What Is Zeolite Used For?

Zeolite is a name given to a group of volcanic silicates. They are formed in under-water volcanic eruptions. Zeolites are great at absorbing toxins. Because of its structure zeolite can bind electro-positive harmful substances. It is used to clean up industrial spills oil, chemical, and even radioactive. Truckloads of zeolite were used to clean up rivers after the Chernobyl disaster.

Pure Zeolite can be used as a powerful internal detox or cleansing agent that can bind and remove toxins we absorb from the environment. Zeolite traps electro-positive pollutants, including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds and helps eliminate them without side effects. This process helps support your immune system to defend against bacterial and viral infections, as well as complications related to toxic load a broad range of conditions.

Zeolite can help balance your pH and support your immune system. Pure zeolite without additives or chemical reagents has no taste or smell. It can be mixed with other ingredients that support its function, especially fulvic acid. You can find safe, clean, food-grade zeolite in the right packaging to fit your situation: liquid drops for fast action, capsules for convenience, bulk powder for cost savings.

Author: Life Enthusiast