The Gift: Questions and Answers

Sadly, The Gift is no longer available. Farrell Brenner has retired, and he will be missed.

From Coaching Sessions

Q. How can I use The Gift to the best advantage, with intent?

Great question. Anyone who can get a yes/no response using a pendulum or muscle testing can use the method outlined below. If you cannot do it for yourself, perhaps a friend or professional who is capable of the testing will do the simple steps with you. As an alternative to doing the testing, use one drop of The Gift and repeat each statement seven times slowly with real feeling, taking a total of five drops. We do not recommend this anytime close to sleep time, as most find it to be a very energetic experience.

1. State: “I love and accept myself.” Test for a Yes or No response.

If no, use one drop of The Gift and repeat the statement until pendulum or muscle test says “yes.”

Wait a minute. State: “I am ready to go on now.” Wait until test says yes.

Repeat the above with each of the following.

2. State: “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”

If no, use another drop. If yes, wait for the yes to “I am ready to go on now.”

3. State: “I deeply and profoundly love and accept my self regardless of my faults and shortcomings.”

Same as above.

4. State: “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself regardless of all my faults and shortcomings.”

5. When test shows ready to go on to state, ” I will stay at this high level of self esteem from now on permanently unless I go higher.” Same as above.

Whenever you get the “No” answer, use one drop of The Gift. When you get the “Yes”, follow the instructions given in “Wait a minute.” If you are not testing after the statements, you will use a drop and then make each statement seven times. Either way virtually anyone will come to a high level of self esteem that will help you in all areas of your life. You can also apply this general pattern to other personal goals.

Please understand that the above notes describe a way to use The Gift, not The Only Way. It is one of many possible approaches. We invite you to explore and find ways that work best for you.

Q. How do I use The Gift with intent?

Before using The Gift, pause, center yourself, focus on your desired outcome. Speak a statement out loud that describes your desired state.

  • Use it before meditating, or other energy development practices.
  • Use it before any performance.
  • Use it to enhance listening to music, playing music, reading poetry or reading inspirational literature.
  • Use it in conjunction with rituals, ceremonies or healing practices.
  • Use it with loved ones, or clients that you are relaxing, balancing or healing.
  • Couples can use it together and do an activity or recitation in unison to bond and harmonize more closely.

Many users report that their meditations, prayers or spiritual practices have been more rewarding after using The Gift.

Q. How do I use it on my energy centers? Where are they?

The main energy centers (chakras) are on the center line of your body. They are between the eyes, at the base of the throat on the neck, on your breast bone over your heart, over your solar plexus (midway between the bottom tip of the sternum and the navel), two finger widths below the navel, and the base chakra can be accessed on the tail bone. Especially on the Heart and Solar Plexus Centers, my favorite method is to massage lightly a few drops in a clockwise direction while repeating my intention statement or prayer. Clockwise means if you are looking at yourself from the outside, the circular direction the hands of the clock would move.

Q. Can I use The Gift internally?

Because of regulations the manufacturer states that the product it is to be used externally. Think this through: do you expect that there is any difference between putting a drop of anything on the outside of your lip or the inside of your lip? Really! Only a governmental agency could come up with different regulations for these two instances. By the way, give some thought to what products you apply your skin.

Q. What is the point of using The Gift regularly?

Do you believe in taking supplements regularly? It is well worth using supplements to protect our health by making up for the lack of good nutrition in the food we eat. Our modern urban life demands that we get more of certain nutrients to protect us against environmental negatives. Hopefully you already believe that nutritional supplementation is a necessity, not a luxury.

The same is the case for us mentally, emotionally and energetically. It is a part of the price we pay for the comforts of our civilization, that we are constantly being bombarded by a spectrum of negatives that challenge our health and wellness. We are all regularly exposed to unhealthy information and messages that can also act as environmental “toxins”. Examples of some sources of these negatives are: people that we have to rub shoulders with (but wish we didn’t), bad news that can bring us down, violence depicted so graphically in the entertainment media, the stress and trauma of life.

As with our nutritional needs, we do have certain minimum requirements for healthy vibrational function. We all need a certain amount of love in our life. Deficiency of love can suppress your immune system function.

Consider this: Children who are not picked up enough have a higher mortality rate. As adults, when we loose a significant other, according to actuarial statistics, people are at very high risk of terminal illness.

Using The Gift can support your sense of being loved and support your mind-body in functioning at a higher level of wellness! Why shouldn’t we all have the advantages of feeling loved?

Even those of us who are so fortunate to be in a good relationship are regularly exposed to environmental factors that can compromise our well being. There has been a lot of controversy over the effects of exposure to violence on TV and in other media.

But did you know that studies showed that viewers of TV programs were imbalanced by viewing shows where the actors were ill or imbalanced? The stress, tension, addictions or emotional problems of actors can be conveyed energetically to viewers according to Dr. John Diamond, MD in his ground breaking book, Life Energy.

Using The Gift can surround you with a protective cocoon of supportive energy and keep you in balance even when watching TV and being exposed to other environmental “toxins”. A few drops of The Gift used before exposure can serve as a preventive or a few drops after exposure can serve to bring you back to a place of positive energy, a better balance.

Some of us have been exposed to negative messages while growing up that got under our skin, as it were, and are not able to shake as adults. If those messages amount to a lack of appreciation, lack of self-love, or if we get loved only when we jump through certain hoops (conditional love), we may lack the ability to give and receive love as adults. These messages can undermine our confidence and ability to succeed; they interfere with having good relationships.

The Gift can help us to overcome these negative when used regularly especially when used with intent as described above.

Q. When should I use The Gift?

First as minimum daily requirement for positive energy and a sense of being loved. For this purpose, we use it up to three or four times a day.

Second, as a preventive when we know we are going to be exposed to some negativity, or to bring us back after exposure.

Third, when we want to enhance our performance, to bring out the best in us.

Fourth, when we want to be attractive as nothing is more attractive than an aura of love and positive energy.

Fifth, when we want make an impression of being successful and worthy as The Gift brings out our confidence.

Sixth, when we want to change something about ourselves as The Gift helps to overcome limiting messages from the past that are still lingering in our subconscious.

Seventh, in our prayers, spiritual and energy cultivating practices because love is a very high vibration and opens us up to higher consciousness and possibilities.

Is there a day in your life you don’t want to have the benefits of using The Gift?

Q. What’s the best way to use The Gift?

A. You can put it on your energy centers anywhere on your skin or in your bath. Very interesting and powerful results can be had from placing a drop on acupuncture points or energy centers. A dropper full or two is sufficient for bathing purposes. Don’t use bubble bath or other additives with it unless you are adding essential oils, flower essences or the like, and you know what you are doing. It is beneficial to submerge your whole head and to air dry rather than toweling off afterwards. Bathing method is best used in a relaxed atmosphere and staying in for about twenty minutes or more.

Q. How much and how often should I use it?

A. The first time you use it would be a good time to not have other obligations so you can experience how it affects you. Many users report very pleasant feelings. Relax a while with it. The effect lasts about 4 hours – application can be repeated 3 or 4 times per day. A drop or two in each energy center is sufficient. If I were to put it on one place, I would choose the heart center, and secondarily the solar plexus

Q. How long will a bottle last?

A. It depends on how much you use and how regularly. Generally, with heavy use (five drops four times daily) it will last about a month. With more moderate use about two months.

Q. Why is it so green?

A. Due to the nettle extract. In fact care should be taken to keep it off clothing because it might stain.

Q. Is The Gift a drug or a vitamin?

A. It is neither. Physically it is a mineral complex. It contains many trace minerals from various sources. It is far more than that! The energy and information crystallized into the minerals affects the energy system instantly.

Q. How is The Gift different from other mineral supplements?

A. Actually it is a consciousness supplement. It empowers and brings out the best in people (and animals).

Q. What is the point of raising self-esteem?

A. The higher self-esteem we have, the healthier the choices we make. Imagine a world where people routinely do what they know is best for them. Where then is smoking, drinking, drugging and other self-defeating behaviors? Gone! When self-esteem is high we take better care of ourselves right on down to the cellular level. When self-esteem is high we are able to give and receive love readily. We become more inherently attractive and a benefit to all with whom we come into contact. Our research showed remarkable increase of immune system functioning just by increasing self-esteem. We also found it to be the key limiting factor in suppressing the Level of Consciousness. Whatever you are attempting to do will be made easier because you will not be fighting against yourself to accomplish it. Your subconscious forces will be pulling for you instead of in conflict with you. Most users report an otherwise unaccountable feeling that things are all right, even though nothing in their circumstances have changed.

Q. Both my daughter and my son are “A” students. Will The Gift help them in any way? They are also both runners in track. Will it help their performance in any way?

A. Congratulations on having children who are succeeding well in their endeavors. While it is very admirable for them to do so, it really makes it even more difficult on some levels to pull out of the “rat race” and into a true level of self confidence and self acceptance. This is the great strength that The Gift bestows, namely, unconditional self acceptance. It also opens the ability to give and receive love, among other things. It is a sad fact that these qualities are in very short supply in our world of today. People at the top of various competitive areas can be even more prone to feelings of intense failure if they are not always number one. This can be a vicious cycle of “more is never good enough.” The Gift can break this cycle and allow users to be happy in pursuing genuine fulfillment by developing themselves rather than through constant competing for self worth against others.

Some students reported that it helped them study better or get better grades. One of our biggest users of The Gift is a Master martial artist from China who told us that it was very useful. Your athletic kids might like this advantage too. (Other energy workers have also reported higher energy levels with The Gift.) All these are potential advantages to the product. Several of our users report being more creative after using it.

Q. Is The Gift Holistic or chemical?

A. There are no pharmaceuticals or chemicals in The Gift. The list of ingredients includes only natural substances and informational fields.

Each of the ingredients in The Gift plays an important role in the overall effect it produces. It is rich in minerals that augment energy characteristics and produce a higher measurable Level of Consciousness. Additionally it helps to protect the energy field of the liquid substrate so that it travels well without loosing potency. This is very important in the current state of society because in shipping or carrying it with us, it may be exposed to “X” rays or other means of scanning. I have had independent verification that even in international shipping the energy and effects of The Gift hold up very well.

Q. Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and his New Medicine?

A. The Gift will not clear the Hamer Herds (Hamerschenherd) directly. The role The Gift can play in healing is to make a person receptive to change where previously low or even negative self-esteem would block energies or be the cause of the conflict/trauma. The Gift will make it easier for the problems to be cleared. That is why I call it the “Opener of the Way.” The Gift is not taking you through the doorway to healing, only to its threshold. That is why I emphasize that The Gift can be used to great advantage with intent. The Gift produces a willingness to change. For example, when the intent of a therapeutic procedure is to resolve a conflict, that work will progress much faster with The Gift. It is amazing in how many instances people are unconsciously not willing to change! Once the willingness is there, change becomes much easier. There is no end to the physical and mental ability for self healing.

The Gift is a great helper in re-balancing conditions caused by low-self esteem or lack of positivity.

Author: Life Enthusiast