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Sunscreen Health Warning

Many of the ingredients behave like estrogen at the cellular level and can make breast and uterine cancer cells grow more quickly… Read More

Sunblock Increases Cancer Risk

Remember never to get burned and never use sunscreen, simply use clothing to block the sun… Read More

Skincare Common Ingredients

All you need to know about many ingredients in skin care products, from Acacia to Zinc… Read More


Causes red-faced, acne-like effects that if left untreated can result in psychological and social problems… Read More

Prescription for Aging Skin

Research shows cellular-level inflammation triggers free radicals which damage cells… Read More

Essential Fats and Skin Health

Adequate intake can help many skin conditions, such as dryness (flaking, cracking), dandruff, inflamed red skin, and red spots of all types… Read More

Eczema and Psoriasis Wellness Tips

Try our natural and effective products and be amazed at your results. Plus get some sunlight, use a moisturizer, don’t scratch, get emotional support… Read More

Possible Acne Cure

What you can do in the short and long term, prognosis and more… Read More

Skin Troubles Connected to Dairy

Reducing or stopping diary may be an important part of skin care for inflamed red skin issues… Read More

Specific Body Imbalances

Everything you need to know about many different health issues, how toxicity affects different systems… Read More

Dry Brushing for Lymph and Skin Health

Benefits include lymphatic stimulation, skin exfoliating, detoxification, increased circulation and energy and reducing cellulite… Read More

Liver Spots

Also known as age spots, generally harmless and painless, they’re brought out by exposure to the sun… Read More