The Star Chamber

The subject of this document is physical restoration, by means of subtraction or addition of phases of water, and essential elements.

The Star Chamber is a room that contains three devices. Its construction and design are and have been the apex of my hobby for the last five or so years. My hobby is “the quest for youth and the restoration of the character of youth.” It is called a star chamber because of a starscape effect that gives the user the feeling that he or she is floating in a starry night sky or better said “floating in space.” The first such system was brought into use on February 20, 1998 and has provided experiences to hundreds of people since this time, the most notable of which is Dr. C. Norman Shealy. Because of the three steps that were involved, it became also known as two naps and a bath that reversed the aging process. The experience goes like this: A person rests on a bed made of a particular “black crystal”.

The time is established by the kinetic response of the individual. The second part of this experience is the bath. Again the question is kinetically posed and for the desired period of time, a person soaks in a truly unique water and “floats in space”. Finally the third aspect is another nap. This time on a bed made of a remarkable laminar crystal that can be found in melting snow from very high elevations. The results vary, but generally the person receiving the experience shows measurable physical changes that dynamically exceed any other beneficial experience on earth. As you wander, or perhaps wonder through my document you will encounter some unique concepts and phraseologies. These are simply my way of attempting to explain, what I believe to be a lost science. Please bear with me. If it looks like I live in the twilight zone, this was probably how the information looked regarding the theory of fire some time back.

The Mystery of Life

One thing should be clear to anyone questing for the return or maintenance of youth is that, “man does not live by bread alone.” In our daily activities we use a massive amount of energy, far more than can be accounted for from our food or drink. Accounting for this differential has historically been done with the statement “the mystery of life.” This is not the theological mystery that is perhaps impossible to answer, it is simply accounting for the source of the energy required to allow us to live. Even if we accept that the human body is electrically driven, or perhaps especially if we take this stand; the potential of our food, if it were totally consumed, which obviously isn’t the case, can only be shown to produce about seven percent of the electrical energy needed to run a human for a day. The mystery that has been with mankind forever is where does the balance come from?

Since this is my document and since I am not trying to prove anything, I am simply going to state that “there is an additional source”. I will further state, “The fact that this shortfall exists is not a mystery except to those who profit from mysteries”. Now, I will try to paint you my word picture that in an elementary way explains my position. Since the beginning, which we will just say “was a long time ago” man has known that there was an energy that animated and sustained him. He loosely and in many different words has recognized and presented this truth. “Life Force” is just one of the more recent phrases, but there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of such names, for this mysterious energy. Again I will state that although the Life Force may be the breath of God, I am not seeking to explain the Creator, simply to define a single aspect, somewhat like food is “of the Creator”. All that is, is obviously part of God.

Our little biosphere rotates around the Sun and on its axis.

From the Sun we get energy, and we call this “light”. Contrary to consensus, I will state, “Light is a distinct energy”. It never becomes heat or electricity. It is always light. From the rotation of the planet we get electricity. Electricity is another distinct energy. It comes in many different mixtures of speed and volume, commonly called voltage and amperage. Depending upon the character of the mixture of these two aspects, we have effects: Magnetism, gravity, heat or cold, and probably many more phenomena that we have yet to discover or name. Electricity is still recognized as a vague science. This is a three dimensional world and in order to have a three dimensional physical reality, there must be three distinct energies at work. My next statement will be a huge over simplification, but I will simply say, “The third energy is spatial”. The rotation of our planet, having a slight wobble, generates a vortex and sucks in the “matter of space”.

This matter is as real as the light of the Sun. It has specific characteristics. It is heavier than air and lighter than earth or water. It is pulled in by a vortex effect at the South Pole, flows on the surface of the earth or water and exits as an opposite vortex at the North Pole. This energy is not unknown to science; in electrical engineering we call it “earth ground potential”. As the name would imply that we know of it, we simply have yet to figure out how to use it to generate force, or foot-pounds of pressure, or horsepower, so it is only a potential. It is this third, distinct energy that I believe to be responsible for the animation of life. The accumulation of this energy is the essence of my quest. The alterations that occur in various forms of matter, when they are placed in enhanced fields of this energy, fields that dynamically exceed the ambient of the earth normal, is my proof that it exists. The effects of these altered forms of matter, principally water, have on people, animals and plants, is my proof that this energy is the previously unknown aspect of nature that accounts for and explains, at least to some degree, the mystery.

Phase Formed Water

We all accept that a molecule of water is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, and that these little atomic balls are held together in this molecule by electrical bonds or charges. In order to make any sense of what I am going to offer next, the preconceived notion that “water comes in only one form” will have to be replaced by an open mind. In the first place, there are many known and scientifically reported forms of water, “many waters” if you like. Science tells us that “common water” is the best solvent for all manner of things, including energies. Science also tells us “the absorption or addition of other substances changes the character of water”. In fact the entire subject of “chemistry” can be defined as, “the study of the effects of substances on the character of water”. The truly phenomenal thing is that there is not, nor has there ever been, a valid scientific understanding of the subject of water itself. The substances are the trees and water is the forest, and since we commonly cannot see the forest for the trees, here we are.

Briefly, since this work is not about what everyone else already knows: The surface tension, or the effect of the weight of the atmosphere on water, is altered by surfactants, which are materials that when added to water appear to make it thinner. The two best examples are arsenic and aluminum based soaps. Water containing these substances is actually “forms of water.” There are some 300,000 known “forms of water” that are made by the addition of various mixtures of carbon, sulfur, etc., called hydrocarbons. There are tens of thousands of inorganic waters, waters that don’t contain carbon, and a multitude of waters that are or can be formed by supersaturating water with electricity in one of its forms or another. A good example is the effect produced by a single pole of a magnet.

My work is about finding out what happens when the electricity of the water molecule is replaced by a non-electric energy. When water is placed in contact with the energy that I use, some truly remarkable changes take place. I see this as the result of replacing, by natural preference, the electricity that is either part of the bonding or absorbed in the atomic structure, with the unique third energy. First the water becomes thinner, about half the thickness of its precursor. With continued contact, it then begins to thicken. As the field effect is increased the thickening continues, resulting in an “oil like” liquid, then a wax and eventually a waxy dry laminar, crystal. All of these forms are produced by the impact of this spatial flow in nature.

It is this effect that accounts for the crystals that are seen in melting snow at high elevation, and the brown stains that everyone assumes to be dirt in snow water from lower elevations. The passing of this energy over seawater produces the oil-like water, and its impact on fresh water gives a continual thinning effect. Last but not least, its impact on water vapor, or the water in the air, over “dry land” produces both the phenomenon of dew and a very fine white powder that is too fine to see. This white powder coats the entire dry land surface, and provides the conduit for the flow of energy that is loosely called “Life Force.” These phases of water are the keys to the technology, and appear to be totally unique to my work, even though they are likely the most common substances on earth; these substances appear to be the primal aspect of life.

The Waters Of Life

It is admitted that living cells, whether simple or complex are principally constructed of water. For the sake of this work, I am going to take an extreme position: I’m going to say that “life is water based, rather than carbon based”. I am also going to say that “everything except the appropriate phases of water are extraneous or contaminates”. Going on with my extreme position, I will say, “the key to successful life is purification of the WATER OF IT, and that this is best accomplished by replacing contaminated water and poorly formed water, with its appropriate counter part”. The quest for long and healthy life is the quest for the knowledge of water. The idea of understanding the best potential of life and the correct way of living, by studying the healthiest of the species, has obviously failed to deliver the answers to the question assumed in the statement “the mystery of life”.

That producing such forms of water is “correct action” is shown both by the fact that living cells drink them up in preference to other liquids and that these substances enhance the vitality of the life receiving them, whether they be man, plant or animal. These forms of water are the active vehicles of my quest. The quest itself is to render living cells in their most dynamic form, with the hope that such cells are the appropriate conduits for the mysterious energy that animates and supports life. The obvious shortfalls of science in dealing with the multiplicity of negative issues, facing mankind may find resolution in a new “water based” technology, especially if it allows for dynamic handling of this third energy.

The fact that all energy handling is dramatized by “little balls bumping into little balls” and that living cells are little balls, may present real hope for the resolution for environmental issues, food shortages as well as the mysterious event called “Destructive Aging”. We all, now know the importance of a high level of charge in rechargeable batteries, and since all life as we know it seems to function by the same galvanic laws, the laws of “little balls bumping into little balls”; perhaps being well charged is the secret to a longer, more enjoyable, and more productive life. This is the quest and this is the beginning of what will be an evolving discussion of unique potentials.

Details Of The Experience

Returning to the Star Chamber event; the experience consists of “two naps and a bath”, that are designed to restore the character of youth. Youth is a subjective term that I take to represent the time of your life when you were physically your best. You were strong. You were vital. You were full of life. At least this is the way it was for me and I assume it was so for most everyone else. How could two naps and a bath return you to this character? Perhaps it is best to begin by telling you the intent of the aspects of this system: The theory, although impossible according to known science, is still very valid according to the same science. Life is generally accepted as a “complex association of simple units or cells”? each cell, having its own life and the combination of cells producing the life form.

If every cell is in proper working order, then there is no particular reason not to expect the cumulative being to be in the same condition. As I stated earlier in this work, the dynamics of handling energy is dramatized by the example of “little dynamic balls, bumping into each other”, the same effect appears to be true in the cells of a living system, we call this “cellular communication”. If this is in fact the case, if these cells respond to the same laws of dynamics as other energy handling systems, then the key to restoring and maintaining the character of youth lies in perfecting or re-perfecting the single cell to its best, most dynamic condition. Since there is no real understanding of what is required to produce and maintain perfect cellular dynamics, it is perhaps time for innovation, which I will define as “simply making it up and trying it out”. Wasn’t everything simply made up in the beginning?


The first nap is designed to soften absorbed positive electricity by resting in a massive negative electrical field. The little black crystals that I mentioned earlier are negative ion generators and when millions of these little natural generators form the mattress of a bed, the negative field effect has a tremendous volume potential. This aspect of the Star Chamber Experience is an aspect of balance, where the other two aspects are far more exotic. Ponce de Leon probably would not have needed this negative ion effect, but considering the industrial revolution and the environmental changes brought on by it, particularly the electrical buildup, it seems that our modern Fountain of Youth probably does.

The term “free radical” is defined by most authorities as “positively charged particles” and the extreme of this view is that when these particles group together, their physical form changes, resulting in the formation of solids. Rather than going further with this line, I will just say that logic dictates that if this happens, then before there is a hope of removing these substances from a living system, the substances must be brought back into the liquids of the system. They must be again made soluble in the liquids of the body, and this seems to only be possible after they are balanced by an opposing force, an antioxidant, if you like. So a rest in a strong negative field is designed to soften these materials and put them into the water of the body.


The second aspect of the Star Chamber Experience is called the pool. The objective of a bath in the liquid of this pool, is loosely called “good water in – bad water out”, at least by the person who has had the most experiences, some 390 events in over two years. The liquid or water of this pool is phase formed “thin water” and as it is absorbed through the skin, the system expels an equal amount of common water, containing all manner of impurities, including positive electricity, as perspiration. In the time of the experience a person will absorb and expel some five to seven gallons of liquid, and the time of this exchange is roughly twenty minutes. Obviously, if such an exchange takes place, there are going to be huge physical ramifications, if on no other level than that of cellular moisturizing.

This is a cellular laundering effect made possible by the unique properties of the thin water that is generated when its bonding and occluded electricity is replaced by the third energy. This liquid replaces the water in the cells with a liquid that appears to perfectly fill cells to their most dynamic character, without bloating. This is not a surfacted or electrically altered water. In addition to this restoration of “liquid stasis” and cleaning, we add an appropriate amount of magnesium in the form that would be generated by a young digestive system. It is accepted by most authorities that as high as 90 percent of the population, at least in the United States, are magnesium deficient, and that magnesium is a necessary aspect of restoring the integrity of cell membrane.

This translates into magnesium supplementation being a necessary aspect in any quest for youth. The liquid of the supplement is a thicker phase of water. Obviously, you cannot achieve perfect liquid stasis in a ball that has a defective shell or a cell that has a weak membrane. This “thick liquid” addition is far more than a simple magnesium replacement, the liquid used also supplies phase formed water in the correct thickness to correspond to the thicker materials of this cellular scenario. Now we have softened the free radicals that are found in cells, and replaced the common water of these cells with all its absorbed chemicals and energies with a liquid that is not a good chelator. In other words “a very pure liquid” that is full of the energy that animates life.


The third aspect of the Star Chamber Experience is another nap. This time it is in a field of the unique third energy itself. The bed that is used for this purpose is made of thousands of pounds of the laminar crystal that I mentioned earlier that comes from snow at high elevations. This crystal is configured to concentrate its energy into the area that is used for the nap. The intent is to bring the living biological battery, the living system of the subject having the experience, to its highest level of energy, or said another way, to full charge.

In recent times the use of rechargeable batteries has become far more common than the primary example of the battery used to start an automobile. The success of such batteries is well established as being dependent upon maintaining them in their fully charged state. This effect is also well established in the “galvanic law” of electrical engineering. Accepting that living systems are rechargeable batteries, we endeavor to return such a system to its most perfect potential with the energies of its design. Theoretically, returning such a battery to full charge and keeping it fully charged, would be all that was required in order to gain total restructuring of such a system to its best function. In people this is called “the character of youth”.

To clarify: Perfecting an inflatable ball requires repairing the shell and then filling it with the appropriate amount of the inflating material that it was designed to hold. A basketball uses air, and if under inflated has little resilience, while if over inflated, it is uncontrollable. Perfectly inflated, on the other hand, it has beautiful energy handling capability. The same thing happens with a living cell, the difference being in the substance of its construction and the material used to fill it. Once the energy handling capabilities of the individual units have been corrected, such a system must be returned to its highest level of efficiency, i.e. full charge. In the case of the Star Chamber Experience, this obviously happens in stages, requiring time for the various aspects of this restructuring or restoration to be assimilated by the subject.

Generally, remarkable physical alterations are seen after the first experience. Improved skin color and texture, removal of wrinkles, restored flexibility, measurable alterations in form – the loss of inches in the waist and hips and measurable reductions in the percentage of body fat – are just few of the changes that are commonly experienced. Even with a single experience, these changes will continue to assimilate for months following, with many people stating that they are seeing a younger person in the mirror, or even more dramatic “that they don’t know the younger person, that they are seeing”. Since living systems are capable of very rapid restructuring; an example we all know is the healing of wounds. It is possible to run three experiences over three consecutive days, and then expect the individual to continue seeing restoration for weeks or months with the proper support materials at home.


The recovery from years of destructive aging is not spontaneous. It requires time and a little effort. Considering that only a few of the people, who have had the Star Chamber Experience, lived conveniently close, and since it was impossible to take the experience to them, we designed five substances for home use. The intent of these materials was to support and enhance the restoration that began with the experience.

The first is the thin water, a similar version of what is used in the pool, including appliances to generate this liquid for bathing, for drinking and for virtually every other application for which common water is used. For reference in the work, we will call this “Vital Fluid” (Prill water).

The second is the thicker “phase formed” water with a magnesium addition. This liquid can be used as a bath addition, topically applied all over the body or as a foot or hand soak. Since our tests show that the use of this liquid increases cellular magnesium, the beneficial ramifications of this liquid are as vast as the negative ramifications of magnesium deficiency. We will call this “Vital Oil” (Magic Oil), because of its oil-like consistency.

The third support substance, we will call “Vital Drops” (Drops) and we will explain them and their use as: A homeopathic cleaner for the Medulla Oblongata or the third brain. We will say that a few drops under the tongue have the potential of cleaning and restoring “this all important little organ” and that the reason for this is that “this organ is accepted as being the control for the involuntary systems of the body”. Restoring function of this organ could be the most important thing that a person can accomplish. This organ plays much the same role as does the voltage regulator in rechargeable batteries and failure on this level, at least in rechargeable batteries is devastating. Vital drops are used a few drops at a time, either as a symptomatic or as a tonic.

The fourth substance is the marvelous white powder that I referred to earlier as coming from the impact of the third energy on water vapors. It is used as a topical cellular cleaner for the purpose of removing congestion in specific areas of the body. It is mixed with the Vital Fluid, applied to the area of concern and when totally dry, it is washed off carrying the contaminants that it absorbs. It was only a few years ago, that most discomfort was related to congestion or congestive conditions, this is an aid in such circumstances. We will call this “Vital Snow” (Sea Snow) because it is pure white and looks like pristine snow.

The fifth home aid is the fine powder that comes from melting snow and it is used as a coating for the skin to enhance access to the animating energy. This powder is mixed with Vital Fluid or Vital Oil and applied to the skin, ideally over as large a portion of the body as possible and on a regular, if not daily basis. We call this substance “Snow Crystals”. The results of the Star Chamber Experience and the follow up substances has been remarkable restoration for everyone who has had the experience and used the follow up materials.

The Yinergy Star Chamber

In 1998 I built the pilot-model Star Chamber to prove that becoming young again was really possible – to prove that there was actually a real “Fountain of Youth.” In 2000 I built the Star Chamber Factory that made the products of Twilight possible. In the last couple months, I have built something far more wonderful and far more exciting. Actually there are four different systems with four different levels of magic. Magic that is verified by science.

The first level is for beginners or those who have not used the Twilight products consistently or at all. The second is for those who have used the products consistently for a few months or longer and the third is for those who have previously enjoyed the Star Chamber Experience. Then there is ‘mine’ and it is simply the most wonderful thing that I have ever made. Euphoria is the quest for an absence of pain, and euphoria is only found when the Physical Force of Love, the Yinergy Force, replaces electricity.

A dozen of the top doctors and medical researchers in the world had the Star Chamber Experience. Dr. Norman Shealy, whom you all know; Dr. John Kalil, one of the top psychologists in America (the mind is a part of becoming young again); Dr. Garcia, one of the world’s top reconstructive surgeons (beauty is a big deal); Dr. Goodman, past president of a national medical association, and eight more extremely qualified experts, and their families have been invited to have the first experiences. Your experience will be based on your ?kinetically established? ability to handle rapid regeneration and just to feel wonderful.

An Overview of The Fountain of Youth

Any “Fountain of Youth” story must begin with the truth of the legend of Ponce de Leon.

Actually old Ponce’s story is quite well documented. His diaries were impeccable and remain in tact even today. He came to America on the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus and was taken with the stories of Natives that had not been affected by destructive aging. He returned to Spain, put together his own expedition and returned. Islamorada is the first island of the Florida Keys that is not connected to the mainland even at low tide. It was here that the Immortal Indians were said to reside. Five hundred years ago, the Florida Keys were living coral atolls. Just off Florida Highway 1, in an undisturbed mangrove thicket remains the wells that were the Fountain of Youth for Ponce de Leon. Sea Water is absorbed by living coral and the juice of the coral itself is a wonderful fresh water source.

A Energized Water source on a island that had no springs, this was the only fresh water source for the native inhabitants. They no doubt drank from these fountains and just as surely they bathed both in these pools and in the surrounding seas. The vital water of the coral kept them well moisturized, as well as being a “liquid food” source, and the magnesium and other minerals of the sea kept their regeneration at a rate that exceeded degeneration. According to the diaries of Ponce de Leon, among this group of people there were no aged or infirmed. A few years ago, I met a gentleman by the name of Don Wollard. He had been born on Islamorada and spent his entire life there. He had gone to the effort of searching out the diaries of Ponce de Leon and had them translated by people who understood the Spanish of 500 years ago.

I have been to the “wells of Islamorada” as they are called today, the property was owned by Mr. Wollard at that time. He recently sold it to the County and if it hasn’t already happened, soon it will be converted into a park. Ponce, according to his own diaries, drank from these wells and bathed in this magical water. Not realizing that this was a lifestyle rather than a “magic pill”, he did not become instantly young again and he ordered that the entire aboriginal population be killed according to the standing order of genocide for the American inhabitants. This was the real Fountain of Youth, the truth that stands behind the legend of Ponce de Leon. The coral has long since died, but the remains of the world’s most famous “Fountain of Youth” was still intact in the 1990s.

The Yinergy System – The Fountain of Youth

When you understand the magnificence of water, when you understand that there are at least three liquids that are considered to be “simply water” that comprise the moisture necessary for life, you will start to see that there is a real potential for physical restoration. When you add to this the galvanic understanding of a “rechargeable biological battery” you will have another piece of the puzzle. Then add to this “a viable mineral supplement so that magnesium and other key minerals can be restored and a bit of good logical biofeedback to resolve the conflict between the big brain and the primal brain and a bit of bio-stimulation, just to make you feel really wonderful, the Fountain of Youth of Ponce de Leon comes into the 21st Century. Use only techniques and products that are inherently safe and back this up with undeniable tests to prove that you are in fact becoming young again and you have the Yinergy – Star Chamber System.

By the Numbers:

  1. Six tests to establish a biological baseline.
  2. Balance the positive electricity of the body to make this electricity move into the liquids of the body.
  3. Replenish the “common polar and polluted” water of the body with a living biological fluid to replace the liquids of the more solid aspects of the cellular structure.
  4. Replenish the “common water” that fills cells will “the Dew of Life” that is loaded with the minerals needed for rapid regeneration.
  5. Recharge the biological battery with the correct force.
  6. Cleanse the pollution from the blood.
  7. Stimulate the proper acupuncture points with the SheLi Tens and Rings of Fire technology.
  8. Rerun the tests to show that the physical restoration is in fact taking place.
  9. Provide the necessary tools for home use to those who wish to keep their regeneration going at the best and most productive pace.

The right order, was always to go to the “Fountain of Youth” first and then follow this with the appropriate additions on a daily basis to support rapid regeneration. When you restore the vital magnesium of the body you make regeneration possible. When you cleanse the water and restore it with the appropriate liquids you make revitalization of good body chemistry possible. When your cellular magnesium comes up to adequate levels, your DHEA will begin to be restored. This is by definition, becoming younger. The Yinergy System is the only modality in the world that has been clinically proven to restore both cellular magnesium and both DHEA, “the fire of life” and DHEAS the storehouse of this fire. This is the modern version of the Fountain of Youth and it stands ready for the personal experience of those who want to know a new Truth. In the 21st Century the myth that destructive aging is the only way will be replaced by the truth that changes the “mystery of life” into “A Science of Living”. Your personal experience is the ultimate truth!

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff