Tea to Detoxify and Calm Digestion

The Major Cause of Disease… Toxic Buildup in Your Colon

Most Americans have 9-12 undigested meals in their colon, yet should have no more than three! When undigested food just sits in there and rots, toxins are released.

  • Break Down Toxic Waste – Flush It Out of Your System
  • Calm Your Digestive System – Relieve Heartburn
  • Clean your whole body from the inside, naturally.

Dr. Miller’s Teas bring you the most important component of good health… a clean digestive tract. The cause of most (if not all disease) is toxic buildup in your colon. This tea is a unique blend of all natural ingredients that clean your whole body from the inside, naturally.

  • Healing Tea – Increases Your Vitality And Energy Levels
  • Intestinal Cleansing Tea -For Colon Health
  • Plus Enhanced Sleep and Impressive Weight Loss

People have been drinking Dr. Miller’s Cleansing Tea for over 20 years. It is absolutely wonderful for the maintenance of your digestive system’s health. No chemical laxatives, not even herbal laxatives such as senna. Just natural health building enzymes that are repairing, restoring and replacing tired and worn out cells with new ones in your entire body. Healthy bodies do not need pharmaceuticals. Even unhealthy bodies do NOT need to add chemicals to their already overtaxed immune systems.

See What This Tea Can Do For You

When you begin drinking Dr. Miller’s Teas, you will feel its calming effect in your digestive system, starting with your stomach. Many people have reported that their heartburn (usually caused by deficient digestive juices) is gone or at least improved. Persons who suffer with digestive disorders that may include acid reflux, constipation, indigestion, bloating, excess gas and belching can benefit from the use of Dr. Miller’s Teas. Are you one of the over 15,000,000 IBS cases (irritable bowel syndrome) documented in the US alone? Doctors (by self admission) don’t know how to clean colons without harmful chemicals. This information must be told, far and wide. Especially in the United States, where major diseases keep increasing in numbers without being cured, where diabetes is rampant, and over the counter drugs is a multi-billion dollar industry.

As you drink this tea, you may experience intestinal bloating, gas and contractions. This is because the tea is loosening putrefied plaque off the walls of your intestine, the old garbage that has become a part of you. In very many cases the mucoid plaque is loosened and passed in one large piece that looks a lot like an old snake skin. If you would like to take inches off your waist, start drinking this tea to help restore and keep your colon healthy and clean. Dr. Miller’s Teas help detoxify chemicals, parasites, bacteria and other toxins from your entire digestive system. With continued use of Dr. Miller’s Teas, you can expect to develop clearer, healthier, younger looking skin, increased energy, and a happier outlook on life.

Clean out pollutants including tar, nicotine and other smoke residues or eliminate industrial toxins, from your liver and lungs. Dr. Miller’s Teas work immediately and completely to remove drugs, chemicals, flukes, parasites, viruses, molds and bacteria from your body. It even tackles the toughest hard drugs. Cocaine, meth, nicotine, alcohol, prescribed drugs, coffee, sugar, aspartame, as well as over the counter chemicals and other addictive products are taken out of circulation and eliminated. After some time, even a drug test, including the hair follicle test, will show no drugs in the system. Continued and consistent drinking of Dr. Miller’s Teas quickly go to the rest of your body’s cells, cleaning out the junk, and rebuilding cells, and your health.

As you drink Dr. Miller’s Tea, you will experience the action of enzymes and antioxidants as they begin cleansing your colon, also supporting the cleanse of other organs. Dr. Miller’s Teas have been documented to positively affect even the most severe cases of chronic disease including Hepatitis C, Morgellons Disease, Irritable Bowel and more. Any disease rooted in your digestive tract (can you think of any that are not?) can be controlled and possibly eliminated by using Dr. Miller’s Teas. Ongoing use of the Tea will keep you protected from viruses, chemicals, depleted uranium and other heavy metals, or chemicals added to your food. With Dr. Miller’s Teas you are giving your body a fighting chance to become vital and healthy. Only a clean colon affords the rest of your cells and organs that opportunity.

Why drink regular tea when you can experience wellness from a total body cleanse… with Dr. Miller’s Cleansing Tea?

A Healthy Colon Supports a Healthy Happy Life

Benefits of Dr. Miller’s Tea

This tea is a safe, good-tasting, detoxifying herbal tea, used with great results for over 20 years in Dr. Miller’s two clinics, by thousands of persons who suffered with:

  • Acid Reflux Disease (GERD) or Heartburn
  • Indigestion / Stomach Ache
  • Irregularity / Constipation / Hard Stools / Hemorrhoids
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) / Crohn’s Disease
  • Abdominal Pain / Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBDs)
  • Spastic Colon / Colitis / Ileitis
  • Excess Gas / Flatulence
  • Bad Breath / Bad Body Odor
  • Belching / Bloating
  • Enlarged Abdomen / Protruding Belly
  • Excess Stored Fat / Excess Weight / Obesity
  • Skin Conditions / Itchy, flaky skin or scalp
  • Inflamed Skin / Dermatitis / Eczema / Psoriasis
  • Allergies and Hay Fever / Food Allergies
  • Fibromyalgia / Sciatica
  • Joint Pain / Arthritis / Migraine Headaches
  • Insomnia / Restless sleep
  • Low Energy / Loss of Mental Clarity and Concentration / “Brain Fog” / Forgetfulness

It is simple – use good quality natural herbs, in the right way, in the right proportions, and the results will astound you.

Author: Life Enthusiast