency rate is approximately in what is termed the infrared spectrum. If you are exposed to this frequency, it will be detected as heat, as with an infrared lamp. Many clients of healers report this fact.

Dr Sutherland found that the energy frequency of most prepackaged foods, environmental chemicals, food additives and toxins, not to mention electromagnetic radiation, (see Chapter Three) could cause the emitted bodily energy frequency to fall, sometimes dramatically. (Fresh organic foods had the opposite effect.) The problems this may cause and the mechanism, by which they do so, now becomes complicated and is outside the scope of this work. However, it is my belief that the body has extremely wide tolerance margins at both the energy-frequency and physical-structural levels. Alas, today, as I have said elsewhere in this work, we have considerably exceeded these margins and we are suffering the consequences of vastly increased numbers of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ills. What happened when life began? What came first, the chicken or the egg? If it was chicken, we are in big trouble! One minute there were no chickens and suddenly one just happened to pop up?

You might argue that we are in the same amount of trouble if it was the egg, and you would be right, we are! An egg is a far simpler physical structure than that of a chicken, but still one of immense complexity and potential (to be a chicken)! O.K., let us just assume that the egg came first, that will do, it will have to, because at our present level of knowledge we can’t really deal with that question. We have to take the easy way out and ignore it, or we might say it started from the Big Bang (energy, again) or that God created Adam and Eve (and chickens?!). Basically, we each believe what we are told by those we most trust. For some there is a religious ‘truth’ and for others a scientific ‘truth’ and so on. So, who is right? It really is a pointless question. Certainly, I do not in any way pretend to have an answer, even a minute part of it. All reasonable explanations probably have an element of factuality or truth within them. However, I do have a simplistic theory. This is partly gleaned from the writings of people with far more knowledge and understanding on the matter than me, together with a smattering of my own knowledge and intuition.

The Bible states, “In the beginning was the word” (sound frequency). This is I feel, an allegorical reference to the initial organizational energy-frequency-matrix, sent forth, (from where, I have no idea) from which matter could be made manifest. A very crude analogy for this would be to take fine iron filings and sprinkle them randomly on to a piece of paper. Introducing a strong magnet to the underside of the paper will cause the filings to be attracted to the energy field of the magnet, where they will form a pattern consistent with the flow of energy from the magnet. This shows how, at a basic level, that energy (magnetic and or electromagnetic) can influence and move toward ‘binding’ matter together. A word, any word, is obviously a sound. A sound has a frequency, this frequency vibrates within the structural components of our ears and the nerve impulses produced are passed to and decoded by the brain. We therefore recognize an energy frequency or sound as a word. All frequencies create a sound; we just need the right equipment to detect them. Dogs, for instance, can hear sounds that we can’t. Just because we can’t hear them, we can’t say they do not exist.

Science though, does have a tendency to dismiss what it cannot measure or observe. Big, big mistake! We have many types of energy-frequencies, some with an electrical component and some without. I strongly suspect that the subtler and infinitely powerful energies of the organizational matrix contain other additional components that are far beyond our ability to measure at the present time. I am compelled here, to relate a story about an Autistic Savant, gleaned from one of my hundreds of books. I now cannot remember which and have been unsuccessful in my search to find a reference. (If a reader can furnish this information, I would be very grateful). Autistic Savants, although withdrawn from the so-called real world, exhibit many outstanding capabilities; such as mentally undertaking incredibly complicated numeric calculations, inspired painting and drawing, etc.

The particular individual I refer to loved bits of electrical circuitry, transistors, circuit boards, switches, bulbs, etc. He would spend hours making circuit boards, with dozens of totally unconnected bits on them. Each also had a switch and a light bulb affixed. When he finished building these boards, he or anyone else could flick the switch affixed to it and the bulb would light up. Nothing outstanding about that? Well, as I have said, none of the bits were connected to each other, nor was there a power source! Yet, the light came on. Apparently, scientists took his boards away for examination (that must have upset their apple-cart). However, I fear it would have been as difficult as looking for musical notes inside a violin! Einstein said that you cannot divorce an experiment from the observer. In other words if we are conducting an experiment or observing an event, we affect the outcome of it, to some greater or lesser degree.

Subtle Energy In Action

The ‘will-energy’ of an Autistic Savant it seems, is capable of modifying the organizational energy matrix to create an energy field that has an application specific to his needs and belief. This really is not as preposterous as it sounds; we are all modifying the matrix to some degree without being aware of it, on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level. How often have you heard of people who constantly have good luck? They engineer this, by belief and willpower. In times of crises, people can cause ‘inanimate’ objects to perform outside their so-called limits, to a degree that it is hardly believable. Cures at Lourdes are the power of belief in prayer; again it is energy affecting the diseased or lower frequency ‘matter’ of ill health.

A client or patient, who likes and believes in their health practitioner, will have a much better chance of overcoming their particular problems, for the same reason. They become involved firstly at the level of an observer, hopefully moving toward increasing trust and belief and if this is the case a more positive outcome is usually achieved. It always wryly amuses me, when I read of scientific double-blind placebo controlled studies, where 20% of people on the placebo (sugar pill) showed positive health benefits. Medical science used to dismiss this startling aspect, because it was unanswerable within their framework of belief. Today, that once entrenched attitude is changing, as we begin to have a greater insight into the power of belief or subtle energy processes.

Telepathy is an exchange of energy-information and can work over any distance, immediately. I have had many experiences of these phenomena myself. Most people have regular telepathic experiences, but put it down to coincidence. How often do we say we feel comfortable or uncomfortable with a person or place? Or that we know that something is wrong? Yet we cannot quantify the knowing or feeling. This word, ‘feeling’, relates to not only the sense of touch but to an inner knowing and does not adequately describe what is taking place. We are really relating or inter-reacting with an energy-sense, perhaps the so-called sixth sense, which is as far as I am concerned, a decoding (in the brain) of subtle energy given off by both people and to a certain degree, inanimate objects.

Ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night! Again, I have had first hand experience of these events. I long ago theorized that such ‘entities’ are empowered as it were, by those who subconsciously perceive them. If you have a reasonably developed ‘sensing’ faculty, from time to time you will pick up all kinds of energy imprints from the past (and the future, but that’s another story!). If both the imprint and the receiver are powerful enough, this imprinted energy information can be externalized or projected on to the sub-organisational energy matrix. In these instances, images of people and/or events from the past can be perceived within our current space-time framework and may even fleetingly inter-react with it, in some instances.

Poltergeists have traditionally been regarded as malevolent entities that like to create havoc by throwing furniture around a room, for instance. Interestingly, none of these aerobatic objects ever seem to hit the people who are a witness to, or the perpetrator of these phenomena. It is now pretty much accepted that this type of event is generated by a very emotionally (and possibly physically) stressed human mind. It usually revolves around prepubescent girls who are making the transition from childhood to adulthood. This can obviously create enormous mental stress, exacerbated in some cases, by huge hormonal swings. Here again we have a hitherto repressed and very powerful energy force emanating from the human body. Its release acts on physical matter in an unknown manner, the upshot of which is amazing! Unbelievable? Yes, in one sense it is. But if we can accept that energy precedes and also binds matter, then it becomes a little less so.

Premonitionary dreams are a very well documented phenomenon. In the early hours of the night of February 13/14, 1977, I had a horrible nightmare. I awoke in a sweat to recall in vivid detail, that my father had died. In this ‘nightmare’ I encountered the events that preceded his death, how I would find that this was so, even to the location of the phone box in which I was trying to make a call to him. As with all nightmares, on awakening, the relief to find that they are not reality is wonderful and they are quickly forgotten.

On the evening of February 15, 1977, I made my way to a phone box to call my father and as I called his number, the ‘nightmare’ of two nights previously came back to me and in that instant I knew that my father had died. As the events unfolded, they were a complete rerun of my ‘nightmare’ in every detail. I was very close to my father and had taken care of him for some years as he suffered with emphysema. Of course I wrongly labeled this experience as a nightmare initially. It was obviously a ‘message’ to prepare me for what was to come. Perhaps my father had relayed the coming events to me on a subtle level; perhaps I picked it up telepathically. Of one thing I can be sure, certain events in the future (as it is termed) as unpleasant as they were, were revealed to me. Experiences such as these also call into question the nature of reality. As much as I would like to discuss this, it is not appropriate to this work.

Psychics, mediums and clairvoyants are enjoying unparalleled acceptance, particularly in the USA. I have utilized their undoubted talents on many occasions in my life, particularly during times of extreme emotional stress. Some are better than others, while a few have a really incredible gift. I think some of their talent is based on being able to telepathically tap into their client’s subconscious, and give accurate details about past events. This is not to demean their talents, rather the opposite. What about future predictions that come into being? It is said that the major events in our lives’ are mapped out to a certain extent, from birth to death and we bring the blueprint for it with us when we arrive in this world. If that is the case, then a telepathic tapping of both the past and the future may be more easily acceptable. If this idea of a life-blueprint is totally unacceptable, we must come back to questioning the nature of reality.

If energy does indeed precede matter, or to say it another way, if energy is the ‘glue’ that binds matter, (which I believe to be the case) how can we positively influence it so that it remains within its relatively stable operational frequency spread or ‘glue’ binding ability? It seems to me that once energy has manifested as matter and therefore each has become a part of the other, the two states become totally dependent upon each others’ balance to maintain the maximum cohesion. To use another analogy, a new fully charged car battery obviously has a high potential for maximum performance. To keep it in this state, we must keep the acid and water balance correct and constantly fuel it with electrical energy via the vehicle’s alternator. Our battery which is composed of both physical matter and electrical energy becomes useless if either one of these states does not coexist. If we use tap water instead of distilled water to fill a battery or take electrical current and fail to replace it, the power or charge ebbs away at a greater rate. Eventually, the cells dry out and it is as dead as a Dodo well before its allotted life span. The battery carcass is intact but its life force has gone. In this analogy, we can substitute the word ‘body’ for battery!

The body is no different. We must feed the cells with the correct types of ‘charged’ or living organic foods that contain minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. We have to keep the acid-base balance correct and keep it topped up with the right kind of water. These elements will impart and conduct the correct frequencies of energy charge to the body at both the physical and energy-matrix levels, keeping the whole within the operational frequency spread. The energy matrix will in turn vibrate to the physical at the correct frequencies, the physical back to the energy matrix and so on. Vibrant health must be the result. Fueling this living energy system with low energy frequency, junk foods that are devoid of virtually all nutrients, (particularly minerals or electrolytes that conduct and impart an energy charge), toxic water, chemicals of every description, additives, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, E numbers, binders, fillers, excipients and the like, causes the system to vibrate at a low energy health-sapping frequency. The ultimate outcome is a body that slowly breaks down, becomes diseased and dies well ahead of its allotted lifespan potential. How many people would put sewer water into their vehicle or vehicle battery? But the body, anything will do in there! Trouble is, Halfords can’t sell us a new body!

Below is an example of the ingredients that make up an awful product targeted specifically for children. My son used to identify with the male toy figure under this particular brand name and I therefore understand the difficulties in trying to explain to children why all things under the same brand are not good for them. Please bear in mind that by law, ingredients must be listed in descending order by amount, i.e. here, sugar is the main ingredient! You may well wonder how these substances negatively affect both the physical and energy state of being? Sugar, Wheat flour, Vegetable Oil & Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Orange Filling (with Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid; Sodium Citrate; Modified Starch; flavorings; Gelling Agent: Pectin; Color: Annatto; Preservative: Potassium sorbate), Glucose syrup, Vegetable Margarine (with flavorings), Rice flour, Egg, Dextrose, Salt, Soya Flour, Skimmed Milk Powder, Flavorings, Modified Starch, Humectant, (Vegetable Glycerine), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Stabilizer (Calcium Alginate, Sodium Alginate), Colors (Paprika, Quinoline Yellow, Brilliant Blue FCF, Carmoisine, Vegetable Carbon), Dried Egg Albumen.

It never ceases to amaze me; how man invents things that reflect the way that physical life is manifested. I am convinced that the core ideas come about at a subconscious level. Car engines take in fuel, create energy and expel wastes. A battery has cells, it utilizes acid and water and creates power. Radio, TV, mobile phones, electrical power lines etc, utilize unseen energy as a carrier system. Also, language uses words that relate to energy, when trying to describe certain intangibles and tangibles. Examples that come to mind are; not on my wavelength, no magic there, (magic in its pure form is the manipulation of matter). An inharmonious relationship, soul mates, menacing air, etc. I sincerely hope that you may see that we also operate at a subtle vibratory energy level. The right types of foods that provide the right quantities of substance and energy have for eons, supported physical life at both the subtle and the physical level.

We must not forget also, that love, laughter, caring, a positive outlook, exercise and sleep, are equally as important as physical foods, to fuel our energy-physical matrix. This vibratory fuel flows back into the physical body, creating the most powerful dance of life – back and forth – back and forth, until physical life ceases and the energy matrix dissipates. Very occasionally, we can see and sense ‘power’ in ourselves and in others, it can be quite awe-inspiring! We may say that this vibrant state is our birthright, to enable it, takes a little knowledge, the application of that knowledge via a structured plan and both the conscious and unconscious force of will. The Life force within each of us is the ‘glue’ that holds our body of matter together. It must be fed appropriately from within and from without to ensure that this ‘glue’ continues to stick! Most people are coming horribly ‘unstuck’ at a very early age.

Gold of the Gods! Ancient cultures, most notably the Egyptians priests, utilized an alchemical precious powder that was said to perfect the human form and allow a connection to the divine. The processes of manufacture of this substance(s) was shrouded in secrecy and as civilization’progressed’ it became to be considered a myth and cast aside by those who who really ‘knew’ but in actuality did not have a clue! This substance has also been referred to as The Elixer of Life, The Philosophers Stone, Manna, etc. And then David Hudson rediscovered it by accident in the 1970’s! Today, this precious high-spin metal in a nonmetallic state is known as ORMUS. It is readily available for those who are ready to take it. It has powerful physical and spiritual effects to which I can attest as I have been using it for around two years.

Previously unrecognized research does indeed suggest that it is the connection between mind and matter. It allows higher frequency energy to be processed by the mind and body and that can lead to all manner of ‘events’ that would normally be considered to be outside human experience. If this has piqued your interest (it is a vast immensely interesting subject) I would suggest that you read Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark by the internationally acclaimed author Laurence Gardner, Published in 2003 – ISBN 0 00 714295 1.

Author: Laurence Gardner