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Vaccination Risks

"Protecting the health and informed consent rights of children since 1982."

The vaccinated should have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated if the vaccines are effective in preventing disease.

If vaccines are not as effective in preventing disease as the pharmaceutical companies and health officials say they are, then individuals take two risks with vaccination:

  1. the risk the vaccine can cause a reaction resulting in permanent injury or
  2. death and the risk the vaccine won't work.

And one-size-fits-all vaccine policies, which do not factor in genetic differences in adverse responses to vaccination, end up targeting the genetically vulnerable for sacrifice.

When the real life experiences of many people with vaccination contradicts the doctrine blindly followed by physicians in denial, the public trust is the ultimate casualty. It is unfortunate that so much damage is done to our children through ignorant "scientific" medical procedures that include vaccinations and amalgam fillings. We are most fortunate to have found the therapy developed by Dr. Vickery - it clears these conditions universally in very short time.

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