Water Filter Is Not Enough

Increasingly, more and more people are becoming aware of the need for additional water treatment. In the past, most people thought home filter systems were the solution. They’re not! Filtration might still be necessary, but alone it does not provide good and safe water. Even when water has been physically purified, it still often contains life-restricting electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances. We need to learn how to protect ourselves against the massive health challenges resulting from our civilization’s lack of understanding of the basic laws of Nature and the Cosmos.

Reverse osmosis water revitalized!

I received this observation from a customer of mine in Florida: “I have been treating all the 5-gallon plastic jugs of reverse osmosis water we get from the water store with the shower unit and one thing I have noticed is the ice cubes are exceptionally clear – you can see right through them – whereas they used to be cloudy!” Now, how can it be that such an extreme filtration method as reverse osmosis still leaves ice cubes cloudy? How can it be that the Water Revitalizer, which is not filtering out any particles per say delivers crystal clear ice cubes?

Even brown septic tank water will, when using the Water Revitalizer for a few months, turn from being brown in color to be almost clear and this again is without using filters. Callum Coats, author of Living Energies, states: “Present methods of water treatment kill water, [which] ultimately destroys those organisms constantly forced to drink it. We therefore actually sterilize our blood when we drink chlorinated water, thereby readying ourselves for the onset of disease.”

Read about the fallacies of fluoridation – it may surprise you to learn the background of this sacred cow. Studies conducted since 1993, including a Great Lakes Basin cancer study sponsored by Health Canada have raised concerns that the guidelines set for chlorinated water do not protect against risks of cancer and other health effects.

Author: Life Enthusiast