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Podcast 477: Phylamet

With Spencer Feldman from Remedy Link. Supplementing with Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) supports a healthy microbiome, digestion and immunity… Read More

Podcast 409: Detoxify with Zeolite

Wtih Micah Portney. All about Zeolite with the CEO of Zeo Health… Read More

Biological Transmutation Introduction

How your body can transmute elements, an amazing feat that requires a fusion plasma reactor otherwise… Read More

Bacterial Warfare vs pH Balance

We may be on the brink of devastation from mutant killer viruses and bacteria… Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in potassium content, necessary for building and storing body reserves and to help the system to achieve harmony and calm… Read More

How We Eat

Low-fat diets are dangerous and should not be followed, no matter what the media, dietitians or the latest nutritional gurus try to tell you… Read More

Water by Tim O’Shea – Part 1

We’ve been conditioned to cover up symptoms of chronic dehydration with food or with drugs… Read More

Exsula Superfoods Renaissance Formulas

The result of 36 years observing, questing and developing Energized Water from Exsula Superfood blend originator Dr. Jevari Oberon… Read More

Chemistry of pH Balance

The pH scale is a quantitative way of expressing the active acid or alkali concentration of a solution… Read More

pH: The Balance of Health

If saliva test 2 hours after eating is very acidic, it proves that alkaline mineral reserves are nearly gone… Read More

pH Principles

pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen and it adjusts according to the food and liquids we ingest, and our stress load… Read More

Test Your pH by Dr. Dennis Myers

The test is simple. You do a saliva test upon waking. Then test your second urine of the morning. Eat breakfast then check your urine pH between meals… Read More