What Is EMF Radiation and Where Does It Come From?

It has been only a little more than one hundred years since Marconi’s early radio experiments, and since Westinghouse introduced alternating current. We are now living in a thick soup of subtle energy fields radiating from electric power lines, transmission towers for radio, television and cellular signals, and from wi-fi routers and repeaters.

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Frequency. You cannot see it, but these days it is hard to find a place that is not being bombarded by signals of varying wave lengths. The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, and the closer to affecting your health. It is used to deliver both energy and information, making our lives much more convenient, but at the same time it is threatening our health. There already are people with EMF Hypersensitivity, who are having to move to rural, off-the-grid places, or else suffer with unbearable inflammatory problems.

We are surrounded by spinning fields from electric motors in your fridge, your hair drier or photocopier and static fields from cell phones, tablets, notebooks, e-readers and monitors. We are in a pool of waves from cell towers, wi-fi routers, hands-free phones and blue-tooth connections. It is no small problem: 200 years ago we were exposed to a field of 2-3 Volts per meter. These days it is normal to be sleeping in a room with 300 Volts per meter, and if you are close to a transmitter, it can be at 2000 V/m.

Is it time you thought about protecting yourself from all that? There are two main ways to do that: either by blocking the radiation, or by balancing your subtle electric fields in a way that overcomes the negative impact on your physiology.

Your neurological activity is dependent on subtle electric impulses traveling along your neurons and synapses. These signals are affected by electro magnetic fields that surround you. The question What is EMF Radiation will be coming up more often in conversations about health. Please take a look at the solutions we bring to the table.

Author: Life Enthusiast