The Body Type Diet: Why Most Diets Fail

You would think that with weight management being the top health concern of most Americans, and with billions of dollars changing hands in this market segment every year, that there would be more research and less confusion. But under the hood, so to speak, is a nasty secret. The people that should really care about the health of the nation (the government) is in the pocket of special interest groups. Instead of looking after the long term interest of its citizens, it instead sells out to the interests of the money that will help re-elect them. This is the consequence of switching our system from one man, one vote to one dollar, one vote. We do have a representative democracy, and it is financial interests that are represented.

The food manufacturers want you to eat more of their stuff, regardless of how sick it may make you and regardless of the necessity of a body type diet. The drug manufacturers don’t want to heal you, they only want to treat you. They don’t want you to get well, they only want you to feel a little bit better, and then they want you to come back for more of their solution to your problem. To say it differently, they help you manage your problem, not solve it.

It is for that reason that even though the solution to obesity is well known, it is hiding from you in the plain sight, behind the veil of ignorance. The research has been done, the necessity of a body type diet results are clear, the solutions are identified, and the reports have been published. But it is not in the financial interest of the advertisers in mass media to promote it. It would be in the interest of the single payer health insurance plan, but we have been convinced by powerful special interest groups that it would somehow bankrupt the nation. It would not do any such thing, it would instead lead to the abandonment of costly and ineffective practices. But I digress:

It is your Glandular Dominance that decides if your diet will make you slim of fat. Yes, that is right: choosing the wrong diet will make you gain weight. The evidence is all around you. The NIH website about obesity says: Overweight and obesity are risk factors for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health problems.

How do we define the wrong diet? It is one that goes against your genetic predisposition and body type diet, the one that is mismatched with what made your ancestors survive the stone age selection process. Five hundred years ago, if you were born with the wrong genes to live on the food available in the micro-climate of your ancestors home, you would not live long enough to have children. You would be weakened by the wrong foods, and you would succumb to infections or other trouble of the harsh pre-industrial life.

Up until the recent rise in mobility, you could predict your proper body type diet by looking back at your ancestors diet. But the last 300 years of migrations have made a complete mess of it. Should you be eating the food of the Vikings? That would be cold water fish like cod, herring and salmon, birds and their eggs, sea weed, and some vegetables. Or should you be eating the food of the Swiss farmers? Rye bread and aged cheese? Or dates, figs and pomegranates of someone living in a desert oasis? And what about the African slaves they lived on fish, birds and coconuts, not grits and fried chicken!

Your development will be directed by the dominant gland that will leave a very clear imprint on your physique. There are 4 dominant glands Thyroid, Adrenal, Pituitary or Gonads and each will give you a certain physical appearance, and will cause you to have strong dietary preferences. To illustrate, if you are slender person, with slim arms and slim legs, and you tend to put on weight on your belly, and you have cravings for bread and sweets, especially in the evening, it is very likely that your dominant gland is the Thyroid. You would be the person least well served by the Weight Loss Industry of today, promoting low fat food bars and orange juice. Your body type diet should include light proteins and fats! Fruits and low fat dressings help you put weight on, and not to take it off.

Consider watching the lecture on the topic at Life Enthusiast podcast. and leave us a comment… what type are you?

Author: Martin Pytela