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Surviving Breast Cancer with Kay Lam

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Reports tell us that between one in six to one in eight women in the world get breast cancer these days. Our immune system is compromised in so many ways. Stress is something we know too well in our society. Most illnesses come from stress, but what caused the stress?

Overworking your body is a physical stress. Not feeding your body with enough nutrients is another physical stress. I’m sure you can come up with a dozen physical stress sources within a minute. And then, start asking the why questions: Why are you overworking your body? Why are you not feeding your body what it needs? You probably have stock answers immediately, like making money, or not enough time. But if you pause for a few seconds, you can perhaps feel a deeper reason, may be you cant quite articulate it, but it feels uncomfortable. That’s closer to your real source of stress. You live in a physical body, but your physical body is not separate from your mental and emotional bodies.

Every dis-ease has its own characteristics and typical sources of stress. Breast cancer is no different. As a classic symbol of nurture, the breasts carry a lot of nurture stress. Often I see a most loving woman, giving all she could to the husband, only to be devastated by him leaving. Or a mother who dedicated her life to the children, only to be taken for granted and left without a future at middle age. Unfulfilled nurturing is a classic source of stress, which breast cancer patients lived with. The question is, now that you are given a second chance at life, how do you move out of this stress, and regain health for the long term?

Kay Lam is a breast cancer survivor for over six years. She is known as a Wholistic Wellness Catalyst, focused on helping women to move toward harmony and overall health. She believes in lifting the body, mind and spirit at the same time. You can listen to her talk more about her exact formula for long term health in a free class online, coming up soon on January 23, 2014.

Join Kay Lam for a webinar

Join Kay Lam for a webinar

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