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Vibrational Health

Vibrational Health

Vibrational Health

Vibrational Health can be gained and sustained.

To be healthy, you must be in harmony with your world. Fill yourself and your space with love. The way you feel, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, has a direct impact on your physical well being.

Love, joy and peace, water, pure foods, and sunshine, clean air, exercise and rest, meditation, dreams and sleep.

What we put in and around our bodies has a direct impact on how well we do.

Try to see every discomfort or disease as a friend to learn from; who wants to show you that something needs to change in your life.

Tune Your Energy To Be In Line With Love, the Force of Creation

Since the beginning of time, man has known that there was an energy that created and sustained him. Throughout the ages, this truth was recognized in many different ways. Chi, prana, orgone, life force, the breath of God, Holy Spirit, and Divine Love are just some of the more recent phrases: many names have been used for this mysterious energy.

Tuning or adjusting your energy (or vibration) to be in line with the divine love of God will make you a vehicle for It’s mysterious energy. Your cells can return to their most vibrant form, helping to restore your youthful characteristics.

All cells, of all living things are in constant motion, or vibrating. The rates of vibration vary for different types of cells, and their state of health. In these varying rates, one concept remains constant: tuning or adjusting the vibrations to be in line with Divine Love can result in the restoration of your health, strength and vitality.

Love (the Life Force) Increases Your Health & Vitality

Love is the true source, force and supporter of all life. It is far more than an emotion. It is a very real force. The more love you have in your life, the happier your life will be. The quality of your life, your state of wellness, and your optimal functioning is totally related to the amount of love that you give and receive. Science sees the life giving properties of Divine Love as a mysterious thing, but also recognizes that a deficiency of love produces stress, which is known to be a major cause of disease.

Health and Vitality is Your Choice

Aspire to develop a sense of awareness, to consciously experience the energy exchanges in your life. Better choices can be made for ourselves, in all aspects of our lives. Take responsibility for your conditions and experiences in life. Treat your body like the temple it truly is: own it wholeheartedly.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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