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Podcast 363 about HCP Formulas

Learn about digestive enzymes with Michael Kramarczyk. Discussing Fibrenza, Abzorb and LipiCept. Read More

Enzymes Affect Aging and Your Weight Too

Enzymes are the workers in your body they carry out every chemical reaction. To have a healthy body we require both workers (enzymes) and building materials. Read More

Digestive Enzymes HP

Digestive Enzymes HP allows you to continue to eat foods that are cooked and/or processed while still getting the digestive enzymes you need to properly absorb the nutrients you need to feel your best. Read More

Digestive Enzymes

The more we feed our enzyme reserves, the healthier we become. Read More

Podcast 117 about Raw Food and Digestive Enzymes:

Only raw uncooked foods contain the enzymes we require for digestion and good health. If you eat cooked foods, you need to supplement with digestive enzymes and probiotics to maintain health. Read More

Podcast 095 about Feasts of Cooked Food and Digestive Enzymes

How to survive holiday season’s feasts without destroying your health, and how to enjoy all the cooked food feasts AND limit the damage to your health. Read More

Podcast 076 about Pillars of Health – Cleanse and Detoxify

Even though people cause their own health issues, it’s not about blame, it’s about people’s lack of education. The current medical model says that illness is caused from external forces.  We believe that’s not so – that symptoms of illness arise if cellular conditions change. Sick cellular terrain results in chronic illness, like arthritis, cancer or blood pressure problems. Read More

Podcast 037 about Generation Plus Enzymes and Obesity

Patrick Buehl the founder of Generation Plus explains Lipase, fat metabolism, obesity and the general state of health in America. How do we help the 64% of Americans to manage their weight effectively? Read More

Podcast 035 about Enzymes from Generation Plus

Patrick Buehl explains formulation principles and roles of digestive and systemic enzymes, probiotics and fulvic acid, and vibrational infusion that makes the products ever more effective. Read More