Zeolite User Reports

Please note:
These zeolite user reports have been listed here to give the reader an idea of the power of the body’s own healing mechanisms when it is liberated from toxins and the pH is balanced. In no way should they be taken to imply that zeolite is a medicine or has medicinal action. If you have a medical condition, zeolite should ideally be integrated into a proper treatment program supervised by a licensed medical practitioner.

Severe Lifelong Mercury Poisoning

My dentist had already put in about 15-20 “silver” fillings into my mouth by the time I was 3 years old. After that I was constantly sick. I had penicillin shots monthly for 2 years. My tonsils were removed when I was 5 because they were infected all the time. (Probably because I had no immune system left after all the mercury poisoning and antibiotics.) As I got older I was diagnosed with endometriosis, severe anemia, had numerous allergies and was just always sick with some disease. At 17, I started working in the dental field as an assistant and was told by the dentist that mercury was not harmful, so I never wore gloves while handling mercury every day for the next few years.

My heart started beating irregularly, and I was told I had mitral valve prolapse. I had a host of other ailments and was told I was a hypochondriac. In my 30’s I was bitten by a deer tick in Washington state and developed Lyme disease. My doctor for whatever reason was reluctant to diagnose my symptoms as Lyme-related, so I jumped through his hoops and for the next 6 months was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Lupus, MS, Sjogrens and rheumatoid arthritis. I had an MRI after a small stroke and just had a really difficult life for awhile trying to get well and still be a good wife and mother to my 3 small children.

(I’m trying to get my medical records from that doctor, but so far they are only sending bits and pieces from my chart.) I finally went to another doctor for the Lymes, and he gave me Tetracycline (1500 mg a day ) for the next 6 months. When I was on antibiotics, it always sounded like a radio was on. I was hearing voices. I felt like my head was going to burst, and was floating above my body. I’d have panic attacks and have to get out of the house. I was terrified, and there was nothing to be terrified of. I was acting crazy, and I knew it. My Lyme symptoms went away, but Candida was another issue.

I couldn’t digest food anymore and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me and wrote me off. Nobody had ever told me to take probiotics during my 6 months use of antibiotics and I had never heard about Candida … I was calling family and friends to say good-bye when someone told me about Candida and how to get rid of the overgrowth. She saved my life. I spent the next 6 years eating vegetables and taking probiotics. I felt much better, but still had brain-fog and so many other symptoms of mercury poisoning and Candida. After moving to Hawaii, I continued to search for a cure and was blessed to meet Lisa Dereszynski.

She introduced me to liquid zeolite, and after taking it for the last 3 months I’m now able to speak coherently, the mental fog is finally gone. Because I was so toxic, I started at 1 drop 3 times a day for a week, then worked up to 2 drops a day for about 3 days. I didn’t feel anything so moved up to 3, 4, 5 drops. I got a bit spacey, had some panic attacks, started crashing into the walls. I increased to 5 or 6 drops 3 times a day. I felt strange, forgetful, like my head was floating above my body, tripping over words. I eventually worked up to about 10 drops 3x/day.

I don’t always count the drops, I just squirt it in my mouth. I tune into my body to determine my dosage for the day. The right dosage for me goes up and down, it’s not the same every day. It took me about a month and a half to feel mental clarity, and a few months to feel pretty good. I don’t have joint pain any more. I hardly get sick anymore, my arthritis pain disappeared so I’m able to exercise again, and I’ve lost weight. My 13 year old son started on zeolite and says he has mental clarity for the first time. For the first time in my life I finally feel like I’m the human being God intended for me to be.

Blessings from Robin Mikkelsen, Big Island, Hawaii, Feb 12, 2007

Neck And Throat Cancer, Dog’s Cancer

My husband Kile was diagnosed with Neck & Throat Cancer – Squamous Cell Carcinoma Aug 24, 2006. The cancer originated at the base of his tongue on the left side which measured 10mm. Two lymph nodes on the left side were also were infected. One lymph node measured 18mm and the other was 20mm. If he only had the cancer on the base of his tongue he would be considered Stage 1. However, the combination of the 3 puts him at a Stage 4A. The stages are 1 – 4 with 4 being the worst. Then it goes Stage 4 A B C D etc. The cancer in the lymph nodes started to metastasize into his jugular vein and carotid artery. He discovered Zeolite and started taking it on Sept 5th.

He took 15 drops 3 times a day. He was putting 10 drops in water and the remaining 5 on his tongue. About 15-20 minutes after he took the zeolite, the tumors in his neck started to burn and he would get a metallic taste in his mouth. The tumors got softer and less pronounced as verified by his Doctor. September 15th – 20th was his first round of Chemo. He noticed the same burning sensation in his neck and the metallic taste in his mouth while on Chemo. His second round of Chemo was Oct 2nd – 7th. They did a CT scan on Oct. 19th to determine the size of the tumors. The radiologist who read the scan called his Chemo Oncologist and asked if he had sent the correct scan as he was expecting to see cancer on the scan.

The cancer on the base of his tongue didn’t show up and his lymph glands were 8 and 9 mm which is considered normal. Anything less than 10 mm is normal. If the Doctor who read the scan didn’t know he had cancer, and know where the tumors were, he would’ve said this was a clear scan. His Chemo Oncologist was also surprised his cancer didn’t show up on the scan. He had never seen cancer go into remission that quickly. Kile told him from the beginning he was taking zeolite. The doctor told him to keep doing whatever he’s doing because whatever it is, it’s working! He said there is a guy younger than Kile who has the same cancer and his cancer still showed up on his CT Scan after his 2nd round of Chemo.

They still wanted him to go through Radiation and Chemo 5 days a week for 7 weeks. The doctor said if he doesn’t go through with the Radiation and Chemo he will die. It is a precaution to kill any microscopic cancer cells. They installed a feeding tube on Nov 16th. He had radiation and chemo 5 days a week from Nov 20th- Jan 9th. Dr Hunter said Kile is the only one who made it though the entire ordeal without having to use his feeding tube to eat. He said Kile has done the best he has seen in 6 years. I always knew he was 10 ft tall and bullet proof! He had another CT Scan on Feb. 12th and on the 14th they told us he was cancer free!! At the same time Kile was going through cancer, our 14 year old Dalmatian, Spot, also had cancer.

Spot had a white glaze over his left eye. He didn’t see well or hear well and his hind legs would give out from underneath him easily. He had cancerous bumps on his head and a big purple cancerous melanoma on his hind leg that was about 3/4 of an inch. When I would throw his ball during the day, he wouldn’t be able to find it. I would have to go over and point at in order for him to find it. Kile started giving him Zeolite. He would break a dog biscuit in half and put 5 drops on the biscuit and 1 drop on the big purple melanoma on his leg. He did this daily for about 4 months. The cancerous bumps on Spot’s head went away and the big purple cancer shrunk to about 1/4 of an inch or as big around as my little finger.

It was no longer purple; it looked like a white skin tag or wart. He was able to hear and see a lot better and was able to find his ball when I threw it at night with just the yard light on. The white glaze on his left eye disappeared. A fatty tumor on his belly shrunk in size and got softer as well. Our road is steep, and he stopped going down it. After the liquid zeolite, he’d go down the road and trot back up. He acted several years younger. It was amazing. I’m extremely skeptical and if I wouldn’t have seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I am also taking zeolite. I have a lot more energy and mental clarity. I think everyone should be taking it, I know we will be taking it for the rest of our lives.

Kile & Susan Jackson, Duvall, WA, March 6th, 2007

Testimonial On Malignant Mesothelioma – Lung Cancer

On Oct. 14, I was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma* lung cancer caused from Asbestos in the lung. I had it in both lungs so surgery was not an option for treatment and this type of cancer doesn’t respond to Chemo or Radiation treatment. I was told I was in the 4th stage and when I asked the Doctor how many stages there were he told me there were four. That’s basically a death sentence for me. After all testing was completed, CT scan, Lab work, Tissue biopsy, and a PET scan, I was told by the Oncologist that there was nothing he could do for me and he referred me back to my Medical doctor for the final care.

On Oct. 31, I started taking zeolite 15 drops 3 times a day. The second day of my taking it I started to have different sensations in the tumor on my back that was protruding though the chest wall. Sensations like a numbness, to jelly-like when I walked, to bee stings and painful, to a stretching feeling at the tumor, each day it was a different feeling. After two weeks on zeolite the tumor in my upper abdomen which was about the size of a ping-pong ball was now the size of a marble. In the third week that tumor could not be found and the tumor on my back was almost gone.

At the time of my appointment with the Oncologist the tumor mass on my back could not be found. On Dec. 7, I had a follow up CT scan done and it confirmed that the two tumors were gone. Some were smaller in the lung and one was slightly bigger. I have increased my zeolite use frequency to every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. The new tumors leave the body first, the older more established tumors go last. It is imperative that the blood circulation be increased so that the zeolite can reach all the tumor cells. I am vigorously exercising to accomplish this.

Larry Benjamin, Jemison, Alabama, Dec. 2005

Diabetes, Hepatitis C, High Blood Pressure

In mid-February, I started taking zeolite (15 drops 4x/day) and switched to a raw organic diet. My results have been nothing short of mind blowing. In 10 weeks, I’ve reversed my high blood pressure and diabetes, and I’m also in the process of reversing my hepatitis C. One week after I began taking zeolite, I noticed that my blood pressure started to drop. You don’t want your blood pressure to go over 130, but I could never get mine that low. It was almost always over 150. After I started on zeolite, it started to decrease and is always below 130 now, which means that I don’t have high blood pressure anymore.

My blood sugar also dropped. The normal range for a diabetic is between 90 and 120. Mine was always above 120, except if I couldn’t eat for a few hours, in which case it would drop below 90 and I would feel violently ill. I would have to stop at a neighborhood store or anyplace I could and buy a banana or a candy bar and eat it, just to get my blood sugar up. I was not insulin-dependent, but I was taking Glucophage twice a day. I noticed that in that same week after I started on zeolite, my blood sugar started going down.

It’s now stabilized right around the 70s and 80s, which means that I’m not a diabetic anymore. I also had the worst kind of hepatitis. It’s the least able to be cured. The normal range for liver enzymes is from 0 to 5,000. The enzymes in my liver were 1,700,000. That’s right – 1,700,000. I was in stage two of liver cirrhosis. I may have picked up hepatitis C when I was in the Coast Guard. I was in search and rescue, and we used to pick up dead bodies at sea without wearing protective clothing. My doctor at the VA hospital has been trying to get me to take interferon, which is very unsatisfactory.

You have to take shots every week, plus it’s long term, and makes you feel like you’ve got the flu. Then it’s effective in only 40 percent of cases. So I knew that I didn’t have many options. I had to stop screwing around with my diet and take the zeolite, or I’d have to have a liver transplant and then take lots of medication for the rest of my life. About two weeks after starting on zeolite my enzymes started to drop. They soon dropped almost 90 percent to 184,000. I maintained the diet and the zeolite use, and a few weeks later, they decreased to 5,700.

My VA doctor has told me that he will be shocked if I am able to get my enzyme count below 5,000. My target by mid-September is to have them down between 600 and 1,000, without taking interferon. As if all this wasn’t enough, I’ve also lost 35 pounds, and I needed to lose weight. I feel absolutely fantastic now. I have so much energy. I’m interested in work, in play, in sex. I don’t take any medication any more, either for high blood pressure or for diabetes. Any one of these results would have been a gift, but to have all these outcomes, particularly at my age, is a full-blown miracle.

Ken Cunningham, age 72, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 2006

Bonnie Has Her Life Back

Life as it was meant to be Lived!!

I wish there was a name for the disease I have had my whole life. For me the cause of the disease was merely living! Let me try and explain. My list of symptoms begins like this: I was born in 1970 as a preemie with failure to thrive, I was born with a connective tissue disease called Sticklers Syndrome, around the age of 7 through my teen years I began to struggle with such things as stomach aches, headaches, allergies (the doctors wanted to put me on steroids but my parents chose not to), asthma, fatigue, eczema, insomnia, muscle pain, arthritis, fainting spells, chemical sensitivities that have worsened to the point that I am confined to my home in order to survive.

The list goes on but my time does not. I can remember around the age of 17 one night I had passed out twice in a matter of minutes all by myself on the cement floor in our basement. I was so afraid because I did not know what was wrong with me. I really thought I was dying. Unfortunately, there were many times when not even my family could understand how sick I felt. It was around this time that my parents began to seek alternative methods of treatment. After 7 years of different kinesiologist, strict healthy dieting, at times 75-90 supplements a day, and thousands of dollars later I still did not have any answers!

Through my adult years my symptoms only grew worse. In 1999 I had pectus excavatum surgery because my ribcage was sunken in and was crushing my heart. It became very difficult to find any “good” days to grasp on to. I was experiencing heart palpitations, chronic insomnia, (I would go for 3 days at a time and finally fall asleep for 3 hours) I lived with a level 8 or higher headache that would not got away no matter what I took, I lived with debilitating pain in my ribs, back and muscles! As a wife and mother of 4 children I did not even have enough energy to perform the menial tasks of the day.

Any attempts to exercise only left me with increased pain that lasted for days! I was on sleeping pills, pain pills and antidepressants. It was during this time that I even contemplated suicide. It is no wonder!! When the quality of one’s life is so minimal you begin to wonder if your life really is a life, and how is it worth even getting out of bed in the morning when your day is filled with pain and sheer exhaustion!!! I went to multiple specialists and medical doctors but was never given any answers. It was around this time that God directed me to the care of a wonderful chiropractor. Under weekly, and biweekly care for about 4 years I was seeing much improvement.

I was finally off of all my drugs and was able to eliminate a lot of the pain. My headache had subsided but was still there. After feeling myself improve I was encouraged until this last year when everything began to go backwards again!!! As bad as backwards was I was so afraid that if I went back to how life was at my worst I would not survive this time. I had swollen lymph nodes in my head, arms, breasts, and neck that had reached the point where they would never go down. I was so highly sensitive to chemicals that it was becoming impossible to even leave my home without suffering the consequences.

I had the horrible realization that on top of everything else something was not working right with my mind. I was having difficulty playing the piano, relaying information, speaking without stumbling over my words, and I began struggling with extreme, unexplained outbursts of anger!! Why was this happening? I wondered!!! My chiropractor mentioned the possibility of heavy metal toxicity. I began to do my research. It was not long before my symptoms began to line up directly with heavy metal toxicity!! I had grown up within 15 miles of two nuclear power plants and multiple paper mill industries.

The area where I grew up is also known as being number one in the nation for people developing MS!! And, very high on the list for brain cancer. My suspicions were confirmed with the help of a hair analysis, which definitely revealed doses of heavy metals, including mercury and uranium were in my body. Not long after I made an appointment to have my mouthful of mercury fillings replaced. I knew I had to find a successful means of chelating these heavy metals out of my body and organs, thus the search began. How I thank God for the day one of my children’s Sunday School teachers told me about zeolite. Three days later I began my first dose!

I began taking liquid zeolite 1 week prior to having my fillings removed. I noticed results immediately. I would have to describe my experience to what I can only imagine a butterfly might feel like as he is emerging from its cocoon and experiencing life for the first time!!! How wonderful to know that my kidneys were capable of functioning properly!! I noticed that I began sleeping heavier and waking up earlier because I was well rested. For the first time in almost 30 years I felt like eating breakfast, and I did so without becoming ill. I had always been told the old sayings, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

” Also, that “breakfast was the most important meal of the day.” But that was never a lifestyle I was capable of embracing, until now. I began to feel like I could venture out of the “bubble” I had tried to create at home. I am finding out what it truly means to live life to the fullest. No longer do I find myself having to put on a pasted smile, this one is for real and it is here to stay!!! I have so much energy my husband cannot keep up with me, and he is not a lazy person!! I have not had one “bad” day since I have been taking zeolite!! My family is shocked by the results and are all in the process of ordering their own zeolite. SEEING IS BELIEVING!!! Instead of a bundle of nerves I have a calmness about me.

My lymph nodes are no longer swollen, I have not had a single headache in the first month of taking zeolite. I can now go to other people’s homes without becoming sick from the chemicals in their homes. Including cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaning products, etc. I am no longer crippled with pain. The only time I feel the pain coming back is if I miss a dose or go too many hours in between doses. I am going to aerobic classes, movies, baseball games, spending my time outside, dreaming of going on vacations instead of dreading them!!!! It is like a heavy weight has been lifted from my whole being, a weight that has tried so hard for years to crush me!! This is a lifestyle that I never imagined I could be experiencing!! Liquid zeolite has done more than change my life, it has given me a life!!!

Bonnie G, Colorado, June 8, 2006

Update, July 11, 2006

I wanted to share with all of you an update on my health. I just went to Wisconsin for vacation. In the past this has not been a very pleasant experience. You may ask why I go back and the reason is to see my family. In the past I have always developed asthma by my second day there. My kidneys back up and my whole body begins to swell!! My skin develops rashes and welts, my eyes itch like crazy and swell up, I itch all over my body, have a horrible headache and so much more. I usually have to use a steroid inhaler and take prednisone to cope. I also have ended up in the emergency room with what the doctors have described as anaphylactic shock.

To this day I still don’t know what causes these symptoms but I can tell you that with liquid zeolite I was able to go home and actually enjoy my visit. Instead of my health going downhill during my visit, I could actually feel better!! I never got asthma!!! I even spent a day at Six Flags with my kids!!!! I maintained an energy level that I have never had there and was able to keep up with my aerobics while I was there. I saw incredible results with the company’s detox teas. I took them faithfully while on my vacation. What a blessing to go home and see my family doing better physically than in the past. They are all taking liquid zeolite now as well!!!


During the past few months that she was on zeolite, my patient with lymphoma has experienced a dramatic decrease in the sizes of multiple tumors. These tumors were on the sides of her neck, under her armpits, in the groin, and scattered across the abdomen. These tumors were painful because they blocked lymphatic circulation and created numbness and tingling due to compression of nearby nerves. Whereas they appeared to be about the size of her fist a few months ago, they are no longer visible today.
Aloha, Dr. Dane Silva

Lung Cancer

My name is Carol, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in July of 2004. I decided a long time ago that if I ever got cancer that I would not allow them to do radiation or Chemotherapy. So the only option that I had was surgery or natural health. I opted for natural health. I took a product that seemed to be keeping the cancer the same size but was not shrinking it. Needless to say my family, after a year of this was getting quite nervous. And they were all quite insistent that I allow them to do the surgery. It was the side effects of the surgery that I was not so sure of. I was in the hospital for nine days, was sent home with shingles on the right side as well as the neuropathy.

I am left with severe neuropathy in my right arm and right chest area. I had let a friend of mine know that if they found anything that was natural to let me know, as the Doctors were very insistent that I was going to have to have radiation and chemotherapy. Both of which I had vowed not to do. Several months went by I was going to the Doctor and having all the tests that they seemed to need to know where they were going to do these treatments. A dear friend of mine introduced me to Liquid Zeolite. It was just about the time that a hurricane came through the area that I live in. The Hospital canceled all appointments and I left town. I took the Liquid Zeolite as soon as I got it, which was just before I left.

I took 15 drops four times a day for three weeks. I had some major detoxification symptoms, which included flue like symptoms. I ran a fever and was quite ill for a couple of weeks. But I had a goal and my feeling was that the discomfort was well worth the end results. When I went back to the Doctor, he did not say a word about the treatments that he had insisted that I take before. I asked him why and he told me that they could find no sign of Cancer. I told him what I had taken and then he said that he wanted a P.E.T. scan. This particular scan will find Cancer if there is any at all. It is a scan that they do of my entire body. I told him that I would do that but that he would not find Cancer.

My Doctors knew that I wanted to find a natural way of taking care of the Cancer problem, but had been skeptical to say it nicely. When I went back for the results of that test there was no sign of Cancer. I have scans and x-rays every three months so that the doctors feel better about the fact that I no longer have cancer. I found out after the surgery that I still had cancer in my chest wall and that is why they were so insistent about my doing the chemotherapy and radiation. It has been a year since my surgery and two years since the diagnosis and I am Cancer free. The only thing I did was take Liquid Zeolite. God Bless You All, And to my friends thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Carol Topham, Livingston TX, May 02, 2006

Cervical Cancer

At the end of Oct 2004 (11 months ago) Keiko was diagnosed in Japan with class 3 cervical cancer. At the recommendation of her doctors she underwent 28 rounds of radiation therapy. At the end of those treatments her doctors told her they had eradicated the cancer in her cervix. Keiko’s daughter, Felice, had a recommendation from her doctors here in Hawaii that Keiko should really have a PET scan in Japan to check and make sure it hadn’t spread anywhere else. It had indeed metastasized to every lymph node in her body. Felice brought her mom to Hawaii in June of this year and the oncologists here said this was an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

A CAT scan showed two more spots (on her lung and on her stomach) in addition to everything else. They would try 8 rounds of chemo therapy to put off what seemed imminent – but the prognosis was grim, they didn’t expect her to live even a year. By the 5th round of chemo therapy Keiko was so sick (nausea, vomiting and diarrhea) they decided to stop – that was three weeks ago. Instead they kept praying and kept using the natural supplements. 5 weeks ago a friend told Felice and her mom about zeolite. Keiko took it for a week before she had to stop to accommodate the 5th round of her chemo schedule.

This time she got so sick from the chemo she and her daughter decided to stop the treatment right in the middle of the round (3 weeks ago) and they continued with the zeolite at 15 drops 3X day starting the next day. Three weeks later (Monday this week) Keiko had a follow up contrast dye CAT scan: When they walked in to her doctor’s office, he asked how she was feeling and what she’d been eating, and had a sort of perplexed look on his face. They didn’t know what to expect, but hoped and prayed there would be some positive news. Keiko didn’t just have a report that was good, it was beyond all expectations – the doctor told Keiko and Felice there was not one single sign of cancer anywhere in her body.

Not in any of the lymph nodes, not on her lung or stomach. Stunned, Keiko’s daughter even asked the Doc, “Are you sure? Who actually read the CAT scan?” and he reassured her it was definitely the expert, the radiologist, not just him! He was amazed too and said that less than 20% of his patients ever have such a thing happen, that even if there was great improvement they usually see some residual cancer still in the body but there was nothing here. Nothing. And the nurses were crying with emotion when they spoke with Felice and Keiko. Keiko will have another CAT scan in three months to confirm she is truly out of the woods and meantime she will be taking her zeolite every day!

Keiko, female, age 72

DES, Birth Defects, Pain, Chemical Sensitivity, Metal Poisoning

When my mother was pregnant with me she was given a drug called DES that resulted in numerous birth defects and devastating health consequences throughout my life. In 1982, when I was a 27 years old mother of two small girls, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which was caused by the DES. Being a nurse, I chose traditional medical treatment and a year later I was in very grave condition. I quickly became open to alternative forms of medicine to restore my health. After that life changing experience, I felt I could no longer return to my traditional nursing profession and instead became certified in a wide variety natural health modalities. In 1984 I opened a Wellness Center specializing in nutrition, high quality supplements, various therapies, heavy metal detoxification and immune system support.

Even with all of my training, experience, wonderful products and healing devices, I have lived everyday of my 51 years with pain in my body and and very fragile health. Another one of the effects that the DES caused was severe breast deformities. When I was 17 I had massive reconstructive surgery, after which they tried to make me “more normal” by placing silicone breast implants. By the age of 40 I was almost dead with chemical and heavy metal poisoning from the implants. For several years I was so chemically reactive that I had grand-mal seizures from even minor chemical exposures (perfume on someone else, exhaust fumes in traffic, etc.).

As a result of exposure to DES in the womb, heavy metal and chemical poisoning from the implants, and heavy metals from amalgam dental fillings, I have spent the past 22 years trying to find ways to detoxify my body safely; a dangerous situation with impaired kidney and liver function and severe neurological problems. In late August, I received a call from my good friend Winder Lyons, asking me to try zeolite. He wanted my feedback because he knows I only work with the “best of the best and purest of the pure”. After reviewing the research, I was amazed – I’d never seen anything that could safely detoxify heavy metals, even from people like me! I believe it’s been a present from God.

The day after I received my zeolite, two of my grandkids came down with a flu virus that had taken another grandchild almost two weeks to recover from. Their temperatures soared to almost 106 degrees. I gave them each three drops of zeolite and within 20-30 minutes I could feel their fevers melt away. The next day they were up and about, fully recovered! My personal experiences with zeolite have been remarkable! About a year and a half ago, I sustained a severe injury to my leg and had to have surgery a year ago in September. While the surgery allowed me to regain my mobility, it left me with residual pain, inflammation and swelling; I was still taking pain medication several times per week in order to sleep at night with the pain. It also triggered many of my old symptoms of severe imbalance and toxicity; I was in bed much of the past year.

I had come to the difficult realization that I may not ever really be much better and that I needed to retire due to my health challenges. After one dose of zeolite the pain in my leg was reduced by 75% and after four doses it was completely gone; I haven’t needed take any pain medication since. In many ways, since I have been using zeolite I feel better than I ever have in my life! For the first time ever I am able to safely move the toxins out of my system without life-threatening consequences. I am so grateful for this product. In the 31 years I have been a nurse, 22 years as a natural health practitioner, and 15 years of being the Missouri Coordinator for the Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome, International Organization, I have never seen a more important product to get into the hands of everyone that I know!

Marie DeArmon, Rogersville, MO OCT. 11, 2005

Hepatitis C Survivor

My Name is Peter Fullwood, I’m 55 years old and live on Whidbey Island, Washington. I became aware that I had Hepatitis C through a medical procedure in March of 2000. At that time I had a low viral count and a low enzyme count. Over the years I started catching more and more flus and colds, my joints were aching and my legs were tired all the time. I became very depressed and withdrawn from people. It has been a very difficult time for me. In these last 4 years of my life my wife died and I lost our 100-acre ranch. I went to the doctors and they started treating me for me for Hepatitis C with Interferon. At that point I got sicker and sicker and lost weight – going from 198 to 159 pounds.

I’m 6’1″ so I was down to skin and bones and was bed ridden. I was unable to eat due to being nauseous all the time. Severe depression anxiety homicidal and suicidal thoughts set in. I was crying all the time. I had a floor and wall covering business with 4 employees – I was so sick I had to lay them off and walk from my business actually it was more like crawling away! At that point I had almost given up when my friend came over and introduced me to zeolite. I had tried so many products over these past years and I felt like I had heard it all and so I was skeptical. However I decided I wanted to try this one due to my friend’s enthusiasm – she was bubbling over.

Although she has also been suffering from Hepatitis C there were obvious changes in her physical appearance and overall health and attitude. I didn’t have the money to even try one bottle but she offered to leave me a bottle because she cares about me and she said “That’s what friends are for.” I started with the product that evening; 10 drops 3 times a day. Words can’t describe what I experienced even the first few days. That first day I sweated a lot and felt like I was peeing out 90 weight oil. That evening I sweated profusely – it was as if someone had thrown buckets of water under the blankets on me. The next few days I started detoxing through my natural bodily functions. I don’t wish to offend anyone by getting too graphic but suffice it to say the strange smells and colors that came out of me were quite unusual!

Next it started working on my mental faculties and for me that was truly magic (it is still happening). The depression anxiety homicidal and suicidal tendencies vanished – in it’s place have appeared a very strong sense of spiritual emotional and physical well-being. I feel like I’ve had a complete metamorphosis in my life and have not felt this good in 20 years. I keep asking myself “Can I actually continue feeling better and better every day?” After just one week I was feeling much better and had considerable energy so I started to lay some floors again so I could purchase some more of this product. My joints no longer ache and the metal plate in my left forearm that used to ache all the time (especially in the cold) is no longer a problem – even in the cold. I also am healing faster.

For example yesterday I burned myself some time around noon while tending my fireplace. The burn was 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch square it had a blister and had begun to scab over last night. Now it is pink- it has healed in just one day! Just the other day I went to the lab for blood work and when looking over the results my doctor said “Your liver functions are only mildly abnormal.” A little over two weeks ago I had been a candidate for a liver transplant with a severely swollen and sick liver (again I have only been on the product a couple of weeks). As a result of my remarkable experience with this new “lease on life” I am now wanting to change the focus of my life work from helping people by installing their flooring to helping save people’s lives… taking part in the giving of the gift of good health.

Lung Cancer

My name is Setara I am a good friend of Paul Sean Fitzgerald. He began telling me about liquid zeolite last year. He sent me information and said it would be a great opportunity for me and that I would love what I learned about the product. Several months prior my father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer he is 72 years old. He has never smoked and believes the cancer is from agent orange as he was a pilot in the Vietnam war. I urged my child’s father for months to approach his parents with the zeolite. He was very skeptical and would not consider it. Grampa went through quite a bit of endless chemo and radiation all the while growing weaker and sicker. I continued to push trying zeolite the family didn’t want me to tell the grandparents and had a very negative attitude about it. My child and I began taking small doses of zeolite.

After months of chemo/radiation the doctors said that the cancer had spread to his spine and hip and that he now had 6 months to live which is so silly anyways the family accepted this. This is when I told my child’s father that he had to talk to his parents about the zeolite there was no other option. As soon as we told Gramma she handed me her credit card. He began taking the highest dose and has only improved since. He has cut his pain medication intake by half and is slowly gaining weight and an appetite. The chemo and cancer took a lot out of him and he is 72 but he improves everyday and gives the credit to zeolite. He says he can feel it helping his body.

He has made no diet changes and actually eats a lot of unhealthy foods. He has been taking it for 2 1/2 weeks. His children are bringing their children to say goodbye to him still not having any faith in the zeolite. I only wish I had photographs and his testimonial. He wants to live out his life back in his homeland of Laos now it looks like he can. What this mineral zeolite has done for our family is wonderful having the support of the family would be good but I am just so pleased he finally started it. I would tell anyone who is faced with this to try it. I could write a page more but will end here. I thank zeolite for this amazing product.

Blessings Setara

Toxicity Diabetes Physical Decline

My Personal Experience by Mark Manning

I am a 46 year young male who has had a very successful career as a Professional Tennis Coach an outstanding and long term Volunteer for the USTA NorCal Tennis Association and the Elmhurst Tennis Center and a Commercial Driver for the past 20+ years. My eyes and feet were the cornerstone of my continuing in these lucrative businesses. However the last 6 years of my life have been plagued with many health disorders. These include cancer and diabetes which caused the rapid deterioration of my body. These conditions worsened after 2003 so much so that I developed

* Neuropathy in both feet
* A massive edema problem in my lower extremities
* A loss of clear vision at night which forced me to abandon all night driving whatsoever
* Ringing sensations in my ears
* Bleeding gums
* Impotency
* Mood changes reflecting increasingly aggressive behavior
* Ongoing chronic pain syndrome that worsened at night and made sleeping an impossibility.

Things dramatically changed for me when a friend (Fred the Angel) recently gave me four bottles of zeolite on December 15 2005 and told me to try it. Fred stated that this product was a much needed product for me and a Godsend. Doctors and various hospitals previously had advised me that they could not cure my ailments and that I had merely one year left to live. I had sought out other holistic remedies that proved the doctors wrong but these remedies really didn’t cure the problem. Then having exhausted all my known resources to combat the earlier stated health problems with other “quick fixes” herbal remedies etc. which have provided only temporary relief. I felt that this product would be the same.

However to my amazement:

  • Within one week of starting to use this product on December 15 2005 I noticed a lack of pain at night.
  • By week number two no more bleeding gums
  • By week number three I began to notice significant changes with my edema and neuropathy.

Being the guinea pig that I am I decided on my own to put some drops in my eyes and on the thinning area of my head. The results have been nothing short of incredible. I am now able to enjoy and engage in driving at night again. My hair has not returned to it’s full nature but it is starting to sprout! Within four weeks of trying this product I started to play tennis again with my students and even sprint and at times I outrun them! Within five weeks I felt like a kid in a candy store. My impotency has disappeared the edema is gone; the neuropathy has improved so significantly as to be almost not noticeable and I have so much energy that I am not only sprinting but I have begun jumping rope and am considering returning to my youthful days by starting Disco roller skating again!

Being the realistic person that I am I am in no way stating that this product is a miraculous “cure all” but the benefits and results have been amazing thus far and I am looking forward to continued improvement in my health. This product has worked for me and could possibly work for thousands of others! I have to say that the greatest benefit that I have noticed from using zeolite is that I am more at peace with myself and the aggressive behavior has begun to subside. I wish to thank God for restoring my life and by allowing Fred to introduce to me this truly remarkable product.

Men’s Testimonials

“My husband has cirrhosis of the liver. Since March 2005 he was going to the doctor every week to two weeks to have and abdominal peritoneocentesis performed. They were removing approximately 5 to 6 liters of fluid each time. On August 2 2005 the University of Minnesota performed a TIPS procedure which is supposed to allow the fluid to drain better. After the TIPS my husband was going every two weeks to have abdominal fluid removed. After fluid removal on October18 2005 I started giving my husband 10 to 20 drops of the fluid Zeolite every day.

Within days the fluid started coming off his abdomen and legs. It has been 8 weeks and he has no fluid retention. When my husband Kern started the liquid Zeolite and 10-18-05 he was on a sodium restricted diet. In addition he had to reduce his fluid retention improved he was able to eat and drink what he wanted to. Kern had a check-up at the University of Minnesota on 2-7-06. The doctor was amazed. Kern’s blood work was excellent. Sodium levels etc. were the best that had been in one year plus. The doctor said there was no longer to be on the liver transplant list.”

Deb T. North Dakota

“I have been suffering from never healing lesions on both my legs for the past so many years. Worst of all I could be very uncomfortable because I was also bothered with a never ending itchiness on my legs. On top of that I can not wear many of my favorite watches (I love to collect and wear different watches) because they leave me with skin eruptions and itchiness on my wrist. I have received different prescriptions from different doctors I have approached about these skin problems.

I was told that I have poor blood circulation as a result. I took some liquid Zeolite and I saw a dramatic change with my skin problems just after a week of using it. I noticed that the lesions on both my legs started to dry up itchiness is gone and I can now use the different watches I want to wear with no wrist skin eruptions. I don’t think I will ever stop to take my daily dose of liquid Zeolite. Even the scars on my legs are lightening up that I could probably be able to wear shorts now. My skin problems are now a thing of the past.”

Romy S. – California

“I took some liquid Zeolite at 4 pm. When I woke up the next morning I has a mental clarity that I have never had before and I still have it. I think it had something to do with being exposed to Agent Orange about 30 years ago. Two nights later I had a horrible taste in my mouth. The next morning I noticed the tumor that was in my mouth for about four year was gone. A brown recluse spider bit me between the toes 37 years ago. It left an ulcer like a cold sore that never healed and I have had athletes foot and other infections around it. On the 4th day my foot started to itch and when I looked at it I noticed the ulcer was gone.

The itching was from healing and the ulcer was completely gone and hasn’t returned. Then I had a herpes cold sore that started to form. It never actually went all the way but went away and after that I noticed that the constant tension that I always had in my lip was also gone. I have been exposed to stress since then and normally would bring on a cold sore and no more have formed. For years I felt like something was wrong with my body. I no longer have that feeling. Instead I have an overall feeling of health. This stuff really works.”

Don K. – Florida

“A funny thing has happened to me. My immune system has been extremely weak the last couple of years. After age 65 it seemed I was getting my share and every one else’s share of colds and sore throats. When I noticed that the liquid Zeolite supported a healthy immune system I immediately started taking it. Over the last three months of rain and unusual coldness in the Pacific Northwest I have not come down with any cold or flu like symptoms even though I have been in close contact with friends and grandchildren who had colds flu and upper respiratory problems.

When I start feeling that something is trying to grab me I immediately drop three drops on my tongue and swallow. And when I swallow my throat seems to immediately react to the drops. Although I take liquid Zeolite three times a day I sense that the bedtime dosage and early morning dosage is most effective for me. I am quite skeptical by nature but this stuff is all it’s cracked up to be. I am a believer!”
Bob D.

“In 1975 when I was 17 years old I was taken to the doctor by my parents to be tested for a burning sensation in my throat and chest. I was taken through a series of tests which concluded with an upper GI. I was told at that time that I should begin taking Maalox several times a day and not to eat Italian or Mexican foods and to stay away from fast food restaurants. (Tell that to a 17 year old). With in a couple of years I discovered Rolaids and then I found Tums.

They were my life saver. I have taken Tums for the last 27 years. Every pair of pant I own have a roll of Tums in the pocket. I purchased Tums by the 100 count bottle. My wife has a special Tums container in her purse just in case I misplace mine or run out and because I very often would have to deal with terrible heartburn in the middle of the night I actually would place a couple of Tums on the edge of my dresser before going to bed. My doctor has repeatedly informed me that I needed to be on an acid reflux prescription.

After searching for an alternative to starting the eventual journey to a hand full of prescriptions a day I was told about patented liquid Zeolite. I received my first bottle of liquid Zeolite on December 24 and began taking it three times a day three drops at a time. At that time I had a half a roll of Tums in my pocket. Today that half of Tums sits on my microwave. I have eaten Tacos Buffalo Hot Wings Baked Spaghetti Pizza and of course an amazing Christmas Dinner just 18 hours after starting he drops of liquid Zeolite. I have not needed or taken another Tums since.”

Mark T. Michigan

Women’s Testimonials

“I was scheduled for surgery on the 12th of December. Prior to using liquid Zeolite the tumor was the size of a goose egg. It was hard and very painful for me to sit. Thanks to this liquid Zeolite I have canceled my surgery. The tumor is next to nothing. After only 3 days the mass started to soften and lessen in size. I am so incredibly happy that I gave this product a chance. I have been taking 10 drops 3 times per day. I had several days I only took 3 drops 3 times per day. However now after ONLY A WEEK; I have canceled my surgery.”

Delta T. Iowa

“I would like to share my experience from using liquid Zeolite. I have fibrocystic breast tissue; my breasts are usually tender and lumpy to touch. My doctor has been watching a lumpy area to my right breast. I had a needle biopsy in July and a breast exam to recheck the area in October. I began using liquid Zeolite about three weeks prior to my breast exam. I noticed my breasts were much less tender and lumpy. During the exam my doctor was unable to find the lump.”

Nancy J. – North Dakota

“Patient #1 – A 23 year old woman who has been a chiropractic patient of mine for 3 years heard about the effects of liquid Zeolite and told me she had genital warts. (These warts are known to be caused by a virus called HPV Papilloma virus which is also known to cause cervical cancer). She had them burned; they came back took medication and put medicated ointment on them without any change. I told her she had nothing to lose by trying a liquid Zeolite formula at 10 drops 3 times a day.

One week later she complained they were bigger and painful. I told her to increase the drops to 15 at 3 times a day she did. I saw her the next week but I forgot to inquire about them. The following week I asked her and she told me that last week she wanted to let me know but forgot. She had this big smile on her face and told me one morning she woke up and they were all gone!! Four weeks since then and she is still free of them!

Patient # 2 – A lady has been suffering for a few days of nasal congestion runny nose and had lost her voice and her chest was congested. She took 10 drops of liquid Zeolite in the morning and by the afternoon her voice was back her nose was cleared and three days later her chest was completely normal. Also for the first time in years she was able to have a daily bowel movement.”

Dr. France DC – Clearwater Florida.

“It all started 28 years ago when I became pregnant. The old saying “Oh you have heartburn because your baby has lots of hair”. Well after the baby was born heartburn did subside. 2 years after I was pregnant again the heartburn started again. I was relieved again for several years. After some time the symptoms started again and this time they were getting worse. I started on Tums Rolaids and etc. This seemed to help solve the problem for years. As I got older the symptoms exceedingly got more frequent and severe.

I would wake up in the middle of the night where I could not get my breath I felt as though I was suffocating for air. The acid was so severe it would make me regurgitate everything I had eaten. Instead of one or two tablets like the directions called for I was up to 4 to 6 tablets every hour. I would get relieve and feel better. Now the pills were not helping only throwing up everything would relieve the pressure and nauseating feeling. I was getting to the point I did not want to eat because I was afraid of the symptoms that were to follow.

I could not go through the agony. One day my husband told me about liquid Zeolite. I immediately told him I would like to try it. Trust me when you have been what I have been through I wanted to try everything except a doctor. Because I was afraid they would find everything wrong except what was ailing me. I am very stubborn this way. You get to a point that you will just about try anything for relief. Immediately I tried it. I am still at 10 drops 3 times a day and my acid reflux is dissipating.

I immediately found relief the first day. After a week my assistant who works with me who should know me after 3 years told me my mood was even milder. I have been relieved of severe acid reflux. I stopped for about a week because of things that had happened in my life and I immediately had acid reflux. So when you start you keep taking it faithfully. It really has been a life saver to me and I tell everyone about this amazing product. I was a little surprised at the little bottle and the drops only look like water but the unbelievable results in that bottle is for me.”

Becky G. – Kirtland MN

“I am 33 years old and from Los Angeles. I have been suffering from what has now been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. My symptoms are joint pain in various places fatigue exhaustion and depression. I have tried everything to get better: massages herbs acupressure acupuncture glucosamine. Nothing worked for me. Finally tried some liquid Zeolite. I started taking it a little bit each day – 15 drops 3x a day. That was about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

After the first week I started to feel ok but had a bit of a red flush feeling. Within one week I started to feel great. Then I ran out of Zeolite and noticed immediately that my symptoms returned. I called my supplier frantically on 11/7 to overnight me more liquid Zeolite. She got it to me within 2 days and I was thrilled. It’s been about 8 days later and I no longer have any joint pain and can’t remember the last time I felt this good.”

Michelle S. – Los Angeles CA

“My name is CMSgt Gene P USAF Retired. I am the spouse of Julia (Judy) P. In late October 2004 Judy found a lump on her left breast we were already scheduled for our annual physical the first week in November so we elected to wait until the appointment. The doctor immediately scheduled her for a Mammogram which did not show the lump she then had an ultrasound which did show the lump.

An appointment was made for surgery in January 2005 to remove the left breast meanwhile in mid November Judy started bleeding severely from her stools a colonoscopy was done in December in which was discovered two polyp on the wall of her colon which required surgery a biopsy showed the polyps were benign. Judy had the breast surgery in January 2005 only to discover she was in stage 2 cancer lymph nodes from the arm pit indicated the cancer had entered her blood stream. A PET scan was done in March which entered her liver. A CAT scan in June 2005 was viewed and the liver was clean of cancer. (We used Milk Thistle).

We started Judy on herbs immediately in November 2004 and she could not start Chemo until May 2005 due to having colon surgery in March. The seven sessions of Chemo and the 15 sessions of Radiation all but killed Judy she was literally dying in my arms. Prayers were coming in from all over the world for Judy we continued to use as many herbs as we knew would help along with prescribed medication from the doctors. Judy continued to “hang on” but was still struggling. Her appetite was week her color was grey and she vomited often. The months rolled along and then in October a friend called me about a mineral she thought might help Judy.

I immediately got some activated liquid Zeolite to give it a try anything the help my bride of 42 years. Judy started taking the drops around Oct. 26 2005 and the improvement in her physical and mental appearance was amazing. Her color is back to normal her appetite is better a lot less vomiting she even helps wit the cooking and clothes washing. She walks more around the house and out in the yard to play with our dogs and just this past week we went Christmas shopping and 10 stores later she was still strong and wanted to go out to eat (first time in 9 months).

The drops are so amazing; I thank God for the discovery of them and sing its praise to all who have ears. Judy is on the mend and even with a tumor imbedded onto her spine I think that ole tumor better start looking for an evacuation order real soon. One last comment… Judy had a rash on the nipple of her left breast in early 2004 the doctor treated it with topical creams it never went away today we know it was Pageant’s disease had we started cancer treatment then Judy would have come through a lot better with a lot less pain and suffering… but she’s alive and getting better everyday praise God.”

Gene P.

“My saga begins in the mid 80’s to Mid 90’s when I worked for 8 years in a building that was chemically toxic. The building had housed a carpet cleaning business and they rented to the company I worked for. They cleaned our carpets free every few months as a “perk” for us. I noticed especially when it was real humid that there was this horrible smell and my eyes and sinuses would be affected. We had an unusually high rate of illness – 30-80% on any given week.

Upon inspection three chemical toxins were found and they were imbedded in the concrete so the only way to get rid of them was to tear the building down. As years went on we had more and more colds sinus and allergy problems. My sinus problems got to where they wouldn’t go away and I started having ear infections. I had a miscarriage that led to discovering dysplasia of the cervix and a hysterectomy and 3 ear surgeries. I still had lots of sinus problems too.

I felt it was because I was toxic. I tried a lot of ways to detoxify myself but nothing seemed to handle it. I figured it was toxic heavy metals and I would have to live with it. I was having all kinds of circulation problems retaining water and couldn’t ever seem to get over sinus infections. I was tired and cranky. Then I heard about activated liquid Zeolite. I was excited and cautious at the same time. I got some and WOW! 2 hours after the first dose my eyesight got clearer and the pressure in my left ear left. The first night I slept great.

I noticed I had more energy and no fogginess when I got up. I had no puffiness under my eyes my knees and feet weren’t sore my fingers weren’t swollen. I was very excited! I kept taking it and things kept happening. My “arthritic knee” the doctor told me I had to live with suddenly didn’t hurt and I could get up off the floor without limping and having to let it “work itself out”. My skin looks and feels soft and the right color. I firmed up dramatically. Before I had loose bags under my eyes and chin and they were gone.

In fact I noticed the skin on my whole body was firmer even teeth that had been real loose. I don’t have weird ticks or twitches anymore either. I swear my hair is shinier too. I noticed less hair falling out when I wash it. I also saw that there was no “gunk” under my finger and toe nails and the misshapen nails were straightening out. I hadn’t even been taking the activated liquid Zeolite for a week yet!! Most of my complaints were things my doctor said were due to aging and I’d have to live with them. Boy was he wrong! After 3 ear surgeries I have loud cracking and banging noises in my ear.

The doctor said it was from nerve damage and probably wouldn’t go away. Well I haven’t had any lately. The vertigo I was left with is way way better and all the yeast infections I’ve had post surgeries are gone! I feel like I’m 20 years younger and I’ve achieved this with NO side effects and no depletions or deficiencies in my body. The changes are dramatic due to extreme exposure to toxins but I would have been happy to just not feel tired. I’m celebrating 2 full weeks of detoxing today. Thanks to activated liquid Zeolite my body doesn’t suck anymore!!! I’m looking brightly to the future! Thanks!

Jackie M. – Colorado

Children’s Testimonials

“My son Camron has been diagnosed as autistic since he was two years old and had stopped talking at the time. Camron is now 6 years old and he is affectionate smart playful boy. However he continued to have problems communicating and overall interacting with others. The school has been working with him and we had made some progress. Camron had difficulty sitting for long periods of time as well. He had also had stomach problems where he would not eat or become constipated often. It is common in some autistic children to get a condition called leaky gut and although we never had him diagnosed for this Camron was displaying some symptoms by having various stomach issues.

We were introduced to liquid Zeolite through a friend and business associate. He told us he had been using an all natural supplement that safely and effectively removes toxins from the body and he wanted us to try it because it had worked so well for him. I immediately thought of Camron because we knew that autism could be caused by metals or toxins in the body and since we believed this to be the case with Camron we decided to try it not just for ourselves but for Camron.

Since taking the liquid Zeolite we have been told that Camron can sit for 45 minutes to do class work is talking more and interacting more with others. He will repeat words back which is building up his vocabulary. I can hardly keep up with the things he says now because he is observing and imitating the things he sees others do. As soon as he started taking liquid Zeolite his eating habits automatically improved. Camron has been known to be a pretty good eater so when he would not eat much or not at all on a particular day we knew that something was wrong. Before he would not really eat as much and even skip lunch at school sometimes.

With liquid Zeolite he has a healthy appetite again and no more stomach pains or problems. We are so grateful to have been introduced to liquid Zeolite. Not only did Camron not have any bad reaction to it it is odorless and tasteless so we would put it in any drink or food without Camron knowing. This worked out perfectly because Camron is very sensitive to certain food texture and will not eat or drink anything that tastes “funny” to him. We really enjoy the product and will continue to use it for the overall health of Camron and our family.”

Chester & Christine G. – Massachusetts

“First… The Bad News – As parents of 2 young boys my wife and I really suffer when one of our sons come home from school and says he does not feel good then develops a sore throat cold symptoms or a fever and over the next day or so gets a virus type flu and then gets a cough which lasts for weeks. We eat very healthy and we feed our children the best healthy foods (mostly organic) and supplement their diet with the best nutritional products so when they pick up a cold bacterial bug or virus bug at school (which are continually circulating amongst the children) and get sick and bring it home it really makes us not-happy. This gets even worse when the sick child gets the other child sick and now we have both our children sick which usually then gets my wife and/or myself sick due to the contagious nature of these bacterial bugs and viruses. As any parent reading knows it is definitely not fun and does cause upset.

Life and living is difficult enough already without this unwanted and not needed illness cycle occurring every few months. Now… The Good News – Since we all started using activated liquid Zeolite all this has changed and now we have the secret weapon to defend our children and ourselves from those bad bugs and viruses and since we began the activated liquid Zeolite 3 month’s age it has definitely been working because they have not gotten sick. For the past few weeks a very serious virus has been hitting the kids at the private school where our children go and kids all around them have been getting this bad flu like sickness. It starts with bad continual headaches for the first day and night then it is a high fever for a day or so followed by lots of vomiting and pain and suffering for up to a week.

Our oldest son (9 years old) one day said his head was hurting when he came home from school so I simply increased his activated Zeolite to 15 drops with dinner and when he went to bed and he woke up the next morning with the headache gone and he had no symptoms ever develop. We now have two happy healthy and full of calm energy boys who are loving school and their life and they are not getting sick anymore and we are so thankful and happy about this. Now we are telling some of the other parents and teachers at the school about activated liquid Zeolite because they are so tired of their kids getting sick.”

Tari S. – Clearwater Florida

The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are unwell or on medication we recommend you seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner before starting a zeolite program. Zeolite is not a medicine and is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff