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Podcast 073 about Organic Farming on One City Lot

The Dervaes family runs Path to Freedom, an urban homesteading project, in Pasadena. Since the 1980s, the family has transformed their city lot into an organic permaculture garden. The yard features more than 350 varieties of plants which are either edible or used for other purposes. The garden supplies the family with their food year round. Read More

Podcast 067 about When Organic Food Is Not a Good Thing

A major company recently launched a new organic line. Martin gives his view of the organic movement and whether dead food is dead food regardless of whether it is organic or not. Read More

Podcast 029 about Thinking Strategically. Resolve the Causes, not the Symptoms.

You are able to heal the degenerative disease that you got yourself into, but it is going to require a change in your behavior. Start with #1, stop polluting yourself. Read More