What Is Structured Water?

Water is a very unique substance it possesses several anomalies without which life on our planet would not be possible. Well documented water anomalies include its highest density at 4 degrees C, which supports life in cold waters, and makes possible the fact that ice floats. Less well explained are water’s dynamic liquid crystals, that allow water to act as a memory device. Imagine: water is natures memory stick!

The theoretical model proposed, which is backed by careful computational modeling and an X-ray diffraction experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratories National Synchrotron Light Source, attributes the effect to the peculiar nature of the hydrogen bond. In water, quantum mechanics manifests in a very striking way, said Fernandez-Serra. Its effects are more dominant with increasing temperature, which is rather unexpected. Dr. Masaru Emoto made visible with his pictures of freshly frozen snowflakes the effects of subtle vibrational influences on the symmetry.

There is some controversy around his selective use of data, but there is no denying that water will remember and express the effects of subtle vibrations. When we speak about structured or energized water, we mean water that has had its structures cleared. It is much like formatting a hard disk previous data is erased, and the memory device is ready to store a new set of data. We use implosion, not explosion to clear the water memory. We are not adding more and more energy in. We are removing distortions, until the fluid is completely cleared.

Well processed structured water will have its physical properties changed:

1. surface tension is lower = water is a better solvent
2. pH balance is more alkaline = water is closer to the ideal pH of 7.35
3. ORP is lowered = water supports mineral exchanges necessary for life
4. clustering is reduced = water is better able to penetrate cells and hydrate

To make a decision about ways to structure your water take a look at your options on this page.

Author: Life Enthusiast