You SHOULD Know if Your Food is GMO

I think this issue illustrates really well just how messed up we have become. The food manufacturers want to prevent labeling of foods that are GMO, because they believe consumers would not buy them. Duh! If they cannot prove to me that eating these foods is safe, and growing them does not cause irreversible changes in the environment, should I not know this? Should I not be making informed decisions? Should the government prevent me from being informed? Should it protect corporate interests against my personal interests?

These are foundational issues, questions that should be right in the forefront of our discussions, because they influence the very basic freedoms that I believe we are being denied. The politics of this situation are very clear. The people (actually people who represent corporate interests) who pay for elections get to have their voices heard a lot better than the common person. It seems that lobbyists are having an impact on the outcomes. At least that’s why there is more and more money being invested there. Reminds me of spam.

Obama campaigned on change and yes we can one of his promises was GMO labeling. But then he appointed Tom Vilsack (ex Monsanto) to head USDA and Michael Taylor (ex Monsanto, USDA, FDA, Lobbyist) that’s like asking the goat to tend your cabbages. If you have not woken up to the gravity of this issue, please consider this your wake-up call. Check into this, and take some action. It is very likely that the next generation will not have the choices we have, and that they will end up blaming us for it.

Check out this article:
The FDA and USDA have become the legislative and executive branches of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer and the likes.

Author: Martin Pytela