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Podcast 469: Exsula Superfoods Success Story

With Bob Peterson. These Superfood blends are crafted exclusively from whole foods, offering a comprehensive array of nutrients… Read More

Podcast 468: Master Peace

With Matt Hazen. Powerful combination of Zeolite and Marine Plasma, supports vibrational and physical cellular cleansing… Read More

Podcast 457: Shift and Empath

With Rehmannia from Super Tonic Herbs. Shift empowers the body mind and spirit. Empath replenishes yin and strengthens one’s auric field… Read More

ORMUS Movie: All The Gold You Can Eat

Watch it for entertainment and education about this ancient process that’s being rediscovered… Read More

Growing Healthy Food with ORMUS

Crushed red and black volcanic stones on patio tomatoes helped them grow 5″ taller… Read More

ORMUS Oils and Lotions

Clear and balance the seven chakras within you. Everything is energy and energy is transformable… Read More


More intelligence is expressed through body and mind, enabling a more integrated, holistic state of functioning… Read More

ORMUS Minerals Benefits

Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements help boost your health in every way. Nourishes your body, mind and soul… Read More

SubStratum Chemistry and ORMUS

The relationship between chemistry and ORMUS deserves attention because it affects all aspects of our lives… Read More

Star Fire: Gold of the Gods

The true Grail bloodline was sustained by ingesting an alchemical substance called Star Fire… Read More

ORMUS Scientific Evidence

These unusual elements are not well known or well studied, and terminology has not been agreed upon in a wide scientific community… Read More

Philosophers Stone

Sought by alchemists for its supposed ability to transform base metals into precious ones, especially gold and silver… Read More