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Cancer and Sugar Addiction

Cancer and Sugar Addiction Battle of the Sweets As monumental a feat as quitting tobacco is, giving up sugar can be even harder. The biggest problem is that most people are sugar-addicted and there is no strong […]

How We Eat

How We Eat by Christopher Pick, N.D. D.C.N. D.H.H. D.L.I (Inst) Naturopathic Physician, Clinical & Sports Nutritionist Member of Health Practitioners Association “The Chinese do not draw any distinction between food and medicine.” Lin Yutang (1895-) The […]

Lethal Science Of Splenda

Lethal Science Of Splenda A Poisonous Chlorocarbon James Bowen, MD, A physician, biochemist, and survivor of aspartame poisoning warns about yet another synthetic sweetener, Splenda. HAWAII – The chemical sucralose, marketed as “Splenda”, has replaced aspartame as […]

Caffeine’s Cultural Presence

Caffeine’s Cultural Presence Caffeine has become an acceptable drug of choice. The significance of coffee’s cultural presence in society in the lives of both adults and children calls for reflection upon the health implications of this lifestyle. […]

Sugar Is Ruining Your Health

Sugar Is Ruining Your Health Sugar can suppress the immune system. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body. Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children. Sugar can produce a significant rise in […]

Sugar In Your Diet

Sugar In Your Diet A multitude of common physical and mental ailments are strongly linked to the consumption of ‘pure’, refined sugar. Whether it’s sugared cereal or pastry and black coffee for breakfast, whether it’s hamburgers and […]

Sugar and Mental Health

Sugar and Mental Health A multitude of common physical and mental ailments are strongly linked to the consumption of ‘pure’, refined sugar. In the Dark Ages, troubled souls were rarely locked up for going off their rocker. […]

Soda Damages Teeth

Soda Damages Teeth Acidic beverages such as Gatorade, Red Bull and Coke can erode smiles, study suggests. Worried about sugary drinks rotting your teeth? A new study suggests the acid in popular refreshments can cause dental damage, […]

How FDA Approved Aspartame

How FDA Approved Aspartame​ Deadly Neurotoxin that Never Should Have Been Approved by Arthur M. Evangelista, a former FDA Investigator Open Statement concerning the artificial sweetener, Aspartame: I am a former investigator who worked with the US […]

Clinical with Aspartame

Clinical with Aspartame For the past five years, numerous side-effects have been observed due to Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) in a Central Texas medium-small town General Practice. These side effects have been grouped into two types. The first, […]

Podcast 175: Diabetes – Part 2

Podcast 175: Diabetes – Part 2 Diabetes is commonly thought to have no cure. It is progressive and often fatal, and while the patient lives, the mass of medical complications it sets off can attack every major […]

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