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The Skin You’re In


You have heard about the dangers of toxins in the body and the negative effects this can have on your health, right? People naturally talk about this issue in relation to the things we eat and drink. One thing that is seldom mentioned, much to my puzzlement, are the toxins getting into our bodies through our skin. It is important to remember that you absorb everything you put on your skin, in addition to everything you eat and drink. Consider this: when you put something on the inside of your cheek or the outside of your cheek, it will get inside your tissue.

Detoxifying baths may well be the solution to getting rid of toxins, much like doing internal cleanses. What enters through the skin can also exit through the skin. Sweating is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins. What is one of the best ways to sweat? Through exercise! Exercise is of course invaluable to good health in the first place. Steam baths and saunas are also great for purifying your skin.

Detoxifying baths work on the principle of osmotic pressure, the chemical balance on two sides of a membrane, in this case, on the inside and the outside of your skin. When you have an alkaline environment on one side of the membrane and an acidic environment on the other side of the membrane, they will want to balance each other out. If the body’s balance is too acidic, we can set up an alkalizing bath by adding alkalizing minerals to the bath water that has been treated with a soap to make the skin more permeable. This allows the toxins to exit the skin easier, making for a more effective detoxification.

Author: Life Enthusiast