Universal Diet for Everybody Nope!

How many times have you heard this line? The one universal diet plan that is guaranteed to work!

(Editor’s Update:
When your body gets its required nutrients, it can clean, repair and maintain itself. Find your specific Metabolic Type to determine what foods contribute to your health. And which foods take away your well being. Learn how to construct meals to build health instead of disease. Metabolic Typing is THE tool required for optimal health.)

If you live in the US, undoubtedly you’ve heard this in weight loss program sales pitches for years. Well guess what this idea is a genetic impossibility. We now have the research and scientific proof that to stay healthy, some people need to eat high protein and fat diet, while others need to do the exact opposite, eat a diet high in carbs and low in fat. This means that one-size-fits-all programs are destined to fail for all people who do not match the specific profile of that nutrition program. Matching your diet to your genetic profile may be the single most important change you can make to shed pounds and keep them off.

This is much more effective than a traditional universal diet. Depending on your ancestors, you might be carrying their adaptation to the life of hunters, fishermen or farmers. Some of them lived in cold and hostile climates, others in warm and comfortable surroundings. As a result, you may need to either increase the proteins and fats in your diet, or decrease them. If you are gaining weight or already carrying excess pounds, one thing is sure you need to change your diet.

Up until 500 years ago, your ancestors did not travel all that much. They adapted to the local climate through many succeeding generations. Even today, climate adaptation is at work. Have you ever noticed that in hot summer weather its more fun to eat fruit? And on cold winter days you are naturally drawn towards heavier and more complex meals. Wouldn’t it be great to know for sure which food combinations will make you feel strong and balanced, and which ones will fill you with anxiety and give you unstoppable cravings?

Would you be surprised to hear that despondence and depression can be largely caused by the mismatching of your meals with your genetic predisposition? It is true. Some health problems arise from being too acidic, while others from being too alkaline. This idea can be very confusing. One person could be alkalized by carbohydrates, another is acidified by them. This means that a couple of donuts can set off a bout of depression in one person and trigger profound anxiety in another.

If your genetic adaptation calls for high fat and high protein diet, then bread, pasta and pizza will make you overweight and push you into near-diabetic territory. The National Institute of Health has done an extensive genetic study on a narrow genetic group of Pima Indians that showed how genetics were tied to a predisposition to diabetes. Here’s how the geneticists see it:

Some diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses that infect the body and make it sick. Others, such as diabetes, occur because a genes code causes it to function differently under some circumstances. For instance, if a person has a gene that makes that person likely to get diabetes, eating a lot of high fat food over time may increase that persons chance of getting sick. On the other hand, eating lower fat foods such as fruits and vegetables and exercising each day may help to prevent the disease. A person cant choose his or her genes, but can choose what to eat and whether or not to exercise.

Ok so how do you know what you should eat?

A simple Metabolic Typing test can help you determine your optimal diet. But don’t expect that you will be able to eat the white death food refined sugar, flour, rice, salt and plant oils and deep fried food its super-aging peroxidated lipids will certainly not be any help to you when trying to bring your digestive system back in order. No one should be eating this stuff!!

Author: Martin Pytela