Twilight America and Ascent to Heaven

God knew He would be taking my husband to Heaven in nine short months. Since I was so completely handicapped and unable to take care of myself, He had to set up circumstances for me to become self-sufficient and this is how He did it.

It was 3 AM, the magic hour when I go over my important mail that I have placed in my bathroom because I have not had time to read it.

The following phenomenon happened when I went to the bathroom and started to read a letter from Jim Carter, the owner and discoverer of the Twilight products. I got through the first paragraph of this letter and I began to feel very light and absolutely euphoric! I am very familiar with this feeling, for it is the beginning of what I experienced when I died.

Wow, what a thrill! Once you have experienced the euphoria of ascension, the memory never dims and I might add, you will never ever be afraid of dying. As a matter of fact, you will look forward to it.

I had been telling my husband that I had a prophecy from Ashtar; Jesus’ own Commander-in-Chief, that Lou and I were going to ascend while still here on earth; just like when I died. The only thing that I questioned was; Ashtar said the ascent would be two to three weeks. We were gone a little more than five hours. I have learned since, that five hours earth time is equal to two to three weeks in other dimensions.

Lou came into the bathroom just as I was feeling so-o-o-o ecstatic! I handed the letter to him. He read the first few lines and exclaimed, “Oh; what on earth is happening to me? I am feeling something very strange and wonderful!” I fairly shouted, “Hurry back to bed. Remember I have been telling you we are going to ascend?”

Grabbing my hand as we scampered back to the bedroom, Lou exclaimed, “You promised to hold my hand!”

Lou had never experienced being out of his body. I had experienced this phenomenon several times through dying and also by astral projection. I teach astral projection but Lou had never been in my class.

As we hurriedly got back into bed, I said, “We must look at the clock so we will know how long we will have been up there in the other dimension. It was 3 AM. We became lighter and lighter and were moving very fast when Lou shouted, “My body is as light as a feather. Wow! Is this what happens when a person gets out of his body?”

“Exactly! I have tried many times to tell you what it is like but it is impossible to describe.” I answered.

“I’ll say. There is no way a person could explain this! I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I’d get to experience anything like this!”

To make a 5-hour-long story short, this was just like the experience I had when I died. We were taken to the same place. The euphoria is so magnificent, there are no words to describe it. But as we scurried about Heaven, I said to Lou, “Isn’t it just great that God would let me show you what it is like to go to Heaven and even show you where I went when I died?”

We were flying (I say flying). I didn’t see any wings but we were moving very fast and our feet were not touching anything. We were praising God from such great depths we did not know we possessed. There is no way to imagine the absolute serenity, peace and yet such exhilaration. We laughed and cried for sheer joy! The light coming from God was so great we could not see Him but we knew it was God. One would think a light so bright would have hurt our eyes but it did not.

Lou asked me, “Do you think God might let us stay here in Heaven?”

I reluctantly answered, “Probably not. When I was here before and I knew He was going to send me back, I begged; I argued, I tried to bargain with Him. He just kept saying I had work to do on Earth.”

So He sent us back. But Lou and I had manifested our dream of having the privilege to be together when it came our time to leave this world behind. We had experienced our vision, our proof; for we had lived our dream. No doubt about it; we reveled in the assurance that we would indeed get to go to Heaven together when it came our time!

I think this explains why I went into absolute shock when nine months later, God took Lou back to Heaven without me. I shouted, “Hey, wait a minute; didn’t You forget someone?”

Back to the story: as we returned to earth; we looked at the clock and it was a little past 8 AM. We had been gone over 5 hours! When we could finally feel our feet on the earth again, I asked God why He would choose Jim Carter’s letter to trigger such an experience. I prayed, “God, are you telling us to get involved in these Twilight products?”

His answer to my question was a resounding, “YES!” So, we sent in our order that same day.

I must explain why this is such a profound story! You see, I was doomed to a wheel chair for the rest of my agonizing life. I had had spine surgery. My spine was deteriorating and I had severe disk problems which led to the surgeon having to cut a piece of bone from my hip to cover the hole in my spine. I have large screws in my back holding it in place. I had been in a wheelchair for two years and finally all my doctors and my surgeon, even our family doctor dropped this bomb shell; “We have done all we can do for you. You will have to learn to live in this agonizing pain, doomed to a wheel chair for the rest of your short life! You will never be able to stand more than three minutes at a time. We are sorry.”

I said disdainfully, “I cannot accept such a diagnosis!” They all just shook their heads and said, “We are sorry but that is it! We have done all we can do.”

Back to the meat of the story. It took about a week to receive our products. The minute they arrived, we began using them religiously! Here is the picture that will just flabbergast you as it did my Family Doctor when we went for our regular annual check-up; one month and one week later.

I walked into her office and she almost fell off her chair, as she exclaimed, “Where is your wheel chair? And how come you are walking and looking and acting like a kid?”

I calmly answered, “I’d say I am healed, wouldn’t you?”

“But, you can’t be. I just don’t understand! What in Heaven’s name could have performed such a miracle?” She asked.

I explained about the miraculous Twilight products and loaned Dr. Norman Shealy’s book “Holy Water, Sacred Oil,” which explains how and why these Miracle products work.

I did not see her again for a year. My precious husband Lou, had passed on and it was time for my annual checkup She did not argue when I told her I was off of all my medications except for the one small thyroid pill which I have taken for 30 years. Being the wonderful physician she is; she just held me in her arms and cried with me.

But at the time of our adventure together, little did I know that our wonderful ascension and getting me onto these wonderful Twilight products had been for a very real reason.

That purpose was revealed nine months later. God Knew I had to be self-sufficient because He had a divine plan for Lou; his death. It was the roughest time of my life, but what a Victory for him!

My very psychic friend called and told me that he saw Lou as he died. Glenn explained that Lou was sitting on the side of the bed when he began to ascend (his description was the exact same as the way Lou and I had ascended together nine months earlier.)

Glenn said, “As Lou rose up toward the ceiling he looked back and saw his body sitting on the side of the bed. As he did, Lou chuckled and exclaimed, ‘Well, for Heaven sake!’ and just kept going.”

Glenn did not know that I had brought a urinal into the bedroom for several nights suggesting that Lou use it. He had bumped his leg on the concrete step while bringing in the groceries. Since we were planning another cruise right away for his birthday and another trip to Hawaii in April, it seemed best if he stay off that leg for a while.

The 911 crew confirmed Glenn’s description. They said Lou had been sitting on the side of the bed using the urinal when he passed over. They said there was no sign of struggle nor shortness of breath. It was almost as if he did not die; he just left the body.

Author: Audrey Craft Davis