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Podcast 466: AO Scan

With Paige Wheeler. The AO Scan from a bioresonance device evaluates different facets of an individual’s health, and offers insights into the body’s energy frequencies… Read More

Podcast 402: Overlooked Hacks to Rebuild Health from Pain

With Martin Pytela. Having a health coach on your team is a great advantage to recover from chronic illness… Read More

Personalize Your Health Plan

Eat for your metabolic type. Quickly get on the path to vibrant health. Learn what’s right for you… Read More

About Us at Life Enthusiast

In 2001 Life Enthusiast re-launched online. We now offer unique products in many categories made by manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering quality above cost, customer service above the bottom line, and passion for life above the numbers on a spreadsheet… Read More

Ask Our Health Coach

Personalize your path to healthy, graceful aging. We can help you find your unique path to good health. There is no “one size fits all” approach that works… Read More

Podcast 119: Life Enthusiast Success Stories

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Reviewing the concept of Holistic, how to implement it and why it’s important. Permanent solutions to problems must consider the causes… Read More