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Water Energy Observations

Two things have prompted me to share about an experience Tom Narvaez and I had in 1996 that may be helpful to better understand what is going on with our energy fluctuations after introducing and drinking the Precious Prill water and using other Twilight Products. One is the energy yoyo experience. The other is Tom’s April 4th email to the network that stated “Water has a vibrational aspect that allows it to change the molecular structure of other water added to it. The process is called “resonance” and seems to move water to the highest frequency in the mix.” When I reminded Tom off-line about our 1996 experience, he said that he had totally forgotten about it and he thought that it would be good to share it with the network group.

I’ve waited until now to share this, as I wanted to have a longer personal experience of drinking the Precious Prill water (several weeks) and at least a week using Magic Oil. This is what I had emailed Tom reminding him about our experience, which could shed some light on what is going on inside our bodies because of the restructured water, more life force, and higher levels of cellular magnesium to name a few actions: “Tom, I remember the discoveries we had in 1996 regarding the energy fluctuations that your energy testing results showed on water samples taken after the installation of the European bio-energy LTV water activator between the 500 ft. wells and the 100,000 gallon water tower at Sparrow Hawk Village in NE Oklahoma.”

(My One Living Earth Products company bought the LTV water activator from Tom Narvaez’s Virgin Water LTD company and resold it to the Rural Water District #12 of Cherokee County that serves Sparrow Hawk Village. At the time Virgin Water, LTD. was importing them from Europe, which was before Tom discovered a higher energy material in Canada and started producing the Virgin Water units. The installation at Sparrow Hawk Village was the first installation ever for a public water system and one which was finally approved by the Oklahoma State Dept. of Environmental Quality after much deliberation of analyzing the manufacturer’s bill of materials and engineering documents. The DEQ concluded that is was just a water fitting since according to their standard evaluation capabilities, did nothing to the water.

It put nothing in the water and it took nothing out of the water. (‘Old paradigm knowledge!’) “The result of the first water sample tested was extremely high in energy. It was quite a surprise to both of us as I had taken the sample, just a few minutes after we turned the pumps back on, from the water faucet at our Ranch House where we were living at the time located a mile down line from the water tower.” “Tom, you gave me the same explanation that your email on April 4th referred to above when I asked how could the energy rise immediately throughout the entire public water system. (Probably seconds or milliseconds but so far we have not learned just how fast this type of energy travels from one molecule to the next! We missed our chance of setting up a measurement program because we had not thought of this action before the test results showed us what happened.)

“Then we began to learn what may be very applicable and profound to our current experiences in our own bodies with the Twilight Products. The results of water samples taken over the next several days and weeks showed yoyo variances, one time it would be high but not has high as previous high reading and the next time it would be low but not as low as the previous low reading. As we began to observe the changes in whatever the higher energy water was in contact with or in proximity of it’s energy field, i.e. the disappearing hardened mineral deposits around water facets, inside shower heads, around hot water heater elements – as well as learning from sources like the naturalists Victor Schauberger and Physicist Ludwig and others regarding the effects of higher subtle energies that Nature’s pristine waters from alpine silver mines or the water from the new water activation units contain and emit – we began to understand more fully and accept the new paradigm of water that had higher vibrations and frequencies, more life force, more aliveness and was always fluctuating both in their ability to emit energy (or transmit energy) and in their receptivity to subtle energies of the constantly changing moving planets and cosmos.”

“It sure would have been great to have had a megahertz meter or some such device measuring the energy in the water hooked to a graphical print out, and other devices to monitor the energy being used to clean up the environment and an astronomer, to capture the complete story! I wonder if this energy utilization and the planetary influences on water that is full of life force, is what we are also experiencing in our physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual bodies… the abundance of energy, enthusiasm, spirit, on high days and the utilization of the energies on different aspects of the body on low days being like what was observed of the public water system at Sparrow Hawk Village, i.e., maturing the water structure of the immature water (due to it being pumped up from depths of 500 feet or more rather than being matured spring water); de-crystallizing the mineral crystallization in the pipes, valves, water heaters; and who really knows what energy was used in neutralizing any minute pollutants in the well water that went undetected by the periodic tests performed by the DEQ’s “standard testing procedures”.

This information might be to some people something to ponder in light of the applicable writings from Dr. Norman Shealy and others, and what to some people is commonly known, that when the body is at rest at night or is resting due to exhaustion or illness, there is healing, rejuvenation or recharging of the physical battery taking place.

A very grateful fellow Twilight America Products Enthusiast,

Dwight Shetler

Author: Dwight Shetler