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The Power of Knowledge

It is really important that you understand the mechanics of the marketplace. Read More

Podcast 127 about How To Get Sick Part 3

What is the difference between vaccination and immunization? Are tattooes healthy? What about piercings? How do they affect your body function? Read More

Podcast 126 about How To Get Sick Part 2

We worsen our health with the overuse of soap, chlorine, fluoride, and especially with the use of artificial sweeteners. They are neurotoxic and can cause migraines, seizures and other neurological problems. Read More

Podcast 125 about How To Get Sick Part 1

Let’s explore the other side: what do we have to do more of to reduce health and support illness? What are the activities that are making us sick? Less sleep. less exercise, less sun exposure, less perspiration. Read More