What Algae Is Good For You?

Algae are nature’s most basic food. It is a plant, it stores energy from sunlight using photo-synthesis, but it does not have roots or leaves. It extracts its nutrients from the minerals dissolved in water. It is at the bottom of the food chain, the most basic food we can find. It is very rich in protein and minerals and especially chlorophyll that boosts your immune system. Several species of algae are extremely beneficial chlorella, spirulina and blue-green algae provide nutrients that are difficult to find in commercially grown field crops.

Algae are easily digested and assimilated, and yet, they are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can find. Major benefits of algae supplementation include cell damage repair, toxin elimination, great mental focus and concentration, smooth skin, healthy hair, normal blood-sugar levels, no mood swings, sharper eyesight, increased endurance and strength.

To answer the original question what algae is good for you is easy, because they all are highly beneficial. Be sure that you get clean, good tasting product grown by responsible growers. Algae can and will grow even in garbage and in polluted waters, and can absorb a lot of toxins. Please be sure you pick a source you can trust. Algae are easily mixed with other foods in smoothies. They are also available in tablets and capsule for convenient supplementation.

Author: Life Enthusiast