Trace Minerals

“Mineral Deficiency Has Been the Cause of All of These Modern Day Diseases and Life Style Illnesses!”

Dr. Hisatake Nojima, M.D. wrote a book about Super Mineral Water (sulfuric acid extract of black mica). His book highlights what he has seen in his medical practice, namely that most modern-day illnesses could be avoided if trace minerals were added back into people’s diets. Following is a summary of Dr. Nojima’s key points.

Who Is Dr. Nojima

For over 20 years, Dr. Hisatake Nojima, MD, D.M.Sc. has used Super Mineral Water to help his patients improve their health. Dr. Nojima’s credentials include:

  • Graduated from Nagasaki University of Medicine
  • Associate Professor at Kagoshima University, Faculty of Medicine.
  • Investigation Visit into Schistosomiasis to Kenya.
  • Research Fellow of Ministry of Education, Japan, at Vanderbilt University
  • Director of Matsudo Public Health Center, Chiba Prefecture.
  • Director of Nojima Clinic in Tokyo, Japan

What Are Trace Minerals

Trace Minerals are the minerals people require for optimum nutrition, but are only required in minute amounts. They are such minerals as: iron, selenium, silicon, zinc, copper, manganese, etc. Dr. Nojima describes these minerals as “gene minerals”: the minerals that are necessary to turn on or off people’s genes so that they work optimally. These minerals activate the enzymatic processes throughout our bodies. Without them, many functions fail. In the past, these minerals have been very difficult and costly to measure. Dr. Nojima is hopeful that a new measuring device, ICPms, will help bring attention to these minerals.

How Should You Obtain Trace Minerals?

In the past, trace minerals existed in our soils and were taken up into our vegetation. Dr. Nojima points out how modern-day agricultural practices of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have depleted our soils and therefore robbed our vegetation of these minerals. Modern agricultural practices manipulate vegetation to grow even though the vegetation does not have the correct matrix of minerals. We can now produce large quantities of vegetation, “Yet these are just substitutes for the real thing, and cannot be called vegetables in their own right.” Another problem in modern society is that chemical pollutants rob our soils and waters of minerals.

Minerals are the elements that clean up our environment. So they are being consumed by an onslaught of pollutants. Many of the chemicals render useless the very microorganisms that are part of Earth’s lifecycle. The microorganisms end up as chemical sludge. Furthermore, the bacteria that typically breaks down the organisms to make the minerals bioavailable for plants, are destroyed by germicides, pesticides, weed killers, etc. Chlorine used to disinfect water is also robbing the minerals from our water. “The mineral balance which gives water its good taste is destroyed, and moreover, the water’s cool, refreshing taste, which comes from its oxygen content, is ruined by the smell of chlorine, leaving water disgusting or tasteless.”

Dr. Nojima has found that Super Mineral Water has given his patients the source of trace minerals that the body need to function. In order for people to absorb minerals, they must be dissolved. This is why obtaining minerals from food has been the best source. So what can be done if food does not contain the minerals we need? Go to the source that provides the minerals to our soils and dissolve it into a form that is readily absorbed by the body. This is what has been done to create Super Mineral Water. Black Mica, from which Super Minerals are made, is one of the most mineral rich stones on this Earth. And by dissolving the Black Mica as it exists in nature, one can obtain a complete matrix of minerals. The minerals are balanced as nature intended.

Why Minerals In Water?

Super Mineral Water contains only very small amounts of each active mineral. Yet it is the interplay of these various minerals with many different enzymes that produce the synergistic results. The minerals in Super Mineral Water are dissolved in water in an ionized state. And only ionized minerals can be absorbed into the body.

Effects of Mineral Deficiency

Dr. Nojima has treated thousands of patients and from his experience, he has seen that lifestyle choices are the causes for many modern day illnesses and diseases. He has particularly seen that mineral malnutrition is very prevalent and in his opinion is often the cause of many metabolic diseases and illnesses. “As a result of the nutrients and organic compounds derived from plants, cells breathe and emit a chemical energy called adenosine thriphosphate (ATP). When an enzyme breaks down, it creates energy which the cells use in order to function.

This means that no matter how many nutrients are supplied, without the enzymes, the energy that is the source of a cell’s activity will not be attained. In order to generate energy, enzymes vibrate at a frequency of more than 10,000 times per second. The sources of this power are the very same trace elements and minerals which are included in Super Mineral Water.” When a healthy metabolism takes place, the body’s natural power to fend off assaults increases. Dr. Nojima has also observed that Super Mineral Water seems effective in boosting the function of enzymes in the liver. This seems to help the liver break down toxins.

Effects of Mineral Abundance

Minerals are needed to activate the enzymes in our body. When the body is supplied with minerals, the necessary enzymatic functions can activate. The minerals energize the cells and the power of self-healing increases. Dr. Nojima has also found that Super Mineral Water can be used topically to aid the healing of burns and skin infections. The minerals combined with the acid sulfate work synergistically to penetrate the skin’s layers, activate the growth of new cells and accelerate metabolism. Depending on the skin’s condition, different levels of dilution are required. Dr. Nojima has observed that improvements from metabolic disorders can take several months of mineral usage.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff