Youthful Benefits of Silica Supplementation

There is not even an established RDA for silicon that’s how little respect it gets from the establishment. You will even find articles that will call silica supplementation just another fraud purely from their position of self-important ignorance. Just because you don’t understand something you should not assume that it is not important or that it has no purpose. Silica, or Silicon Dioxide, is one of the most common minerals on the planet the sand on the beaches is mostly SiO2. It is also richly present in mica the shiny flecks in granite and other stones.

But that is not the absorbable form it needs to be in an organic compound before your body can make use of it. Silica converts into Calcium in your cells an experiment with chickens confirmed it: when you remove calcium from chickens diet, they continue to lay eggs, but when you remove silica, they stop, because they can no longer make the egg shells. This is truly remarkable, because it also confirms transmutation of elements something that our scientists would love to be able to do in a lab.

Silicon in its organic form is very important for all connective tissue. So what are the silica supplement benefits? Deficient silicon causes brittle nails, lifeless hair, sagging skin, and other signs of declining reserves the signs of aging. Deficient silica is also associated with inflammation in soft tissue: back pain, joint pain, psoriasis, arthritis, high blood pressure.

Silica is found in oats, and that’s how animals get their shiny coats. It is also in stinging nettle, horsetail, and in bamboo sap. We offer organic silica in several supplements, and recommend it as a great source of connective tissue health. So what are the silica supplement benefits? Youthful appearance, resilience, fewer injuries, and better function. Who would not like to have stronger nails, healthy looking hair, and fewer wrinkles?

Author: Life Enthusiast