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pH: The Balance of Health

If saliva test 2 hours after eating is very acidic, it proves that alkaline mineral reserves are nearly gone… Read More

pH Principles

pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen and it adjusts according to the food and liquids we ingest, and our stress load… Read More

pH Regulatory System Indepth

If you experiencing pH imbalance, it’s a direct result of what you eat and drink. Read More

How We Become Acidic

Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health, and those that do not… Read More

Diet Guidelines for pH Balancing

Stress on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual) cause the body to overproduce acid wastes, upsetting our delicate alkaline/acid balance… Read More

Characteristics of Acidity and Alkalinity

People with properly balanced pH will enjoy being emotionally stable, mentally clear and free from aches, pains and disease… Read More

Balanced Base Powder

This solution flushes out old accumulated acids in the painful joints of a tired body… Read More

Therapy For Latent Acidosis

If you have a chronic disease, consider taking the Advanced Metabolic Typing Test to help guide you to better results… Read More

Alkalinity and pH

There is some confusion between alkalinity and pH. Drink high pH water and it will have a strong medical affect… Read More

Aging and Reverse Aging

The simple truth about the process of aging, how to combat the aging process, and how to attempt to reverse the damage caused by aging… Read More