Twilight America

A Touch of Love

The Twilight Prill beads, crystal pearls, and Magic Oil that I have gotten from you are astounding and effective products. (I ordered more stuff from you yesterday – can’t wait to get it!) The Prill beads would be worth the price if only for the incredible taste from cooking frozen vegetables in Prill water. That makes a great demo for skeptics! I am getting friends and family to try the Prill Water and Magic Water. I may be able to send a few more customers your way …

Twilight transdermal products are based on an ancient technology that was rediscovered by Jim Carter. Jim called it the science of Love Enrichment. Twilight products are delivering their nutritional benefits through the skin, literally carried into the body by the energized water in which they are dissolved.

Twilight America products are the result of a thirty year quest for the Life Force and its application to vibrational products. Refresh your body’s water and provide nutrients that your cells need to stay vital directly, bypassing the digestive tract altogether. Ease the pain of inflammation and restore regeneration. Open the door to regaining the vital characteristics of youth.

These products, much like all life, are initiated and animated by the Life Force. The Magic and Prill Water work well because of the life force, or perhaps Love Force. It is the same energy that makes grandmother’s cooking taste so good – she stirs in Love with every meal. Grandma’s cooking tasting so much better than a dish prepared by a disinterested short order cook is a manifestation of the Love Force in the physical form.

Is love not the supplement what we need most of all? That is the message in these bottles.


Twilight America products have two major effects, the sum of them being greater than each individually.

The first effect we see is superior hydration in your body. We can create a molecular change in both your drinking water, and the water within the cells of your body. This molecular transformation purifies the water in you and also the waters of our world.

The second effect that Twilight America products produce is optimal magnesium absorption, delivered through your skin (the body’s largest organ), with energized water. This manner of supplementation takes magnesium directly to your cells, avoiding problems often associated with oral magnesium supplementation.

Twilight America also provides herbs that have been extracted using the energized water, with saturated solution of magnesium chloride. Various devices are also available to increase your health, and the waters of our planet. When you use up one bottle of Topically Everything per month, you will experience the effects of a fully supported immune system. Try it for 30 days, and you may never want to go back to the way things were.

Cleaning the Waters on Earth

Jim Carter and the Star Chamber were originally located in Boulder City, Nevada south of Las Vegas near Lake Mead. One of the amazing stories Jim told was that the Energized Water made from the Prill beads has the potential, when adequately deployed, to clean up the water on the face of the Earth. Jim’s production water disposal and runoff went into Lake Mead. Lake Mead was a polluted, dead body of water. After four years of Jim’s Star Chamber Factory sending its energized water into the lake resulted in a recent newspaper article that says that right at the dam, Lake Mead has some of the purest, most pristine water on Earth, somewhat like glacial water. The Establishment has not a clue what caused this. Jim has been clipping articles throughout the period as things were changing. When you fly over Lake Mead, it is no longer green, it is beautiful blue water and plant life is beginning to show up.

Outstanding healing and age reversal products to restore youth and enhance your general health & vitality. Products for superior hydration, enabling proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

Jim Carter stated in one of his lectures: “There are three water like liquids required by living organisms and common water is just one of them. Precious Prills work by balancing the electric energies of ordinary water. The result is a thinner liquid that we all know as Dew. This is the right moisture agent to fill living cells and replenish the water between cells.

The Laminar Crystal devices (Crystal Pearls, Crystal Cupcake and Star Chamber Receiver) replace electric charges within water molecules resulting in a liquid that your body can use to repair and regenerate. This liquid is that of the body fluids, cell membrane, bone, cartilage.”

The word Twilight did not come from the mystical time before the dawn. It came from the abbreviation T.W.L.T. that stands for “The World’s Largest Test”. Originally I made all the Twilight Products for myself. For over thirty years I have attempted to prove to the world, one person at a time, that these products could and should be their friends. The world’s largest test is designed so that everyone can have his or her own experience and from this experience reach his or her own conclusion. The products offered by Carter’s Twilight intentionally come with minimal instructions. I would like your own experience and intuition to direct you in their use. The following is not offered for debate, it is just the way I see it. As many of the Twilight Products as possible are offered without designed-in obsolescence and in forms that provide endless use potentials.

This is done in the hope that they will be seen as having great value and be allowed to serve the needs of those who accept them. I want the Twilight products to be affordable for the benefit of your families, especially your children, and hopefully to share them with your friends. The first step in recovery from destructive aging has to be returning the liquid stasis of the body to the “thin” character of youth. Actually, this, plus removing the stress of life so that a person can rest, is probably the whole game. The Fountain of Youth was simply a pool, a spring or a “fountain” of revitalizing, Energized Waters that was readily absorbed by the skin of the body. The people who enjoyed it surely had a lifestyle and an environment that allowed for rest. In earlier less stressful times, there were many such springs scattered throughout the world and they were all famous for the miracles that came from drinking and bathing in their magical waters.

The most famous one, the coral pools on Islamorada Island in the Florida Keys, was the destination of Ponce de Leon, and although he probably never knew what he found, his life was surely extended by his brief time spent in this water. He did find his Fountain of Youth and perhaps if he had enjoyed the stress free life of the natives that were there at that time, rather than stressing them to death, his discovery would have changed the world in more ways than becoming the most famous story of the quest for youth. When we are young the waters of our bodies are thin and the chemistry of our systems is active and effective. With time our waters change, absorbing the energies of our world and becoming thickened by these energies. Many know the phenomenon of changing the thickness of water today. A classic, well-advertised proof is called clustering. I am not going to try to write a book on the chemistry of water at this time. However, the one thing on which we can all agree is that without this liquid there would be no reason for this or any other story, for there would be no life.

Any logical mind should recognize that large water molecules and ever-bigger compounded water molecules are going to find interfacing with the environmental waters difficult. Without a good interface to other water of the world your body becomes an isolated stagnant pool. If there is to be hope for regaining one’s youth, it must begin as life itself did. We must begin by restoring the vitality to our water so that good chemistry and good interface with outside waters is present. It is in this light that I wish to introduce you to the waters of Twilight. Please bear with me if I use words that are not totally familiar or seem not to fit the occasion. Love, for instance, is not a very scientific term even though it is the physical force of Love that is the root of all that exists in this world, including life. Remarkably, we only know this force by our emotional encounters with high levels of it. Love, both as an emotion and as a “real force” does in fact make the world go round and these products are an application of this force.

Welcome to the 21st Century

I will begin simply by stating that the science of our day has several really interesting shortfalls: We have entirely missed the force that initiates and animates life, referring to it only as “the mystery of life”. We have developed testing procedures that change all the subtle forms of water into common water and thus state, “All water is the same”. Love is the sensation caused by the physical force that is responsible for all life in our world, and there are three principal forms of water found in that life: common water, dew, and the mysterious liquid that is found in the fluids of living organisms, that I call Magic Water and others call plasma. Enhancing the physical force of Love in them makes twilight Products. The Bath Crystals are convenient and effective for those who take baths. The Dollop Of Love blends right into any family’s lifestyle. Magic Oil is a great food enhancer and carries vital magnesium into the digestive tract.


I’m Jim Carter, the creator of Twilight and the Products sold by Twilight.

I have been asked time and time again, who I am and how I know, and what I know? The answer is simple, “I was given a message” and to the best of my ability I intend to deliver that message to the entire world. The rest is up to the people who hear it, whether it is heard by ear or intuition.

The message in a nutshell is that “destructive aging and the conditions of Dis-Ease that accompany it, no longer have to be part of life”.

Love is the force and the source of all life. Mankind has always been given what he has needed, when he needed it, now is no exception. Man has chosen to ignore the answers to his prayers historically, and once again, he may or may not choose to accept this message. Here is yet another choice.

Improving the quality of waters of the world is my main purpose. Join me as one of the proactive environmentalists restoring the waters of the world through the use of these Twilight technologies.

– Jim Carter

Letter from Jim Carter, Spring 2002


Dear Friends,

I’m Jim Carter and I would like to invite you to join me in a quest to discover and share the power and potential of the most potent force in the universe, the “Physical Force of Love”.

For some thirty years now, with the aid of some really remarkable and wonderful gifts, I have been exploring a power that I am today, certain, is simply a concentration of the force, that we all know as Love. Love is as real and tangible as lightening or sunlight. Love is the most powerful motivator known to man. It is a feeling and as such, it is real. Fire is a feeling and wouldn’t everyone agree that it is real?

It was Love that started all life. It is Love that supports life, The more Love you have in your life, the fuller and happier your life will be. The quality of your life, your state of wellness, and your ability to function “with a smile on your face” is totally related to the amount of Love that you receive end accept. Science calls Love “the mystery of life”. A deficiency of Love is known to medicine as “stress” and stress is said to be the cause of all disease. The most important discovery of my life, is that, “the mystery of life is resolved by the understanding that love is far more than an emotion. It is a very real force.

When Love is added to food by a grandmother, or e good cook, what was common food becomes a delicacy. This is Love enrichment. When Love is added to water, as many people do with their Precious Prills, that water becomes s sweet, thin, healing moisturizer. This, too, is Love enrichment. When Love is added to the essential minerals of sea water, they become a magical liquid that my granddaughter, at eight years of age, named “Magic Oil”. Children understand Love enrichment, end it’s magic.

Magic Oil is the world’s first, successful, topical magnesium supplement and the DOL is an even more effective form. Even my earlier versions of Magic Oil, have been clinically proven to restore cellular magnesium and raise both DHEA and DHEAS levels at the same time, and the Twilight DOL is the future of this technology. Simply stated, “if your DHEA level comes up instead of going down, you are becoming younger, rather than growing older”.

I build tools that concentrate Love. The mast magnificent of these, we call “The Star Chamber Factory”. Didn’t we all come from the stars? Twilight products are the key ingredients of life. They have had their normal energies replaced by the “Force of Love”. Isn’t a Love supplement really what we all need? When you bring the Twilight products into your home, they connect you with the concentrated Love of “The Star Chamber Factory”.

A “Dollop of Love”, the “DOL” as she has become known, makes 8 ounces of the most wonderful, voluptuous, healing end stress relieving substance in the world. She contains as much magnesium as you would expect to get from your multiple vitamins in five years. You will absorb this magnesium in days, right into the cells that are starving for it. Living cells recognize Love and accept anything that comes with it.


September 8, 2003

Dear Twilight Friends,

For the longest time I did not want to reveal anything about my personal health problems. They were nobody’s business, I thought, until my personal physician released without consent my medical history to the public. Norman Shealy was my friend, my collaborator, my reporter, who did not realize that my business problems were caused by a serious medical condition for which he was one of the doctors treating me. It resulted from a common little accident. Perhaps I will publish a book someday.

On October 19, 2001, we launched Twilight. I use the word “we” because it was started with a lot of help from a lot of people and the “we” part is still alive. Twilight was an experience, not a promise. Twilight was designed to deliver on three hopes: The hope of better health by slowing or reversing the aging process, the hope of returning the vitality to the world by restoring the life to the water of Mother Earth; the hope of working together to build a better life for all who wanted to come along on this adventure. You be the judge of our success.

On December 23, 2001, I “kicked the cat.” Actually I caught the paw of one of our house cats between my big toe and the toe next to it. The ensuing entanglement resulted in a minor scratch that I ignored. The following day I notice a pain in my leg and over the next ten days found that my leg from the big toe to my hip was in increasing distress, leaving me unable to walk or for that matter to move my left leg without excruciating pain. With the help of some really powerful pain killers, muscle relaxants and antispasmodics, on January 28, I crawled to the back seat of a car and returned to work.

My left leg was atrophied and paralyzed and the muscles and skin had fused together down the entire outside of my leg. This wasn’t the first time I had encountered a personal challenge that medicine had no treatment for, and it certainly was poorly timed. I have worked with some of the top doctors in the world for years and their combined knowledge had left me with codeine for pain; Robaxon to relax the muscles and Valium for the muscle cramps that had spread into my back and chest as my body tried to adjust structurally, literally to the effective loss of my leg. With these nice high quality prescription drugs I was able to smile when I met people and act as if nothing was wrong. So long as I sat still the sensation that my leg was on fire was bearable.

The Twilight products were designed to reverse aging and restore the environment. They were not effective against a raging fungal infection that was consuming my leg. My condition did have a major impact on the operation of Twilight, forcing my daughter Amy to take on far more than she could carry. By May of 2002 I realized that I had to stop the highly addictive medications, and had come to know the pain as a friend, I did take them occasionally when the discomfort was extreme. Twilight was doing well even though many of the business challenges were not being resolved.

With the hope that a change in scenery would bring back my enthusiasm which was at extremely low ebb, we began Twilight Australia. As the events that ensued have nothing to do with the purpose of this letter, I will just say that I found some peace in Australia, and leave the rest to the judgment of time. A year since the accident, in December 2002, the damage to my leg was not healing. No matter what I tried, I just did not get results. The pain had worn me down to a point where even answering an email required a two hour nap to recover. If you wondered why I did not respond to your inquires, it was because I simply was not able.

It became clear to me that if I was going to recover, I would have to create my own remedy. Something, that had the power to supply the damaged cells of my leg the necessary building materials so they could restore themselves. The only remedy offered by the doctors was to cut the nerves in my back to stop the pain, hardly a responsible choice. I had no idea of what these cells needed and I still don’t. The doctors had no answers, and the existing Twilight products were not helping either. Inspiration is the beginning of all invention and necessity is its mother. Inspiration is the answer to need, the answer given by the spirit that has always guided man. If you ask, listen and react, it will guide you to the answer in any situation.

“You don’t need to know, you just need to put all the pieces together and let your body sort it out” would be the words of the message if it had been in words. I knew that Magic Water could be used to transport anything into the cellular structure of the body, just as we had done with Magic Oil and magnesium and many other things for my doctor friends. I knew that combining Alfalfa and Kelp would provide every vitamin, every mineral and every essential amino acid. I also knew that there were some shortfalls in supplying them through the digestive tract; the healing would come in a year, if at all.

The shot gun effect was the way, and it was not traces but high volumes that made the most sense – Lots of building materials for lots of cells. I had lots of damage. I began working on the extraction, making sure the enzymes that keep these building materials vital within the cellular structure of the dried plant are extracted and remain vital. The Goldenseal Drops was such a living solution. It was alive and it grew in intensity with age. Alfalfa, Kelp and herbs in general are almost totally composed of cellulose. The active part is literally grams per pound. To reach the extreme concentration I required took multiple extractions with the same solution.

The first extraction of what was to become Topically Everything was wonderful, stable and alive. But it did not have the power I needed. By the tenth extraction, the strength was there but there was still something missing; the traumatized skin of my leg was repelling it. It would take forever to heal.

“Broaden the base with herbs” would have been the word message, so I added Valerian Root to soothe and relax the traumatized cells, Goldenseal as the anti-everything that it is and St. John’s Wart because I had some on hand. Topically Everything was born: a beautiful liquid that looked like honey and smelled a bit like a wet dog, that even the most traumatized skin simply “drank up.” The pain relief was almost instantaneous. For the first time in a year and a half, my leg did not hurt. In a matter of a few days my skin was supple again and the skin and the muscle began to separate. The fire went out!

This is my personal story and how Topically Everything came to be. The upgraded products are the results of my attempts over the last year to heal my own body. Many of them really helped, but until Topically Everything came about, the answer wasn’t complete. I hope this gives you a better idea of the why’s and what’s of Twilight’s last year and a half. I am back. I am healthy, and more vigorous than I was when we started. I want to make these advanced products, especially Topically Everything, available to everyone who needs them. It is up to all of us to get these powerful products into the hands of those who need them. It is time to stop the pain.

Jim Carter died in 2005. Twilight America products are made to the original specification by people he personally trained.

The Theory of Twilight America Products

Twilight America was founded with two primary objectives:

First and foremost to “provide access to the tools required by those who would choose to become young again or better yet, those who would strive to stay young.”

Second, if we were going to have people who lived longer, we really needed to “return the environment of our planet to a condition that would support this new life.”

I have never asked for anyone’s trust, just a bit of patience. The Twilight products and work are part of an evolving science, part of something unique coming into the world of the 21st Century and the rules for such events are not the rules of the past. It takes time to do things right. It also takes time to make sure that there is no potential danger. I have never offered anything to anyone that has not been both safe by every standard known to science, and been tested by the best experts in the world.

Twilight users have always been challenged to make their own choices based on their own personal experience, never because of any sales approach or promises. Magic or miracles are simply things that happen faster than one believes possible, if they can be scientifically verified. It is only when the free will of the participant is compromised that it becomes black. Coping kills the soul. I learned this in Australia. Experience is the food of the Soul. I have known this for a long time.

Really folks, there are 250 million people in American and only a few thousand even know that there is a viable alternative to aging, that Twilight exists. What is the world’s only successful cellular magnesium replenishment worth? Every one knows that magnesium is critical to cellular regeneration and that regeneration that exceeds degeneration is in fact “Becoming Young” rather than growing old. What is it worth to go to a REAL “Fountain of Youth”? We have been competing with ourselves by reducing prices, rather than taking the message to those who need to know. Twilight has no peer or comparative in the world today.

Everybody has a choice: they can use the Prills and the magnesium and get younger and live a long time. Alternatively, they can get old and die – their choice. We will not try to keep anybody from exercising their choice to experience destructive aging. Twilight is and continues to be the “world’s only proactive environmental organization” simply by the act of “living a better life”. Together we have made and continue to make a real difference while the leaders of the world have meetings to discuss “who’s going to get the money” that should be used to save the planet.

I am not sure of the future of our world; it does appear that we will soon live out the prophecies of the Bible. I believe that the only hope mankind has for a future will be found in the simplest of powers. The Physical Force of Love does, in fact, make the world go round. Until the understanding and tools of using this Force become an active aspect of the way we conduct our lives, the “mystery of life” will remain a mystery. I wish to say to those of you who are awake and those who are waking, that “together we must adapt, adjust and move forward”. “We must put the pettiness of money in its proper light and seek to find those souls who will choose life over death, for if they don’t know that there are other options (that there are new options), failure is the only non-choice they can make”.

The Nature of Twilight Products

Prill Water and Magic Water: Prill Water is a stage of water before it becomes Magic Water. Prill Water has some of the electricity taken out of it, and Magic Water has all of the electricity taken out of it by the cold fusion method our Star Chamber delivers. The Prill Water has a smaller molecule than regular water. It is heavier and has different characteristics. When you keep replacing the electricity with the Life/Love Force, the electricity disappears. The molecule changes shape and collapses. It becomes an atomic liquid. This is Magic Water. It is a shape-shifter. It has new characteristics. It has returned to the Primal Form of water, the first water of Genesis. Magic Water is magic because it can be directed in the body to become anything the body needs; solid or liquid.

Magnesium and DHEA Levels

According to Dr. Norman Shealy, every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and low levels of the hormone DHEA. If DHEA is low, magnesium is low. They go together. Even a 10% increase in magnesium and DHEA levels is associated with a 48% decrease in death from cardiovascular disease and a 36% decrease in mortality: from all causes. The human being has the only body that has a significant level of DHEA. It is striking that low levels of both DHEA and magnesium characterize most illnesses. A connection between these essential chemicals appears to be basic in the understanding of health, wellness and the restoring and maintaining of youth. Low levels of DHEA are found in women up to nine years BEFORE development of breast cancer. And men may have low DHEA levels for four or more years prior to development of prostate cancer.

There is a long list of DHEA/magnesium deficiency symptoms. They are anxiety, hyperactivity, confusion, depression, diarrhea or constipation, faintness, fatigue, hyperventilation, lack of coordination, insomnia, intestinal problems, muscle cramps, muscle tightness, pain, poor memory, seizures, tinnitus and vertigo; and these are just some of the symptoms! Major diseases associated with DHEA/ magnesium deficiency are: angina pectoris, arrhythmia, asthma, atherosclerosis, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), auricular fibrillation, bulimia, cancer, cardiomyopathy, chronic fatigue, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, depression, diabetes, emphysema, gall bladder infections and stones, hearing loss, heart attack, high cholesterol, hypertension, hypoglycemia, chronic infection (viral and bacterial) intermittent claudication (leg calf pain), kidney stones, migraine, mitral-valve prolapse, osteoporosis, panic attacks, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), benign prostate hypertrophy, and strokes.

In no illness is DHEA/magnesium deficiency more prevalent than myocardial infarction (acute heart attack). On average, heart attack patients immediately given magnesium intravenously have a 50% greater survival rate. It has also been shown that mothers who are given magnesium intravenous feedings just before giving birth are much less likely to have children who develop cerebral palsy. When DHEA is raised, testosterone levels are raised. This raises libido in women and women. DHEA is a major reflector of overall health and stress reserves. DHEA is the health and youth hormone.

Water Cluster Structure

About ten years ago, when I was doing research work with discharge from nuclear plants after the water was treated, the remaining pollution had to be measured in PPB, i.e., parts per billion. There are very few labs in the country that are capable of analyzing the Prill water and coming up with meaningful data. The Prill beads alter the water’s molecular structure. The water is restructured into single molecules of water and the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms are more tightly bound together giving the water the thin or different feel that so many people detect. After the Prill water is formed, nothing can leach into the water and thus it is perfectly safe to put the Prill water into any cheap plastic container.

Even the Cellcore clustered water by Dr. Lee Lorenzen is in the configuration of H12O5 and as you may know, the Cellcore water is not a stable configuration as the Prill water is. That is why the Prill water that runs off into the water supply continues to positively impact the water in our environment. Both chlorine and fluoride in Prill water are dissipated. We don’t know how this happens, but I suspect that it is simply returns to its energy source. We also noticed that hydrocarbons and petrochemicals present in the source water are dissipated.

DHEA Level Blood Tests

If you wish to have your blood tested by a laboratory to check levels of Magnesium and/or DHEA, there apparently are just a few laboratories that can do this reliably, and they are listed in Dr. Shealy’s book.

Hydration and Magnesium Supplementation

The Twilight program is based on two concepts: cell hydration using the Prill water, tissue repair using Magic water, and magnesium supplementation using Magic Oil, Bath Crystals or Dollop of Love. Several other products are available to help with cleansing, detoxification and hydration.

DHEA and Magnesium Replacement

Oral magnesium in therapeutically significant dose is very laxative, and it would take about a year of oral supplementation to raise levels significantly. Intravenous magnesium is the most rapid. For most people, ten IV’s given over a two-week period is adequate. But most people don’t like needles, and it may be difficult to find a physician to administer them. The simple, painless, no risk method is absorption of magnesium through the skin. The right amount of “Magic Oil” or “Dollop of Love” (DOL) can normalize intercellular magnesium and DHEA. Chronic illness comes about slowly, with years of neglect. Stay with the Twilight magnesium supplementation for a few months to see a significant health reversal. Restoration to health is seldom instant. According to Dr. Norman Shealy, great many illnesses are associated with magnesium deficiency and lowered levels of the hormone DHEA.

If magnesium is low, DHEA is likely also low. They go together. Even a 10% increase in magnesium and DHEA levels is associated with a 48% decrease in death from cardiovascular disease and a 36% decrease in mortality from all causes. The human being has the only body that has a significant level of DHEA. It is striking that low levels of both DHEA and magnesium characterize most illnesses. A connection between these essential chemicals appears to be basic in the understanding of health wellness and the restoring and maintaining of youth. Low levels of DHEA are found in women up to nine years BEFORE development of breast cancer. And men may have low DHEA levels for four or more years prior to development of prostate cancer. There is a long list of DHEA/magnesium deficiency symptoms.

They are anxiety hyperactivity confusion depression diarrhea or constipation faintness fatigue hyperventilation lack of coordination insomnia intestinal problems muscle cramps muscle tightness pain poor memory seizures tinnitus and vertigo; and these are just some of the symptoms! Major diseases associated with DHEA/ magnesium deficiency are: angina pectoris arrhythmia asthma atherosclerosis Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) auricular fibrillation bulimia cancer cardiomyopathy chronic fatigue chronic bronchitis congestive heart failure cirrhosis depression diabetes emphysema gall bladder infections and stones hearing loss heart attack high cholesterol hypertension hypoglycemia chronic infection (viral and bacterial) intermittent claudication (leg calf pain) kidney stones migraine mitral- valve prolapse osteoporosis panic attacks PMS (premenstrual syndrome) benign prostate hypertrophy and strokes.

In no illness is DHEA /magnesium deficiency more prevalent than myocardial infarction (acute heart attack). On average heart attack patients immediately given magnesium intravenously have a 50% greater survival rate. It has also been shown that mothers who are given magnesium intravenously just before giving birth are much less likely to have children who develop cerebral palsy. When DHEA is raised testosterone levels are raised. This raises libido in both men and women. DHEA is a major indicator of overall health and stress reserves. DHEA is the health and youth hormone.

Precious Prills Water Transmutation

Precious Prills are a very simple technology that allows us to make very fine “vital water” from virtually any source including municipal tap water. Simply place the “net” containing the Precious Prills into a one-gallon glass container and fill it with water. Allow it to stand 24 hours before the first use. After that you may draw wonderful drinking water at a rate of 1 quart per hour. Precious Prills are not dissolved in the water nor do they contribute any minerals to it. They are “”Yinergy”” accumulators and donors continually recharged from the ambient Yinergy of the world. When Yinergy replaces the energy of common water the new liquid is technically “just water.” Yinergy molecules are smaller and do not occupy as much space as other energies so this water molecule is far easier for living cells to absorb. It is a much better moisturizer. Pets plants and people really love it. Even if a regular tap water source is used this water will be as vital as the best glacial bottled water. Enrichment from this virtual water factory increases the vitality of the home environment both by vitalizing the water vapors in the air and replacing the body’s electricity with Yinergy Force. Even more the waste water will take this vitality into the environment.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy MD Ph.D. writes:

“”I first met Jim Carter nearly twenty years ago not long after the beginning of his search for the Secret of Life. Thus three years ago when Jim wrote me that he had found the secret of aging I made a special trip to visit him. To some extent the rest is history as reported in my book Holy Water Sacred Oil: The Fountain Of Youth. Now just a year later Jim has taken this technology several generations forward! “”Jim has discovered the most important anti-aging products in history. I have proven that Yinergy products do indeed restore DHEA and magnesium. DHEA is the most critical hormone in the human body; I believe it represents your stress reserves. It is crucial for all growth development maintenance and good health.

“”Aging is directly related to decreases in DHEA and is low or deficient in the vast majority of human beings after the age of 40. It is not wise to take DHEA supplements however as they prevent the body from making DHEA. A much healthier way to restore the body’s ability to make DHEA naturally is to use “”Yinergy””. Magnesium is the most widely deficient essential nutrient involved in over 350 enzymes. Deficiency of magnesium is associated with virtually every known disease: heart attacks diabetes depression cancer etc. Oral magnesium supplements are not easy to assimilate and many take five years or longer to give results. We lose DHEA as we grow older. When we learn to increase DHEA by using the Twilight products our bodies actually become younger recapturing the higher levels of health from our youth. For centuries plants and herbs have been used to cure practically every known illness.

Using them complete in their own form your body’s healing process utilizes a balance of ingredients provided by nature. The early pharmaceutical industry isolated herbal ingredients for more purity and potency. Nature’s whole plants and herbs provide a balance of ingredients to counteract the stronger effects of the isolated part. Twilight America has a totally unique way to apply herbal remedies. The effects go directly to your cells either systemically (under your tongue) or topically (through your skin). By using Magic Oil (magnesium and energized water) as the system of delivery the beneficial properties of herbs go directly to your cells for immediate absorption. Results are often instant or within hours of the first application.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff