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Podcast 468: Master Peace

With Matt Hazen. Powerful combination of Zeolite and Marine Plasma, supports vibrational and physical cellular cleansing… Read More

Podcast 401: Relationships and Growth – Part 2

With Spencer Feldman. Healthy relationships are just as important as a healthy body and mind… Read More

Twilight America: Finding the Fountain of Youth

The idea of regaining youth, has been the backbone of myth and legend since the dawn of time… Read More

EMFs: Earth Radiation or Geopathic Stress

Can negatively affect people, animals and plants and sometimes cause a variety of serious ailments… Read More

Vibrational Medicine

This branch of medicine includes muscle testing, electroacupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy and more… Read More

Vibrational Health

Vibrational Health can be gained and sustained. The way you feel, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, will impact your physical well being… Read More

Tachyon Healing and the Physics of Love

Work on detecting subtle energies called non-Herzian or scalar energy (after maverick scientist Thomas Bearden’s theories)… Read More

Subtle Energy and Lifeforce

Everything both animate and inanimate is composed of highly organized vibratory energy… Read More

Secret Sounds That Heal

A research scientist and bio-acoustic specialist writes about the healing sounds that we feel but never hear… Read More

Not Seeing Is Believing

Although most people don’t see them, there’s always been subtle energies surrounding and permeating us… Read More

Books: Self-help and Spirituality

Theories that unveil the delicate weave of Spirit, kundalini, health and science… Read More

Book: Tachyon Energy

A breakthrough holistic healing technology, unveiling the relationship between Spirit, kundalini, health, physics and biology… Read More